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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

community members in a professional and welcoming manner.


There are so many examples of how CBC is a welcoming community. Last week our College hosted a state workshop for schools involved in the Face to Faith program. This program aims to link schools across the globe via video phone and provide an opportunity for students to dialogue on matters of faith and culture. One of the interstate presenters wrote to me and said:

As a young boy attending a Christian Brother school I was always moved by the warm welcome each student would be given by the teachers and Brothers who educated us. Teachers would know us by name and greet us each morning when we entered the school gates. Many years later as Principal of CBC I have attempted to continue this legacy of being ‘brother’ and welcoming our boys in so many ways. Deputy Principal Shaun Clarke and I have established a tradition where we stand at the gate at the end of the day and shake hands with the boys and say farewell. Some staff members interact with our students and welcome them to school by helping to run the breakfast club. Our support staff members - and especially our receptionists Mrs Barton and Mrs Gray - interact with a large number of students, parents and

Friday August 26, 2011 Term 3, Week 5

I would like to add my thanks as well for your warm welcome!! May I also compliment you on the students. They were all so friendly and helpful and there was a generally welcoming atmosphere from the office staff the moment I walked in the door to the last person I saw. You are to be congratulated on the friendly atmosphere of your school! Many blessings, Judith

The CBC Open A Soccer team. Winners of the Twilight Cup against Henley High. Photo: courtesy Mrs A Solari.

God gave me such a sense of his watchful presence. Blessed Mary MacKillop, 1873

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Edmund Rice Education Charter The school’s pastoral care program is designed to empower each student to embrace the fullness of life within a variety of pastoral care experiences. (Pastoral Care n.4)

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An R-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition



“Sex is no big deal. It’s just an every day thing,” commented a student to a newspaper interviewer. Wait a minute! Forget about pregnancy, about the diseases you can get or the hurt you might feel after finding out someone just used you for sex and think about this. It’s sex stripped of all feeling and emotion - just an act of momentary entertainment. If that’s your attitude you don’t know how much damage you’re doing to your future. Human life is built around relationships and sex is meant to bond a special relationship. Viewing sex only as a bodily function teaches you not to really care about anyone else’s feelings. It makes you give up lots of things that can make your life meaningful. Worst case scenario: it’s giving up the ability to be committed and stable in a caring relationship even through bad times. If sex is “no big deal” you are always looking for the something that is a “big deal.” Casual, meaningless sex can make your life seem empty and dull because you’ll feel you’ve done and seen everything. Waiting for sex is like saving money for something you really want. You have to make little sacrifices along the way and it takes commitment but when you reach your goal and spend the money it feels great. You are left with no debts, no doubts, and it’s yours free and clear. You worked for it and it really means something. Think long and hard about sex. It is a big deal and you can’t afford for it to be an every day thing. Sex is not about keeping scores. It is not a game. To those who try to make it a game, the ones with the most points are definitely the losers Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor


The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday...........................8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday.........................12pm to 5pm* Friday..................................12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager




Nicholas Morgan Schuurmans (Year 11) was presented with an award last Friday during Brain Injury Awareness Week - almost a year exactly after Nicholas suffered a heart attack and was revived by members of the College staff community. It is a blessing to share each new day with Nicholas at CBC as he continues his path to recovery.

Last week I announced the success of our Rugby squad and this week I am equally proud to announce that CBC has won an inaugural Twilight Cup soccer tournament after a thrilling 3 – 2 victory against Henley High.

Congratulations to Ms Jane Bastick (Special Needs) on her engagement to Peter. We wish Jane and Peter every blessing for a long and happy life together.

INTERCOL In last week’s edition of Insight we published the full list of activities for Intercol week. Intercollegiate competitions are a great opportunity to cement relationships between our Catholic schools. On Monday I attended the Intercol debating competition where CBC won a victory in the senior student debate arguing that the Labor Party has not lost its way. Congratulations to all of our debaters and their coaches Mr Dean Karcher, Mrs Sandra Mason and Mrs Iva Denton. I wish all involved in the 2011 Blackfriars College and CBC Intercol the very best of luck and look forward to success, participation and fun in the variety of activities which include hockey, soccer, table tennis, basketball, football and debating. I particularly invite parents and students in school uniform to the remaining Intercol trophy events on Saturday with the Open A Basketball at 10.30am in the CBC gym and First XVIII Football at 2.15pm on the CBC oval.


Sex is a Big Deal!



Congratulations to Mr Dolan and his team: goal scorers Paul Barbaro 2 and Luca Migliaccio 1, Michael Costantini (captain), Alex Sortini, Ben Murphy, Julian Mittiga, Daniel Solari, John Solari, John Parletta, Michael Tremonte, Jake Ellul, Anthony Pietrobon, Josh D’Agostino, Aaron Galanti and George Moutzouris.

BOOK WEEK Our College celebrated Book Week with a colourful range of activities. On Monday, staff and students in the junior campus paraded fancy dress costumes from around the globe at an assembly, then were visited by guest readers in the classroom. An amazing shared lunch followed with foods from all over the world. Thank you to our parent and staff chefs and helpers who assisted with food preparation and serving. The senior campus also celebrated Book Week with a montage of photos of students holding their favourite books. The Library staff also organised a morning tea for staff. I commend Teacher Librarians Mrs Caroline Wilson and Mrs Sandra Mason, Head of Junior campus Mrs Frances Zubreckyj, staff, parents and students for a very successful Book Week.

Dear Parents and Caregivers, On behalf of the Senior Student Leadership Team, I invite you and your family to the Christian Brothers College Intercollegiate 2011 on 27 August. The college theme for 2011 is ‘Creating our Future, Respecting our Past’. A major part of this theme is recognising and celebrating the rich history and tradition of our college, but also beginning new traditions. The Intercollegiate competition between Christian Brothers College and Blackfriars Priory School is a rivalry which should be embraced and celebrated as a college community and as such I hope you are able to join us for competition, community and celebration. The Senior Student Leadership Team has planned an event to mark this year’s Intercol in order to set it apart from the weekly sports competitions. On Saturday 27 August we will begin at the CBC Gymnasium at 10:30 am where the Open A basketball team will fight to retain their title as Intercol Champions. Coffee and cakes will be provided by Café for the Kiddies with all proceeds going towards children in the Philippines and Vietnam. At the conclusion of this match the CBC supporters will parade down to the CBC Ovals to watch the CBC 1st and 2nd XVIII football teams face off against Blackfriars. There will be a BBQ and drinks to support the CBC Old Collegians as well as live music from iCYU. Join us for this day of celebration, heritage, rivalry and tradition and support our boys as they battle against Blackfriars as part of a community event. Wear the school colours and, as always, give three cheers for the Purple and White! Simon Cousins CBC College Captain 2011






VISIT FROM THE ITALIAN CONSULATE On Thursday CBC hosted a visit from Ms Ignazia Nespolo who is the Education Officer from the Italian Consulate. Invited as part of the festivities for Italian National Language Week, Ms Nespolo conducted a workshop for Years 7-10 students entitled “L’Italia che canta”.

VISIT FROM DEFENCE FORCES Also visiting CBC this week were members of the Defence Forces. They spoke to our senior students on post-school recruitment opportunities.

CONCLUSION I was struck by the words of St Paul (Romans 11: 33 – 36) in the Second Reading at mass last Sunday.

O, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor? Or who has given a gift to him that he might be repaid? For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. In this reading St Paul praises the ‘depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!’ At CBC we strive to give our community not just the capacity to grow in knowledge and wisdom but the desire to use these gifts in service of God. I am always so proud when our staff and students serve others un-selfishly through our Christian Service learning program or in donating blood to Red Cross or in simply being respectful to others on the bus or treating their parents/ caregivers with dignity and respect.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

STUDENTS LIVING IN A DEMANDING WORLD Last week I was fortunate to attend a coaching course, part of which examined the various demands we face as individuals from our work, family, personal wellbeing, relationships and financial commitments. The course analysed a concept from Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. “Habit 1: Be Proactive” looks at a technique called the circle of influence that people can use when they feel powerless against life’s forces. Covey recommended that we need to examine what we can do instead of focusing on worries over which we have no control. That is, we need to firstly notice our concerns and then from those concerns take action. Covey states that, by being more proactive and addressing the things we can do something about, our own circle of influence will enlarge and then our circle of concern will shrink. Many students, like adults, can also be overwhelmed with the demands of being a young adult. These include getting good grades, physical appearance, part-time work, relationships, assignments that need completing, time to relax and peer pressure. In today’s world students are under enormous pressure to have the most up-to-date phone, to wear fashionable clothes and to participate in social events. Many students have to work part-time to afford the expectations of being a young person in the world today and have to balance their school life and their parttime work. Students with a job require a lot of time and energy, and need to think about their ability to handle both work and their education. Effective management of the various demands placed on young people needs to be weighed up and priorities established to figure out what choices are the best for them at this time in their life in a mature and sensible way. Stephen Covey stated that this movement from feeling overwhelmed to controlling your life is a movement from a circle of concern to a circle of influence. If students are unsure whether they need to get part time work or uncertain how to balance the pressures of their life they can always speak to one of our college counsellors.


work and study, socialising and family, etc. — successfully. To help answer this question, students need to ask themselves: • Am I an organised person? • What kind of study habits do I have? • Do I make good use of my available time? • Will I be able to manage my schedule effectively if I take on a part-time job? Students need to think about the pros and cons of working. On the plus side, a job can teach about commitment, time management and responsibility — and, of course, handling money. On the minus side, a job can cut into the time for sleeping, studying and socialising. Students need to remember that schoolwork, including homework and studying for tests, should always be their top priority. This doesn’t mean that students rush through their assignments, or don’t study enough for tests because of work, social commitments, or playing games on a computer. A successful student is one who balances all the demands, and ensures the demands outside the classroom are kept to a realistic level. Although balancing outside commitments and school attendance is challenging, it can be a rewarding experience if students use some foresight. It is important they discuss their plans, such as work, with their family. Balancing the demands of school and work is easier with their support. Students need to avoid time conflicts by planning their school requirements and work commitments work as far ahead as possible. Coping in today’s world is about being flexible and willing to make changes if necessary. This may mean students may have to cut down on some other things they would like to do because of school, work and family commitments. Students need to be able to admit when they have too much on their plate. Then they must acknowledge the need to cut back. As Covey mentions, we need to be proactive in our world to schedule and prioritise what is important in our life, so we are not overwhelmed by demands and expectations, but in control of our lives, with downtime to stay happy and healthy.

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Voicing their goals to someone else helps students make appropriate decisions and figure out their priorities. It can also help them to judge whether they can manage


CBC Gymnasium BYO Picnic Supper Drinks and bar by the Water Sports Auxiliary

6.30pm for 7.00pm start $10 per ticket (tables of 10) Tickets available at the CBC Finance Office






Term 3 Mary MacKillop Term Week 6

Thurs 1 Sept Fri 2 Sept Sun 4 Sept

Week 7 Mon 5 Sept Tues 6 Sept

P&F Meeting Sports Day R – 12 (SANTOS Stadium) Thurs 8 Sept Show Day (Student Free Day) Fri 9 Sept Year 11 Physics Investigation Day – Show

Week 8 Mon 12 Sept Tues 13 Sept Wed 14 Sept Thurs 15 Sept Fri 16 Sept Sat 17 Sept

PLP Work Experience CBCOC Meeting PLP Work Experience Open Soccer Knockout Semi Final PLP Work Experience Water Sports Auxiliary 7.00pm PLP Work Experience Year 8/9 Knockout Soccer Final PLP Work Experience Old Collegians Tour of the College WSA Trivia Night - Gym

Week 9 Mon 19 Sept Tues 20 Sept Wed 21 Sept Fri 23 Sept

Board Meeting Year 10 State final Soccer Casual Day / BBQ Year 11 Chemistry Excursion Open State Soccer Grand Final Whole School Assembly (Junior & Senior Campus) SAPSASA State Football Final Sun 25 Sept Philippines Pilgrims leave

As the countdown to the opening of the new Junior Campus draws closers we remember that on 23 August 1987 the extensions to the old Junior School were officially blessed and opened. When the Junior Campus was built in 1963 all that was considered necessary to provide a good education were classrooms, a tuck shop and a staff lunch room. The extension in 1987 provided an entrance and reception area, Headmaster’s office, an interview room, a sick room, a Library and a Sportsmaster’s office and store room as well as new change-room facilities. There was also an Art/Craft and Nature Study room. The total cost of the project came in at just over $500,000 and, unlike our current Junior Campus redevelopment which is receiving BER funding, there were no government funds available in 1987. As CBC was also dealing with the costs of rebuilding the Hurley Wing (old Gym wing) after the fire of December 1983, the Christian Brothers Provincial agreed to help fund the interest repayments. Nearly twenty-five years after those extensions were built and forty-eight years after the Junior School got their own campus, we look forward to the opening of the new campus later this year. It will be a showcase of innovative, modern educational facilities for the 21st century. Mrs Jacinta Weiss Director of Heritage, Community and Marketing

beaks Lunch y k c i t Wallets S

We are offering the Junior Students a chance to purchase re-useable lunch bags for their lunch orders. Paper bags contribute a substantial amount of paper waste into the environment. This is our way of helping out. The Lunch Wallets have a hygienic pocket to separate money from contact with food, they fit easily into a child’s lunch bag, easy to keep clean and are secured by velcro tabs. There are two designs, the Lunch Wallet which will be available for $10.00 and The All Rounder which will sell for $12.00. The All Rounder is also insulated.

The bags will be on display in the Junior School front office and are available in blue or green piping and plain black. Order forms for the bags will go out next week to all Junior Students. 0 Lunch Wallet $1



Wed 31 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 Metro State SAPSASA Golf Trial Exams Year 12 Year 11 chemistry – Brukunga Visit Principal’s Tours 9.30 – 10.30am & 5.30 – 6.30pm Trial Exams Year 12 Principal’s Tours 9.30 – 10.30am & 5.30 – 6.30pm Trial Exams Year 12 Year 11 Aquatics Trial Exams Year 12 Year 11 Assembly – Subject Choice Year 10 Assembly – Subject Choice ERN Living the Vision Awards – Snooty Fox Year 11 Aquatics Father’s Day

All Rou n

Mon 29 Aug Tues 30 Aug

2 $1



Dear Parents and Friends The Junior Campus came alive, with an array of students and teachers in National Costumes from all over the world and flags from many countries, to celebrate the annual ‘Book Week’. The theme for this year’s Book Week was ‘One World, Many Stories’, it was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity within our community. The boys have been involved in Book Week Parades, an International Feast, and a rotation of Activities. It has been wonderful to be a part of this fantastic celebration of cultures and I sincerely thank our new Teacher Librarian, Mrs Caroline Wilson, for her hard work in organising this exciting event for the students.

This week our R-3 students also had a visit from the Life Education Van. The students had lessons that teach resilience and life skills. Thank you to the parents who attended the Parent Information session and sincere thanks to Mrs Rachael O’Reilly for organising this for the students R-3. We warmly welcome two 3rd Year student teachers from Uni SA, Ms Phoebe Rowbottom in Mrs Rachael O’Reilly’s Reception Purple class, and Ms Vanessa D’Angelica who will be assisting in Mrs Melissa Clifton’s Reception White classroom. I have been most grateful to the many families who have donated ready-baked meals for our Director of OSHC, Ms Jacquie Collins. Your generosity and kindness has made me so appreciative of the amazing community I have been blessed to be part of. Please continue to pray for Jacquie. We are busily making plans for our move to the new Junior Campus for the start of T4. If / when you are sorting out your toy cupboards please can you donate any old Lego, ride-on cars, games etc that could be used in OSHC

or for our Reception, Year 1 students to play with at recess/ lunch and after school. The building is looking sensational and the staff and students are very eager for the move. Please continue to send in your Coles Sports for Schools dockets and Woolworths Earn and Learn receipts (Boxes in our front foyer). I would like to share this beautiful prayer with you all – given to me by Mr Were at our Book Week celebrations.

Prayer for Peace Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations. Let the rain wash away the memory of the hurt, the neglect. Then let the sun come out and fill the sky with rainbows. Let the warmth of the sun heal us wherever we are broken. Let it burn away the fog so that we can see each other clearly. So that we can see beyond labels, beyond accents, gender or skin colour. Let the warmth and brightness of the sun melt our selfishness. So that we can share the joys and feel the sorrows of our neighbours. And let the light of the sun be so strong that we will see all people as our neighbours. Let the earth, nourished by rain, bring forth flowers to surround us with beauty. And let the mountains teach our hearts to reach upward to heaven. Amen Blessed Edmund Rice – Pray for us Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever

REMINDERS Tue 6 Sept SANTOS Athletics Day. If you are able to assist please contact Mr Rick Mackereth, Junior Campus R-6. Fri 2 Sept Father / Son Night. 6.30pm – 8.00pm, CBC Gymnasium Donation of old toys / cars, Lego, craft material, etc. Wishing you God’s Blessings for the week ahead.

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj AP-Junior Campus





Our Book Week events on Monday were a terrific celebration of the diversity in our Junior Campus. Colour, enthusiasm and excitement were all evident. With the courtyard draped in a variety of flags from different countries the boys paraded in their costumes. We had such creative representations of many countries. The boys were entertained by guest readers, a variety of senior staff and Year 6 boys. It was a great opportunity to hear stories from all around the world. I was overwhelmed by the generosity and support shown with our shared lunch. Thank you. For me, this was one of the highlights of day; there was a lovely community feel. I enjoyed the enthusiasm with which the boys talked about food from their culture. The boys took the opportunity to try a variety of foods, which was pleasing to see. Many of the boys genuinely expressed their gratitude during the lunch which was delightful. The afternoon activities, visiting six different nations, certainly kept everyone busy! The boys played games, made pyramids, invented a Haka, and tried to design a Scandinavian cargo ship. All of the activities involved the boys working in groups and it was lovely to see the older boys nurture the younger boys. Thank you again for your support of our Book Week celebrations. Our CBC community certainly embodied the philosophy of “One world, many stories”.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is drawing to a close. I ask that all the boys work hard to complete the challenge by Friday 3 September, which is the end of next week. We have had many boys successfully complete the challenge recently. Congratulations to: Year 2 White Matthew Adams, Mackenzie Harty, Massimo Bartemucci, Paris Hermsen, Kai Bartlett, Archer Lowman, Samuel Cutri, Vincenzo Velardo Year 3 Purple Jalaa Ashghari, James Kieboom, Philip Reisinger, Dominic Zampogna Year 5 Gold

Austin Lovell

Year 6 Purple Giorgio Bartemucci, Moses dalle Nogare, Sean Dearman, Tim Hoban, Jordon Jose Year 6 White Thomson Delloso, Jordan Heatley Keep reading! Mrs Caroline Wilson Junior Campus Librarian


Dear families and friends This week our Gospel challenge is all about the importance of working together and striving hard to focus on the strength of the team. We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place. Peace of the Lord be with you always.

GOSPEL CHALLENGE – UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. “ Matthew 12:25

we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.” The theme of this famous quotation is about the importance of communities working collectively to achieve a common goal.

MASS AND PRAYER SERVICES 31 August Wednesday 9am Year 3/4 Prayer Service led by Mr Wallace’s class 7 Sept

Wednesday 9am Year 2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Ozgo’s class

14 Sept

Wednesday 9am Reception Year 1 Prayer Service led by Mrs Madigan’s class

we shall fight on the seas and oceans,

21 Sept

we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,

Wednesday 9am Year 6 Mass led by Mrs Magrin’s class

28 Sept

End of Term Junior Campus Liturgy VENUE AND TIME TBA.

we shall fight on the beaches,


Winston Churchill once said:

“We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France,

Receptions and Year 2s visiting the Life Education workshop.

MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD PROGRAM There will be a Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 20 September to be held in the Library at 6.00pm to provide information on what needs to be taught during the Being Sexual Strand of the MITIOG program. This meeting will be an excellent opportunity for parents new to our school to familiarise themselves with the MITIOG Religious Education program that covers four strands: (a) Being Human (b) Being Connected (c) Being Moral (d) Being Sexual As previously discussed, the Being Sexual strand is taught in Term 4 and it is important for parents and teachers to realise what is expected to be taught at each year level in the Being Sexual strand before it is taught. Class Teachers will have a letter for all students in the coming weeks and we ask you to please indicate your willingness to attend this evening as soon as possible. Thanks for your ongoing support. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus - Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator

Week 2011 k o o B ne


World s , Many Storie



First XVIII match against St Pauls College.

Open C Basketball

First XVIII Football

Unley High School (35) defeated CBC (20) (August 13) Even though CBC lost, they acquitted themselves extremely well against the highly fancied Unley High team. Emmanuel led the way by displaying unbelievable pressure on the opposition ball carrier; he top scored with 11 points. Jordan L’s work rate was impressive in offence and defence scoring 5 points. Jordan B and Jacob scored 2 points each. James, Marcus, Sameh and Pakday were fine contributors throughout the game. Good effort by everybody.

CBC 17.15 defeated St Pauls 4.11 Goal Scorers: Nick Delaat (6), Andrew Wright (5) Best Players: Stephan Starkey, Alex Howard, Nathan Nicholson, Matthew D’Angelo, Chase Chadwick Parker We kept St Paul’s goalless in the second half to record a comprehensive victory by 82 points. Keep in mind that we lost to them by six goals earlier in the season. The boys have improved greatly this term and can now go into the Intercol with confidence. Our goal kicking still needs some work as we missed eight shots on Saturday from thirty metres out, dead in front. Good luck for the Intercol and we hope for a huge crowd at CBC for a 2.15pm start versus Blackfriars. Mr Michael Buttfield Coach

to attack every contest and drive the ball deep into our forward line was a delight to watch. We were dominant in ruck with Trent Daly clearly winning most of the ruck duels and, when resting in the forward line, kicked two very good goals. Matthew Italiano was on fire in our forward 50 in the first half. He read the play well and was involved in many scoring moves, finishing with 3 goals. Nathan Koulizos provided a focal point in our forward line with his superior speed, attack on the ball and determination to hold the ball in our forward zone. Many thanks to the CBC boys who played for Westminster – it’s never much fun playing for the opposition -- but the boys did a great job. Early on in the game, our intensity at the contest was first class; players were throwing themselves in to gather the ball and our tackling was very pleasing. As the game wore on, the result became quite obvious and the game never really reached any great heights. However, CBC did enough to win the game and set ourselves up for an enthralling finish to the season with the intercollegiate game against Blackfriars this week. Can we win consecutive games for the first time this season? Mr Peter Tippins Coach

Year 8 Football

Year 7 A Football


CBC (35) defeated St Michael’s (19) (August 20) A fantastic team effort from CBC. Emmanuel continued his rich form by top scoring with 17 points. Machar majestically scored 9 points and inflicted several rejections in defence. Mr Consistent (Jacob) scored 6 points displaying excellent defence. Ever reliable Jordan L scored 3 points and won several rebounds both in defence and offence. Marcus, Sameh and James were like the wall in defence, almost impossible to penetrate. It was a brilliant team effort and we are looking forward to the Intercol game next week. Mr Tony Carrieri Coach

YES! NO! D E B AT I N G Year 7 Purple A Debating CBC defeated Burnside Primary School CBC PA argued against the statement: There should be more discipline in schools. First speaker Leonardo Mucci delivered a well-rehearsed and thoughtful speech. He impressed the audience with his clear and engaging manner. Second speaker Basil Dimopoulos spoke with confidence and ease. His debate speech was well-prepared, full of statistical information and interesting justification for his team’s defence. His humour and creativity were appreciated by the audience. Sanjit Suresh finished the debate strongly for the negative team with a detailed summary and well-executed rebuttal. Congratulations on winning your first debate boys! A great effort. Miss Kate Dekuijer Coach


CBC 14.10 (94) defeated Westminster 4.7 (31) Goal Scorers: L Johansen (4), M Italiano (3), T Daly (2), T Sarunic (2), J Strange (2), N Koulizos (1) Best Players: L Johansen, J Strange, T Bielby, A Crisanti, J Byrnes, M Nardecchia, T Daly, M Italiano, N Koulizos In a game played in perfect, sunny conditions, CBC recorded its third win for the season and its first win this term. Westminster were very unlucky, starting the game with only 14 players and then having a further 3 players go down injured (one seriously) during the game, so we gave them 3 of our players to even the numbers up, to ensure a reasonably even contest. Luke Johansen’s reading of the play was very pleasing. He was able to drop off his opponent and help other CBC defenders and when switched to the forward line in the second half kicked 4 good goals. Jack Strange’s attack on the ball was inspirational. Time and time again he beat his opponent to the ball or threw himself into contests in order to stop the opposition’s attacking moves. Tom Bielby was a tackling machine. His closing speed when chasing opponents is superb and his positioning around the ground and balance when under pressure was significant in us winning the game. Austin Crisanti played an attacking role from the half backline; he attacked the ball flat out and drove CBC forward on numerous occasions. Jonah Byrnes gets pummelled every week from much bigger opponents, yet he continues to get many contested possessions and reads the play very well when the opposition kicks out of our forward line. Matthew Nardecchia won many clearances and his willingness

SHC 69 defeated CBC 56 Sadly, this week we had a chance to win against a strong football school in Sacred Heart, but just couldn’t get over the line in the last quarter. The boys battled hard all game with the scores tied up at three quarter time. Special mention must go to Royce Goodwin with a mammoth Big-Man effort, Best on Ground was his by a long way, and he was well supported by his on-ballers and the rest of the team. This team has really asserted themselves on the competition this year and work hard to be strong competitors each week. The SAPSASA KO Football competition quarter final was won last Thursday by the very same team. They convincingly won against Grange Primary School, and now face West Lakes Shores in the Semi. The boys have shown great courage and determination in each game and should feel confident going into the next round. Mr Aaron Sommers Coach




Year 4/5 Football

Year 9 A1 Soccer

Year 4/5 A Soccer

Prince Alfred College 7.4 (46) defeated CBC 2.7 (19) The effort of the boys on Saturday was one of the season’s best. Our defensive work was often effective. Standing an immediate opponent and making sure you contest against that opponent are skills some have developed during the season. We created many forward chances with great rebound from defence but our kicking for goal was inaccurate and we did not get the reward for the time we had the ball in attack. A pleasing feature was that we outplayed our very capable opponents in the last quarter, which augurs well for our inter-collegiate clash with Blackfriars this Saturday. Our team leaders were effective players and were helped considerably by the brilliant efforts of Jack Bourke. Ryan Pool returned from injury and played well. Logan Griffin made a useful contribution in attack and Kesh Brown positioned himself to make the most of opposition miskicks in a fine display of teamwork. Mr Denis McCarthy Coach

CBC 4 defeated St Paul’s 1 (August 20) Goal Scorers: Fabio M (2), Bradley C (2) We trekked to St Paul’s again, this time the weather was favourable after a wet and soggy week. Some of the boys who had been on camp were tired, especially after the long walk from Mt Lofty Summit to Waterfall Gully on Friday afternoon. Fabio was a great opportunist today and scored quickly letting St Paul’s know that we were not going to make this game easy for them. St Paul’s actually put up a very good resistance near the end of the first half and scored a lucky goal that levelled the score as the whistle announced half time. Second half commences and our boys were not happy with the lucky goal against them. CBC came out with attack mode embedded in their tactics. Again Fabio took another opportunity and headed a goal that the keeper had knocked out previously. Bradley displayed his prowess again and scored two more goals. Matthew D shone today and played a fantastic game in the midfield and attacking forward zone. Our opposition had become worn out and had no answer in reply to our score. Luckily their goal keeper performed brilliantly and saved many would-be goals that would have made the score embarrassing. Man of the Match for this game goes to Matthew Dawber for his consistent efforts and tactics that set up our scoring. Do not forget about Round 3 Knockout against Cabra at Hutt St. Wednesday 31 August, 1.00pm kick off. Next match on 27 August at home against Blackfriars for Intercol Cup. Kick off at 8.15am. Unless notified of a different start time be there 7.45am for warm up. Thank you to all parents who support the boys by getting them to the matches and cheering them on. Also a big thank you to Mr Corbo for running the line. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach

Immanuel College 4 defeated CBC 1 On the weekend we played Immanuel; sadly, we lost 4-1. We played well; passing was good, but we need to practise our goal kicks. Some great players were Deng, Daniel M, Jonathan, Luke C and Isaac. Goal Scorer: Jonathan Written by the captain, Daniel M. Mrs Caroline Wilson Coach

SOCCER Year 10 B Soccer CBC 4 defeated Concordia 3 (August 13) Goal Scorers: Kristian Wisniewski 4 Best Players: Luka Arlotta, Jordan Bocock, Nicholas Stevenson, Charlie Weidner, Kristian Wisniewski, Aleck Zwolski Honourable mention – Daniel Stevenson Captain – Giovanni Abbatiello Again this week, CBC took to the field with only 9 players, which meant that defeating Concordia was not going to be easy! One late arrival and the addition of Daniel Stevenson (who was there to watch his brother play, but happily pulled on pieces of uniform sourced from a number of locations and took to the field) meant that finally we had 11 players on the ground well into the first half. Despite the messy start, Kristian managed to score two goals including an amazing kick in from the corner. Jordan Bocock displayed his talents as keeper and was well supported by a solid back line of Nicholas Stevenson, Charlie Weidner and Kristian Wisniewski floating between the back and mid. A flood of Concordia players arrived at half time all eager for a game (and not all of them appeared to be Year 10s!) which meant that Concordia had plenty of fresh legs on regular rotation for the second half. Without any reserve players, CBC was struggling to maintain the efforts from the first half and Concordia snuck through three goals in the first fifteen minutes. Concordia thought they had us ‘on the ropes’ but CBC rallied with Luka Arlotta and Kristian taking control through the middle and excellent efforts by Aleck Zwolski, moving between his forward position and the middle, to provide additional support. Jordan again asserted his defensive position as keeper, standing his ground and preventing Concordia from scoring further. Bharat Humphrey, Suliman Gamar, Francis Monoja and Giovanni Abbatiello worked hard through the middle and, with great vocal support and encouragement from the sidelines, Kristian managed two more scoring shots, securing CBC’s second win over this Concordia team. Well done to the gentlemen of 10B who remained cool and calm throughout this challenging game! Our thanks to Daniel for his willingness to help us! Ms Rebecca Donnon Coach

Year 8 C Soccer CBC 1 defeated Cabra 0 What an exciting game to watch! On a gorgeous sunny morning with a full team including subs we narrowly defeated Cabra. Congratulations to those who braved the lake/swimming pool on the field, which greatly slowed the pace of the game. Sam Whittaker played a terrific game with his speed and agility and scored our only goal. On numerous occasions Sam and Riley White created some terrific passages of play. Riley’s continued pressure on the opposition was to be admired. It was pleasing to note an improvement in the boys passing skills and their talking and encouragement amongst their peers. It was an excellent first half as we had most of the ball in attack. We need to continue these positive traits and continue to man up. Phillip Rillotta had an excellent 1st half in goals with numerous great saves and good calling. Fantastic work under pressure. Andreas Ktoris continued these exact traits in goals in the 2nd half. Phillip also played an instrumental part in scoring our goal. Terrific encouragement and coaching from the sidelines by parent coach Cameron White, and thanks to the dads who shared the linesman job. Well done, boys; let’s look forward to our Intercol game against Blackfriars, the last one for the season. Mrs Kirsty Lee Coach

Year 3 Soccer St Peter’s 6 defeated CBC 1 Best Players: Luke Carusi, Ameil Anderson, Thomas Colangelo, Michael Owens, Michael Karpiniaris Goal Scorer: Michael Karpiniaris Last Friday, the Strikers came out firing on all cylinders fresh with some new confidence from a hard fought draw last week against St Andrew’s. Michael Karpinaris scored the first goal with an absolute cracker. Unfortunately, the boys got a little ahead of themselves and St Peter’s bounced back with a couple of quick ones late in the first half. The second half was filled with many scoring opportunities with Luke Carusi splitting the defence, unlucky not to score. It was a physical game but I was very proud of the boys. We have one final game and, thanks to some outstanding marketing, Nova FM will be at our final match next week versus St Andrew’s 2. Let’s hope we can get a win to finish the season with a bang. Hang tough Strikers – your character has been outstanding. Well done, boys! Mr Bruce Were Coach

TA B L E T E N N I S Open C/D Table Tennis Immanuel defeated CBC Well I guess we all have to lose sometime. In a manic display of verve and brilliance, dogged personalities were not enough and CBC went down swinging to a brilliant Immanuel side. Even with a supersized team and use of the interchange bench there was no stopping Immanuel. We contemplated the change in the weather, defeat and the approach of Spring as we wheeled our bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris Coach

Year 8/9 Table Tennis Our Year 8/9 Table Tennis team represented us with pride again this week when we played Nazareth College at home. Our A team consisting of Alex Kern, Michael Du, Jason Haung and Branden Tran convincingly won all matches against their opponents. Our B team this week was also well represented by Minh Du, Alex Tran, Richard Soeun, Lachlan Harris, Alex Racz, Aaron Florindez, Michael Tran and Ryan Santos. Table tennis has become, indeed, a popular sport at CBC and we often have more players than matches in which to compete. It was fantastic this week and due to increased numbers of players from Nazareth College we were able to offer extra opportunities for our B team players to compete. Out of the ten matches we played, the B team were victorious in seven matches, which was a fine effort from these young men. I continue to be so proud of the boys and the way in which they conduct themselves, support and encourage each other through to a positive result. Mrs Caroline Clarke Coach



Insight 2011T3W05  
Insight 2011T3W05  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 5, 2011.