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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

PARENTS’ PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: Dear Heavenly Father, You Have Blessed Us With Children. We Sometimes Forget that They are Not Ours, But Yours, And that You Have Asked Us to Bring Them Up in Your Ways. 0 Gracious and Loving God, We Pray that Our Children Will Discover And Respond Enthusiastically To Your Desire for Them Whether It Be to the Vocation of Consecrated Religious or Single, Sacramental Marriage, or Ordained Life. Please Help Our Children To Have Open Hearts and Minds to Your Call. Help Us to Support and Encourage Our Children To Seek Your will in Choosing a Vocation. We Offer this Prayer in the Name of Jesus through the Power and Grace of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

CATHOLIC VOCATIONS WEEK AUGUST 6-14 This week God’s call to us takes on special significance as Churches throughout Australia celebrate National Vocations Week. Vocations Week

also coincides with the Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross (Mary MacKillop) who is a shining example of commitment to God’s call. On Monday all students had an extended morning administration lesson to participate in a liturgy in celebration of the life and witness of St Mary. I also attended Mass at the Cathedral with our Year 10 students. I was proud to see our staff and students serving on the altar, reading, and serving as Special Ministers of Eucharist.


Friday August 12, 2011 Term 3, Week 3

CBC boys were privileged to see the actual Rugby World Cup at an assembly on Tuesday. This event coincided with the involvement of the College Under 14 Rugby side in a grand final match next Tuesday. Congratulations to the following team members: D Wilson, J Batic, J Nolan, Z Burgess, J Balkwill, J Clarke, D Bagshaw-Thompson, C Richardson, D Reidy, D Chadwick, A Roper and J Lhino.

APPOINTMENT OF NUMERACY COACH CBC has appointed Mrs Nicola (Nicky) Brennan (former Principal of Masada College) as a numeracy coach. This position is the result of our involvement in a National Smarter Schools partnership with the Catholic Education Office. Mrs Brennan’s brief is to work with CBC staff and students to ensure:

CBC Rugby players with the Rubgy World Cup.

Do not be afraid. Love one another and let love guide you. Blessed Mary MacKillop, 1909

Current Newsletter online at

Edmund Rice Education Charter A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition acts justly. This is reflected consistently in its structures and processes. (Being Just n.1)

For feedback or submissions for Insight, e-mail:

An R-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition



Sexual Attitudes In our society where many views of sexuality are not supportive of our own, parents and teachers face a difficult, though not impossible task. Our society screams and blares sexual freedom, but fails to reveal the consequences and results of such behaviour. Impressionable young people are going to be pulled and swayed so parents and teachers need not only the facts and a positive attitude but also an open, honest and caring relationship. Children require sexual information at the right stage. Too much too soon or too little too late are to be avoided. The best guidelines are the children’s own questions which need to be answered openly and honestly without embarrassment and in depth to suit their age. We need to keep the balance between the emotional, spiritual and physical factors which go to make up the whole person. Sex is a vital part of the whole person not something apart from the person. Our attitudes, not only towards sexuality but towards other people in general, will effect our children’s attitudes Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

CBC Enrolments The College is finalising enrolments for 2012 with limited vacancies in some year levels. Now accepting enrolment applications for 2013. Please contact the College Registrar on 8400 4210 if you require any further information.



• All children are engaged and benefit from a CBC education

PARENTS FEDERATION NEWSLETTER “It’s the community of parents that stands shoulder-to shoulder in a circle around the school that holds up half the sky” (John Schumann’s speech at the 40th anniversary of the Federation, 2007).

• CBC students excel by international standards • CBC students meet basic literacy and numeracy standards, and overall levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy improve • Schooling promotes social inclusion and reduces the educational disadvantage of children, especially indigenous children • International standards are the norm, and CBC boys experience success.

MUSIC PERFORMANCE CBC Music students completed a song writing and performance workshop last week with singer songwriter Robyn Habel. The Leadership Team visited music students and listened to their performance last Friday.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS CROSS COUNTRY The Primary Catholic Schools Cross Country Competition hosted by CBC took place on Thursday on our Eastern Parklands. Thank you to the P&F who catered for the event and our congratulations to all competitors.

HAZARD ALERT - LASER POINTERS The Government of South Australia recently released guidelines to schools regarding limiting the power output of laser pointers (used in education) to 1 milliwatt (mW). I have released this data to all CBC staff; however, it is worth noting that it is illegal for anyone to own, import or trade (without a licence) laser pointers greater than 1 mW. Laser pointers are banned from CBC and students who bring them to the College will be both asked to attend counselling and face serious repercussions.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ MUSIC FESTIVAL Please be advised that CBC will be performing at the Catholic Schools’ Music Festival (Festival Theatre) on Wednesday 28 September. This is a date you may wish to place in your diary! CBC congratulates Year 12 student, James Cummings, who has been selected for a prestigious solo performance in the Festival.


The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday...........................8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday.........................12pm to 5pm* Friday..................................12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager Year 12s receiving their new jackets at assembly.

In this month’s edition of the Catholic Education Office Parents Federation publication: ( there is an interesting article on the Top 10 issues of concern for parents recently published by the Inspire Foundation (www. The Foundation hosted an online survey of parents aimed at getting an insight into parents’ worries and needs about their children and how the organisation can best provide information and support to them. The top 10 Issues of Concern for parents were: • • • • • • • • • •

Confidence and Self-esteem Anxiety Communication & Relationships Stress Cyber safety Depression Binge drinking Bullying Illicit drug taking Safety and Violence

The key insights from the research were: • Parents are concerned about similar issues as young people • There are many barriers to help-seeking • Parents are time-poor and looking for easy to access, trustworthy information that is relevant to them then and there • Parents are unsure what information to trust • Some parents may not feel like they need any help. • Parents are interested in hearing directly from young people about what it is like to be a young person (in addition to experts and other parents), and why they are behaving in a certain way • Parents are looking for reassurance, reliable information, and simple, practical tips (that don’t make them feel inadequate, because they haven’t been doing any of this) • Parents are seeking both online (convenience, available when they need it) and offline (opportunities to connect with others, have dedicated time to






focus without distractions) sources for information. The Inspire Foundation is now working to develop a program that will address these insights which will be showcased in a future edition of Federation News.

YEAR 12 SENIOR JACKETS At our assembly last week students in Year 12 were presented with their commemorative Year 12 jackets which they are now permitted to wear. Mr Ruggiero, after blessing the jackets, said:

To recognise the men we are and the men that we are becoming, as a true sign of leadership we bring forth the senior jacket for 2011 with the senior pin. They represent the position within the community we fill, the responsibilities and the privileges. The examples we, as a community, set are of faith and compassion these symbols represent this within our society. May we be men true to the faith and traditions of CBC, keeping the spirit of our community alive. On behalf of the College community we congratulate all of our Year 12 students.

FACE TO FAITH CBC is involved in yet another innovative program as part of both our faith commitment and as a leading digital school. This week students began a ‘Face to Faith’ program sponsored by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. The program involved Year 10 students’ participation in a moderated (from the UK) video conference with students in India. Mr Ruggiero’s Religion class entered dialogue with students in India on topics in such as: • • • • •

What a typical school day is like Culture / family life Cricket What faith means to me How faith can be a force for good in the world.

VOCATIONS AWARENESS WEEK In Hebrews 3:15 there is a beautiful invitation: Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart. This scriptural passage resonates very strongly with our role as educators and those educated in a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. This passage could easily read: • Today if we hear God’s call let us open our heart to incredible possibilities! • Today if we hear the voice of a lonely student, a sister in Africa starving, an oppressed brother in Latin America, a parent struggling to raise their child, a grandparent sacrificing all for their children, let us open our hearts, our wallets/purses, our generosity. • Today if we hear God’s voice let us be deeply disturbed into conscious action.

BEING COMPASSIONATE IN OUR WORLD TODAY When we think of the word compassion, we often think of it as an expression of great love. It’s something Jesus, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and all the saints and spiritual leaders of world religions have had a deep capacity for. It can be difficult for us at times to see ourselves as having the same capacity for this all-embracing, open-hearted response to pain and suffering. We live in a world where we are continually bombarded with images on the television and on the internet of pain and suffering on our planet, which can make us blasé to the needs of others. Our world today is a materialistic one that is often measured not by what we do for others, but by our how many material goods we own and an egocentric attitude towards society. As a College community, compassion is one of our foundational values. We aim to challenge all our students to be curious about how to be more compassionate in their lives. This means to nurture their capacity for compassion where they develop an ability to feel empathy for others. Empathy is the feeling we have when we are moved by another’s pain as if it were our own. When nothing is in the way, we somehow know the other’s pain and can notice that judgments and blame seem to drop away. Our immersion pilgrimages, Christian Service Learning programs, blood donation, social action programs and outreach all provide an opportunity for students to encounter the other in their life experiences. Empathy with others allows our compassion to grow. Research at the University of WisconsinMadison has found that we can train ourselves to cultivate compassion and kindness through meditation that affects brain regions that can make a person more empathetic to other peoples’ mental states. In this study they used functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to indicate that positive emotions such as loving, kindness and compassion can be learned in the same way as playing a musical instrument or being proficient in a sport. The scans revealed that brain circuits used to detect emotions and feelings were dramatically changed in subjects who had extensive experience practising compassion meditation. The study included Tibetan monks and lay practitioners who had practised meditation for a minimum of 10,000 hours and sixteen-


year-old students. The researchers, Lutz and Davidson, worked with 16 monks who had cultivated compassion meditation practices and who were stimulated with positive and negative audio sounds evoking empathic responses. They found the monks, when subjected to negative stimulus, generated significant activation of the brain in the insula, which affects heart rate and blood pressure. This activation was also apparent in the temporal lobe of the right hemisphere of the brain that is associated with processing empathy, especially perceiving the mental and emotional state of others. Lutz and Davidson found that monks had higher activity in the insula and temporal lobe when they had undertaken comprehensive compassion meditation than the novice students who had little compassion experience. Both Davidson and Lutz concluded that happiness and compassion are skills that can be taught and our brains have the capacity to cultivate compassion, which involves regulating thoughts and emotions. They believe that compassion meditation may help young people, particularly as they approach adolescence, as a way to prevent bullying, aggression and violence. As human beings we need to open our door to compassion when we become aware of ourselves, and our interconnection with others without judgment and without blame. For when we have expanded our ability to have empathy for the pain and suffering of others, and embrace ourselves with the same compassion we share with others, we have found a more peaceful, compassionate way of being. This is no different than any Saint or Spiritual Leader’s way of being. The experience of Compassion is not a special gift for some and not for others. It is a natural, open response to life; to embrace ourselves and others when there is nothing in the way, no assumptions, no judgment, and no blame. As a College community we need to work hard to open our hearts. We all have painful experiences that have shielded our hearts unconsciously believing we are protecting ourselves from more pain. The problem is that we are also shielding ourselves from feeling love and joy. Our desire to feel again must include the willingness to experience pain again, once our hearts are more open. Jesus showed us his unending compassion for all the people of his society and our value of compassion in the college challenges us to be the same.

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal


Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

CBC Gymnasium BYO Picnic Supper Drinks and bar by the Water Sports Auxiliary

6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start $10 per ticket (tables of 10) Tickets available at Finance


AP:RIM REPORT SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM Last weekend 27 of our boys received the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion. It was a special moment for the boys, their families and sponsors, and CBC. Sacraments recognise what is already occurring. We are already in union with the Divine, simply by our creation. Sacraments gather what is beyond words, intellect, emotion and experience and bring it into a tangible form so we can better connect with God. I pray that the boys may bring the experience of the sacraments into the ordinary of their lives, so as to recognise the awesome nature of God in the ordinariness of their lives and within the very fabric of their being. Special thanks to all parents, sponsors, Mr Were, Sr Kanistal, Mrs Denton, Ms Woehle and the musicians for their commitment and dedication to the sacramental program.

FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION Happy Birthday, CBC! It was no coincidence that CBC was dedicated on 15 August. In the Catholic Liturgical Calendar this date is celebrated in honour of a truly remarkable woman who is the ultimate human example of living one’s vocation to the full - a woman of great faith who said yes to God’s call despite the challenges it would entail. We have many titles for her, but her simplest title is testimony to her greatness, that of Mary. August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption. This day celebrates that Mary, by humbly living her call as the Mother of Jesus, became so close to God that when she died she entered eternal life in a truly unique manner—that of body and soul. We use this image as an example in our own lives that we must be true to our calling and never lose sight of the importance of God in our lives. We also focus on the joy of our own future resurrection in the knowledge that we will live in eternal life with Jesus. The Feast of the Assumption can often raise many questions. I hope the following information can assist you in understanding why the Catholic Church celebrates this Feast. In fact it is one of only two times that the Infallibility of the Pope has been used in a dogma of faith -the other time being the definition of the Dogma of Infallibility of the Pope!

The Feast of the Assumption Purpose • Encourages us to examine our relationship with God and our world • Mary recognised God’s love and responded to it by loving others • Like the Assumption, her life is a guide on our path to heaven • It helps our belief in our own resurrection • The model of what happens to every person in death. Origin • Oldest Marian celebration (circa 600 CE) • Similar feast to remembering Saints on their day of death • May 1946, Pope Pius XII wrote to the world Bishops asking about their thoughts on the Assumption - all replied that it was an important belief • November 1950, Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption as a dogma of faith. Questions about the Assumption 1. Did Mary Die? Yes. The historian Origen mentions that she did. Mary was human, therefore subject to human death. It is believed she died a natural death. 2. Was Mary buried? There is no mention of her tomb. 3. What happened to Mary’s body?

4. Why should Mary have been assumed into Heaven? There are three reasons: i. Jesus had the power to honour his mother. ii. Mary always did God’s will perfectly. iii. Mary’s gift for being chosen by God. 5. What is the doctrine of the Assumption? Mary is already humanly alive in heaven. Therefore, by her example we anticipate our own resurrection.

The Meaning of Mary’s Assumption for us today Human Dignity • All human beings who live in the friendship of God will be, like Mary, glorified into eternal life • The Assumption is seen as the final victory of humanity • The human body is sacred and holy and will live forever with God • Resurrection of Jesus (Ascension) is the resurrection of God • Resurrection of Mary (Assumption) is the resurrection of us. Life Changing • We all know that we will die—and this is scary • The Assumption celebrates that life does not end with death, but changes

There are two schools of thought:

• Death is a natural part of life

i. The Assumption does not rely on incorruption (not decaying).

• Through death we are transformed into a new existence.

A Sign of Hope… cause for joy

Mary’s corpse in the grave is not the body that is in heaven. Her resurrection did not involve her material human corpse going into heaven, but instead she is in heaven with her risen transformed body.

ii. Mary’s body was preserved from corruption. There is a long tradition but no historical evidence to support this. Nor is there mention of the manner of her departure.

EDUCATION TAX REFUND Education Tax Refund Information available from the CBC website:

• Mary lived a life of faith and trust in God • Mary’s life gives us hope in humanity and challenges us to start our heavenly transformation now • By living a life rich in faith in God and love for others, we, like Mary, will experience our own assumption. Blessings Mr David Ruggiero Assistant Principal: Religious Identity and Mission





Term 3 Mary MacKillop Term Week 4

The College has learnt with sadness of the death on 6 August 2011 of Howard Harding who graduated from CBC in 1958. Affectionately known as ‘Butch’, he was an outstanding school sportsman and popular (almost legendary) figure at the College in the late 1950s. He captained the First XVIII in both 1957 and 1958 and led the team to an unbroken string of victories in 1958. He was awarded the Gosse Medal as the best player from amongst all school teams in 1958 after being runner-up in 1957. He was a champion long and middle distance runner and scooped the pool at these events at the Schools Combined Sports Meetings. After leaving CBC he had a varied career in both mining and the management of country pubs. He is fondly remembered as never being conceited or domineering, despite his many talents, but always as affable, outgoing and friendly. The Christian Brothers College community extends our condolences and prayers to his family and friends. Mrs Jacinta Weiss Director of Heritage, Community and Marketing

High School Musical Update CBC actors, singers and musicians have been busy working hard behind the scenes in preparation for the first full rehearsal THIS SUNDAY. August 14 from 9:30am- 4:00pm at St Mary’s. Time to put away the scripts, nail those key changes and sing loud and proud. The production is only weeks away now. Mr Josh Roach

Mon 15 Aug Birthday Mass 10.00am Birthday Fete – CBC (Casual Day) Science Week (13-21) – React to Chemistry Board Meeting Tues 16 Aug Blood Donation Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A International College of Hotel Management Information Session Wed 17 Aug Blood Donation Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A SRC Leadership / Leadership Team Meeting with Fr Kevin Hennessy Face to Faith Workshop Thurs 18 Aug Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A Fri 19 Aug JS Assembly Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A

Week 5 Mon 22 Aug

Book Week (22-26) – One World, Many Stories Parent/Teacher Interviews

REMINDER Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews 4 to 8pm. Monday 22nd August Tues 23 Aug Wed 24 Aug Thurs 25 Aug Fri 26 Aug Sat 27 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp – Group B Defence Forces Information Session CBC Pilgrims Retreat Year 9 DOE Camp – Group B Year 8 Football State Knockout Year 9 DOE Camp – Group B Year 9 DOE Camp – Group B Round 3 – Year 10 Knockout Soccer Round 1 – Year 10 Knockout Basketball Intercol – CBC vs BPS

Week 6 Mon 29 Aug Tues 30 Aug Wed 31 Aug

Trial Exams Year 12 Metro State SAPSASA Golf Trial Exams Year 12 Year 11 chemistry – Brukunga Visit Principal’s Tours 9.30 – 10.30am & 5.30 – 6.30pm Trial Exams Year 12 Principal’s Tours 9.30 – 10.30am & 5.30 – 6.30pm



Dear Parents and Friends On Friday Evening and Sunday Morning, I had the great pleasure of being witness to our boys receiving the Holy Sacraments of Confirmation and Communion. I felt immensely proud of our boys as they listened with reverence to Archbishop Wilson and Fr John Fleming (Sunday) officiate the sacraments. Once again, I commend Mr Were, Mr Ruggiero, Sir Kanistal and Mrs Denton for their hard work and efforts in preparing the boys leading up to this past weekend’s celebration. It gives me great delight to inform you that the Junior Campus has been successful in being selected for a National Partnerships Numeracy Grant. We have appointed a highly skilled teacher, Mrs Nicola Brennan, who, for 18 months, will work alongside our Junior School Teachers, providing support and expertise in Numeracy Teaching and Learning practices, as well as gathering baseline data on every student from R-6. Mrs Brennan has been an educator in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as Acting Vice-Principal at Massada College, Head of Department of Mathematics. Last Friday, several of our Junior School SAG boys, along with Mr Hamilton and me, took part in the annual ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ event at 6.40 am, highlighting awareness for our Homeless brothers and sisters.

WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES Last Friday 5 August, the Year 6 Junior Campus Social Action Group (SAG) participated in a charity fundraiser for the Hutt St homeless centre called ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’. We had to be up bright and early at 6.40 am to meet Mrs Zubreckyj and

Mr Hamilton at CBC. We walked up to the East parklands to a large crowd of over one thousand people. I felt really proud to be a part of something this big that helps out those on the margins in our society. One we had walked “a mile” we were treated to an egg and bacon roll and a drink. Next year we hope to take part again. Please join us in doing so. Jack Meaker Year 6 /Mrs Magrin

REMINDERS Staff have been reminding students to present themselves well and to ensure blazers are worn to and from school, shirts tucked in, ties correctly worn and haircuts neatly styled and off collars. Please support your child to meet College uniform expectations and encourage them to wear their uniform correctly and with pride. If you have any intention of your son not returning to CBC in 2012, please inform the Principal, Mr Mifsud, of your intention to do so ASAP so we can start planning class numbers for 2012. Please remember to collect your Coles dockets of $10 or more and place in the box in the front office of the Junior Campus - we could be in the running for much needed Sports Equipment for the Junior Campus. This Thursday, the Catholic Primary Schools Cross Country Championships were held in the parklands. I congratulate all boys who were selected to compete and I thank Mr Buttfield, Mr Rick Mackereth, Mrs Kingham, Mr Hamilton and our Parents and Friends for their efforts in making this day an enormous success. *A reminder to all Parents that optional Parent/Student/Teacher interviews will be held in Week 5 on Monday 22 August from 4pm to 8 pm. A notice will be sent home shortly regarding meeting times. Thank you to the many Parents who have volunteered to help Mrs Wilson our new

Librarian. We are so grateful for our dedicated community members. Please keep in your prayers the following staff members as they battle illnesses or are coping with family members who are unwell at present. Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Clifton, Mrs O’Reilly (Lap support and Ext Maths), Ms Collins OSHC Director, Mr Wallace, Mr Buttfield, Mrs Magrin, Mr Kha, and Mr McCarthy. Earlier on this week Mr Mifsud and I sent home a letter to JC parents asking for ready-made casseroles or lasagne to help Ms Jackie Collins OSHC Director. Jackie is very ill and it would be wonderful if we could deliver meals that she can prepare easily by warming up quickly. If you are able to assist please drop off to JC front office this Friday in a disposable container. Mr Mifsud and I will take them to Jackie to help her out in her time of need. I again thank those parents who have expressed their love and concern for Jackie and we will ensure she receives your messages of encouragement, love and support. Mrs Gai Kingham and Ms Rhianndi Le Grande will be supervising OSHC in Jackie’s absence for the remainder of this term. We are now on the countdown until we make the move to our fabulous new Junior Campus building - 7 weeks /35 teaching days as this newsletter goes to print! Parents will have an opportunity to visit and tour the new building closer to the end of term. Mr Mifsud is working closely with the architects and builders to ensure every aspect of the building is completed and is signed off as completed to a high standard. Wishing you God’s Blessings for the week ahead.

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj AP-Junior Campus

Thursday September 1st 2011 (Release Night)

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Dear families and friends This week our Gospel challenge is spreading the good news and during this week we celebrated the first Feast of St Mary of the Cross since her canonisation in August 2010. Mary Mackillop was an inspirational woman who didn’t walk away from her commitment to living the Gospel. Her legacy lives on and serves as a reminder to us all to stand up and spread the Good News. As the Sacramental Program draws to a close for 2011 we are currently reviewing the appropriateness of preparing Junior Campus for Confirmation and are considering implementing the idea of Junior Campus students from Year 4 being able to complete the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and then, in Year 7, completing the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Eucharist. No decision has been made as yet, and we welcome feedback from parents about the Sacramental program this year. We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place. Peace of the Lord be with you always.

GOSPEL CHALLENGE – SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS Spread the Good news. Live the gospel with everyone we meet, in word, song and, most importantly, in our actions with one another Matthew 13:52 He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” Term 3 in our School is Mary Mackillop term and this week it could be disputed that there is no greater person than Mary Mackillop for her ability to spread the good news and make it real to the people of her time. Sister Annette says, “If Blessed Mary MacKillop were alive today she would be tweeting ... Mary was an incredible communicator ... she would be using any form of modern communication.”, “It is all about getting her message out... Mary is an inspiration to people of all denominations.” It’s true. Mary MacKillop communicated nonstop, writing letters constantly. Over 1000 of her letters — to her family, to her Josephite Sisters, to bishops, to the Pope of her day — have been preserved.

MASS AND PRAYER SERVICES 17 August Wednesday 9am Year 6 Mass led by Mrs Magrin’s class 24 August Wednesday 9am Year 4/5 Mass led by Mr Mackereth’s class 31 August Wednesday 9am Year 3/4 Prayer Service led by Mr Wallace’s class

CBC students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Eucharist. Photo: courtesy Mr Chris Grech.

7 Sept

Wednesday 9am Year 2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Ozgo’s class

14 Sept

Wednesday 9am Reception Year 1 Prayer Service led by Mrs Madigan’s class

28 Sept

End of Term Junior Campus Liturgy VENUE AND TIME TBA.


JUNIOR CAMPUS CONFIRMATION Last weekend the following boys completed the Sacrament of Confirmation and their First Eucharist at St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

As previously discussed, the Being Sexual strand is taught in Term 4 and it is important for parents and teachers to realise what is expected to be taught at each year level in Being Sexual before it is taught. Class Teachers will have a letter for all students in the coming weeks and we ask you to please indicate your willingness to attend this evening as soon as possible. Thanks for your ongoing support. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus - Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator

We thank Archbishop Philip Wilson for leading the Confirmation Celebration and Fr John Fleming for leading the First Eucharist Mass. Thank you to Sr Kanistal, Iva Denton, David Ruggiero and Emma Woehle for their contribution to a successful evening. We also thank the Liturgical Choir for attending the Confirmation Ceremony. We congratulate the following boys and remind them to stay strong as they continue their personal faith and formation journey: Joshua Calandro, Thomas Calangelo, Jack Bourke, Daniel Morbidelli, Daniel Petrilli, Nicholas Rillotta, William Reardon, Luke Conti, Callum Sandercock, Hunter Savle, Jordan Binetti, Ethan D’Angelo, Callum Sandercock, Calvin Sewell, Liam Mead Carnie, Louis Kerk, Brodie Miller, Thomas Grech, Issac Giannetta, Laurence Giannetta and Conor Zada Schwarz.

MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD PROGRAM There will be a Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 20 September to be held in Library at 6.00pm to provide information on what needs to be taught during the Being Sexual Strand of the MITIOG program. This meeting will be an excellent opportunity for parents new to our school to familiarise themselves with the MITIOG Religious Education program that covers four strands: (a) Being Human (b) Being Connected (c) Being Moral (d) Being Sexual

GAZA JUNIOR CRICKET Community cricket played on Sunday mornings Looking for players 7 – 12 years old Expressions of interest will be taken in the main bar area: 6:00pm – 7:00pm Friday August 19th Gaza Sports and Community Club 232 North East Road Klemzig 5087 Junior Cricket Director: Jenni Charleston 0412 344 038 or



YES! NO! D E B AT I N G Year 10 Purple Debating St John’s Grammar defeated CBC This was our first debate of the year, and a challenging one at the least. The topic was that “we should turn back the boats” and our team, two of whom had never debated before, were faced with a team of seasoned veterans. Taking the negative side, we fired out an argument to the best of our ability, yet it was simply not enough. The St John’s team initiated an all out attack and dissected our speech and, so, the adjudicator saw the debate their way. Out team showed faults, revealing how inexperienced we were, but considering that this was a one card debate, we were thrown in at the deep end, and in our minds, we were swimming against the tide. The adjudicator simply believed their argument had more merit, yet our team was praised for our charisma, and our ability to quickly adapt. I was the best speaker for the evening, and to top that off, we all gained valuable criticism. Well done, team. Sam Tafari

Year 9 Purple Debating CBC vs Trinity College This week, debating for the 9 Purple team was a huge success. We debated against Trinity College and before the debate we were wondering whether we would ever see our first win. The topic for the debate was “that smokers should be allowed to die”. We debated points for the negative side, and given that we were well prepared, we went into the debate feeling good about ourselves, and silently confident. Nathan Lobo began our debate and was a good starter speaker for our team, although he was nervous about participating in a debate for the first time, ever. Henry continued our team arguments as our second speaker and I was our team’s third and final speaker. The debate was close but the result was a delight to hear. We had won our first debate, which has now given us a huge boost of confidence. I won best speaker, but only slimly, with the second best speaker also being on our team, in Henry. Overall, debating this week was definitely one of the best debates I have participated in. We look forward to achieving more positive results in the near future with our debates. Sam Sunter

Year 9 White Debating Pulteney Grammer defeated CBC CBC 9 White narrowly lost to Pulteney Grammar in a fierce debate on the topic “Smokers Should Be Allowed To Die”, arguing in the affirmative. CBC’s speakers were Samuel Bulling as first, Thomas James as second, and Hamish Richardson as third. Samuel opened the debate by firmly defining the argument, and opening our primary points. Thomas James then spoke, decisively rebutted the opposition and then strongly expressed his points. Thanks to parents, speakers and our brilliant coaches, Mrs Denton and Mrs Thompson, for helping us with our debating. Thomas James

Year 8 White Debating PAC defeated CBC Coach: Mrs Iva Denton On Tuesday 2 August the Year 8 White debating team put up a strong fight against one of the best teams in the competition, Prince Alfred College, and nearly won! Although CBC lost it was not because of the lack of great debating technique, but rather the strength of the opposition. The topic for this debate was ‘That experimentation on animals should be banned’ and we were the affirmative team. I would like to thank our team members Ashley McCallum, Michael Cutufia and Samuel Pons who all fought well, and Nicholas Arman for being Chairperson. I would also like to thank the parents and our coach, Mrs Denton, for supporting us and for helping us to prepare for the debate Well done everyone on a great debate. Better luck next time! Samuel Pons

Year 7 Purple A Debating Norton Summit Primary School defeated CBC PA CBC PA argued that primary school students should choose their own subjects. Brandon Shunmugam opened the debate in fine form, clearly introducing the Team members and defining the topic intelligently. Second Speaker Leonardo Mucci delivered a well-researched and intelligent speech. He impressed the audience with his clear and engaging manner. Cooper Jaquillard finished the debate strongly for the affirmative with a detailed summary. Cooper’s confident and organised rebuttal was a highlight of the debate. It was a close debate, with only half a point difference. It was impressive to watch. Well done,team! Thanks to captain Basil Dimopoulos for chairing and supporting the team on the night. Miss Kate Dekuijer Coach

FOOTBALL First XVIII Football CBC 13.7 (85) defeated Cabra 13.5 (83) Best Players: Matthew Raymond, Andrew Wright, Stefan Starkey, Lachlan Harrison, Nathan Nicholson, Patrick Egan, Matt D’Angelo, Daniel Storti. Goal Scorers: Andrew Wright (4), Matt D’Angelo (3), Chase Chadwick-Parker (2), William Buckley (1), Daniel Storti (1), Jake Tollenaar (1), M Formichella (1) 22 points down at three quarter time but with a strong wind to come home with, we rated our chances. Ten seconds into the last quarter and Matthew D’Angelo drew first blood with a telling goal. Another ten minutes later he scored two quick goals in succession to put us within four points. Cabra, however, rallied to push the margin out to ten points. Enter first gamer Daniel Storti who snapped truly around his body and we got back to four points. William Buckley ran off the bench and went straight to full forward where within seconds CBC scored a point. The full back from Cabra kicked out only into the waiting arms of William Buckley who was standing the mark. As the ball had not travelled ten metres William quickly played on and booted a goal to put CBC in front. A five minute midfield battle developed with CBC running out winners by two points in a cracker. Passion and school pride rallied with the singing of the school song in the clubrooms. Many boys describing it as the best win of their careers. The side has really improved under the guidance of our new statistician, Troy Nicholson, this week having 119 effective kicks compared to 35 ineffective kicks. This is a big turnaround from Term 2 where targets were missed on a regular base. Special mention to Matthew Raymond, Andrew Wright and Stefan Starkey for outstanding games. This week Marryatville at Marryatville 2.15pm. Mr Michael Buttfield Caretaker Coach

Year 9 Football Immanuel 10.10 (70) defeated CBC 4.4 (28) (August 6) Best Players: Impragnatiello,Rutai, Biancardi, Meyer, Dwyer, Curyer This was a much better performance from all our players. We were more focused and competitive around the ground. We certainly had a real go at it, and to outscore the opposition in the last quarter was testament to a better resolve and determination within the group. Matteo Impragnatiello was best on ground. His reading of the play was magnificent and his kicking to position was deadly accurate. He certainly held up many of Immanuel’s attack and clearly is in the best form of the year. Jonte Rutai and Pele Biancardi were others to move well and started the game off in fine fashion. These two players

are to be relied on to break lines and set up play for us. This game will give us some confidence for next week’s encounter against St Peter’s. Rostrevor 24.17 (161) defeated CBC 6.1 (37) (July 30) Goal Scorers: Biancardi (3), Impragnatiello (2), Kalleske (1) Best Players: Biancardi, Martino, Impragnatiello, Van Dijk, Once again we were overrun by a more committed, fitter opposition. We did have our moments in the second quarter when we manned up and played more attackingly ourselves. Pele Biancardi was outstanding, continually running away from opponents and setting up our forward moves. His fine individual performance resulted in two magnificent goals. Others to play well were Anthony Martino, who ran hard and proved once again what a good leader he is on the field. Matteo Impragnatiello was also strong in defence and when moved to full forward proved a strong target. His marking and reading of the play were very encouraging. Jonte Rutai also can stand tall as a very important contributor throughout the match. His balance and poise were again on display. Callum Van Dijk also tried hard in the middle and his direct attack on the ball was impressive. This was a game where nothing went right for us, and there were circumstances that contributed to this, but we must be realistic and remember that we must put in 100% every time we set foot on the field. A more proud and determined effort is required next week. Mr Paul Horgan Coach

Year 8 Football SPSC 8.10 (58) defeated CBC 6.5 (41) Goal Scorers: 1- T Bielby, C Boffo, N Koulizos, T Sarunic, J Strange, M Tully Best Players: T Bielby, M Nardecchia, J Strange, L Johansen, A Crisanti, W McPherson, T Nicholson This really was a game played in two halves. In the first half, CBC was terrible. Admittedly the opposition were much bigger making our job harder on the smaller ground. However, we were second to the ball, losing the contested possessions; fumbling; not supporting teammates; not prepared to run into space; forwards were not chasing and we had fallen into the old habit of too few having to do all the work. By the end of the first half, CBC had not scored and was down by 47 points. Then, in the third quarter, it was like a different team had put on the CBC Guernsey. We started winning the centre clearances; our tackling was much better; we were winning the contested possessions; players were running and handballing; players were looking before kicking; the forwards were putting pressure on the opposition causing turnovers and we were slowly getting back into the contest. In the last half CBC kicked 6-5 to Saint Peter’s 1-5 and eventually lost by 17 points. The damage had been done in the first half. You cannot give a team a 47 point start and then try to run them down. Unfortunately, another chance of victory went begging. Tom Bielby instigated the turn-around with his fierce attack on the ball and ability to break tackles and sprint into the open. Matthew Nardecchia ran all day. He was balanced in heavy traffic and copped several heavy knocks, but just kept persisting. Jack Strange gathered possessions all over the ground. When the team needed a lift he was there to provide a bit of inspiration with his attack on the ball. Luke Johansen does his best work in defence, where he reads the play superbly, stopping many opposition attacks. Austin Crisanti dominated in his new role at full back. His long kicks and running with the ball set up many of our attacking moves. Will McPherson was solid as a rock in defence, on a much bigger opponent. He was able to create a contest, bring the ball to ground and then run off his opponent on numerous occasions. Troy Nicholson played an attacking style of defence. Instead of just standing next to his opponent all day, he was prepared to run off him and help his teammates in a contest, or run into space to create another attacking option. I was also happy with Jack Owens’ game in defence, with his attack on the ball and



S P O R T S R E S U LT S ability to stay in the contest and not go to ground. Trent Daly never stopped trying in ruck. He had to go against several opponents, all taller than him, yet he was able to set up many clearances for CBC. Nathan Koulizos also battled hard at centre half forward, often outnumbered at a contest, but tried to keep the ball in the forward zone. Once again we were not able to sustain our effort for four quarters. We could not impose ourselves on the contest in the first half and that cost us the game. We need to have confidence in our own abilities and confidence in our teammates. Instead of panic kicking around the corner, we need to steady, look and either handpass or kick to a teammate in a better position. We did it in the second half and almost pulled off an unlikely victory. Our aim this week is to start fiercely against Sacred Heart; take the game up to them; show them we will not back down; take each contest one at a time with each player having the sole focus of beating their opponent. If we can do this, anything could happen. Mr Peter Tippins Coach

Prep B Football St Paul’s 18.13 (121) defeated CBC 2.4 (16) Goal Scorer: Tom Holmes (1) Best Players: Dylan Andrew, Nathan Simons, Zachary Robey, Tom Holmes Although extremely short of players this week the 13 CBC players that took to the field played extremely well. Despite the odds, all boys were competitive and contested the ball until the final siren. It was encouraging to see a strong team spirit. Mr Greg Mander and Mr Jerome Teakle Coaches

Year 4/5 Football Rostrevor 4.7 (31) defeated CBC 1.8 (14) Our dedicated group of young players put in a mighty effort against traditional rival Rostrevor College. We came within six points late in the last quarter in a gallant attempt to snatch a win. During the first half, we had plenty of the play but we could not find the goals. Kesh Brown, Jacob Murchison, Liam Greber and Jack Bourke won the ball in difficult contests. Ben Boffo played his best match to date and Johnny Frisina produced his usual dash to win the ball in tight situations. Hayden Clarke shows great leadership in defence and the midfield. Mr Denis McCarthy Coach

Year 2 Football CBC 10.8 (68) defeated Highgate 3.1 (19) Goal Scorers: Blake McDonough (3), Matthew Adams (3), Noah Black (2), Cooper Pool (1), Bayley Fitzpatrick (1) We had a terrific game today; the weather was perfect even if the grass was wet making the ball a bit slippery. CBC played out of the centre extremely well with the 5 boys in the centre group working well in all 4 quarters. With a couple of the boys from the other team included this week it helped give us a bit of run through the centre with several goals also contributing. Even so our core team still out-scored Highgate so that alone gives a great insight into the team’s development this season. There were great efforts across the field with several overhead marks, good use of the handball and I even witnessed players assisting with the shepherd. It was a highlight game for the season. Let’s bring the last few rounds home in similar fashion. Great work everyone and keep it up. Best Players: For our core team Noah Black, Bayley Fitzpatrick and Cooper Pool. Special mention to Blake McDonough and Matthew Adams. Thanks to the volunteers for helping out. Mr Steve Brooks Coach

HOCKEY Year 8/9 Hockey CBC 17 defeated Mercedes 0 Goal Scorers: Aaron Billows (7), Anthony Connell (6), Ganesh Westbury (2), Nick Sandford (1), Calum Philp (1) After a three week break, CBC players went onto the field in attack determined to play their best, focused hockey. The team did not disappoint. Good saves, strong passes and clever strategy were all on display in this game. At half time the score was 7-0. The second half was just as fast with the more experienced players encouraging and supporting their younger team mates who rose to the challenge of getting the ball towards goal. Well done to Mercedes’ players for their persistence. They played strongly in defence and made sure CBC had to work for every goal. The other CBC players deserve a mention this week too: Brian, Nathan, Suraj, Sam, Cullen, Nick M and Brandon. Well played, team! Mrs Anna Memma Coach

SOCCER Open A Soccer CBC 2 drew with Gleeson 2 (July 27) Goal Scorers: Fabio Migliaccio (1), Nick Kakoufas (1) Best Players: Tom Tagirara, Alex Sortini, Fabio Migliaccio, Tyson Corbo, Luca Migliaccio, Julian Mittiga, Aaron Galanti, Michael Tremonte, Nick Kakoufas Disappointed by the lack of attendance, I was, nevertheless, enormously proud of the effort put in by the boys that were there. To be playing a quality team like Gleeson that had a full squad plus subs and to get a draw was an outstanding performance. The boys ran harder than the poor old linesman and literally showed what they were made of when at 2 down they managed to put so much pressure on Gleeson that they became frustrated and started making mistakes giving away a penalty deep in the second half. Fabio sprinted down the pitch and put a very clever low pass through the keeper and into the net. All of a sudden we had a chance... but time was our biggest concern. With only minutes left on the clock Nick lobbed a beautiful ball over the keeper’s fingertips and in. The whistle blew and we went home with more than just a draw, but in reality a very well deserved victory against the odds. We were unlucky not to be given a goal in the first half, despite the ball bouncing around in the top corner of the post and clearly crossing the line but not allowed... one of those things. Special thanks to Tom Tagirara for filling in at late notice and doing an outstanding job... to all the boys my sincere thanks for the determination and effort. Ref’s points were allocated Alex 3, Fabio 2. Two games left for the Wednesday night matches, then the final. We need to keep our heads up and approach these last few games with determination and pride, (and please don’t make me run the line again). Mr Chris Dolan Coach

Year 10 A Soccer CBC 5 defeated St Peter’s 3 I am proud to say that this was the best team game that the boys had played this season. It was difficult to name the best player as all boys played an excellent game. When we played St Peter’s at St Peter’s, only 9 players turned up and we lost 0-3. This week we had a full team and we came out on top 5-3. As the score indicates, it was an attacking game, with both sides dominated at some time during the game. CBC came out fast and was 3-1 by half time. Goals to Tom Bassanese, Anthony Francesca, and Murtaza Haidari set the scene for the second half. St Peter’s came out firing and quickly had 2 goals in the net to level the score. But CBC

showed it was made of tough stuff, and continued to attack, resulting in goals to Giuseppe Focarelli and Vittorio Ranaldo. The water-logged pitch made for a slow, heavy game and several players felt the lead in their boots by the end. An excellent feature of the game was the boys’ behaviour. Excellent defence by Phi Nguyen, (right back and goalkeeper), Jan Koerner, and Jordon Bocock. Mid field Murtaza, Adam Russo, James Spatarlis, Jarrad Hancock and Anthony Francesca - provided lots of forward opportunities and cut off many attacks. The forwards moved well, evading the defenders to give the team goal opportunities; Tom Bassanese, Vittorio Ranaldo, and Giuseppe Focarelli. Best Players: Giuseppe Focarelli, Anthony Francesa, and Phi Nguyen. Mr Michael Lucas Coach

Year 10 B Soccer CBC 7 defeated Pembroke 5 Goal Scorers: Aleck Zwolski (3), Bharat Humphrey (2), Luka Arlotta (1), Hamid Ansari (1) Best Player: Hamid Ansari Honourable mention – Corey Sommers who volunteered to take on the Goalkeeper role An earlier start time this week proved problematic and at kick-off CBC was short by two players. Late arrivals meant that only after 10 minutes were we able to field a full team; but, even with this tentative start, Aleck worked his magic up front and managed to score the first two goals. A lapse in concentration saw Pembroke sneak a goal past our stand-in Goalkeeper, Corey Sommers, but Aleck scored again to place CBC in a more comfortable position. Bharat managed to find the net with CBC’s fourth goal and immediately Pembroke responded with their second scoring shot. A solid back line of Nicholas Stevenson, Charlie Weidner, Chris Guzik and Hamid Ansari worked tirelessly in defence and kept the momentum in CBC’s direction in the first half. Bharat scored again, providing CBC with a comfortable margin at half time (5-2). The second half provided even more opportunities for CBC to score with both Luka and Hamid Ansari converting shots on goal. Kristian Wisniewski, who had been working hard through the middle, departed early due to other commitments and, without a reserve player, CBC was one player down for the last twenty minutes – could we hang on? Momentum had swung the other way, with the Pembroke parents sensing the possibility of a comeback and providing vocal support for their side. Adam Reginato and Luka Arlotta took charge through the middle and forward, ably assisted by Suliman Gamar and Hamid Ansari, and attempted to steady the CBC team. Pembroke managed to score three times in the last twenty minutes, but our comfortable lead held out with CBC hanging on to a 7-5 victory. Next week we take on Concordia College at Concordia and need all players available! Ms Rebecca Donnon Coach

Year 9 A1 Knockout Soccer CBC 7 defeated Cardijn 0 (August 4) It was a long trek to Noarlunga to challenge our opponent in the next round of the Knockout competition. We left with rain coming down hard and tactics were devised for the wet weather during the bus drive. As we arrived at our destination the rain had ceased and the weather had cleared, so tactics returned to ‘Plan A’. How the match would pan out was all up in the air. A lot of rumours had been bantered around that Cardijn was a formidable opponent. They came out strong and fast, and challenged our boys quickly. CBC did not take this game lightly, Jordan D retaliating with a goal in the first minute. Cardijn didn’t know what had happened when a second goal was scored by Daniel F. A strong midfield that consisted of Bradley C, Jesse F and Andrew T, all working in unison broke Cardijn’s defence. They harassed the goalkeeper with another four goals, totalling six for the first half.



S P O R T S R E S U LT S Second half commenced and Cardijn had made a few changes but to no avail. CBC scores again, totalling our score to seven and the opposition scoreless. CBC played with heart and displayed magnificent ball skills that earned them the right to progress into the next round. There is no ‘i’ in team, and that’s how our 9A1s play, as a whole team, consistently backing up each other and reading the next play. Great teamwork is how games are won. Well done, 9A1s. Cabra is our next opponent on our home ground with the date and venue to be confirmed. Our boys have made CBC proud with their great wins and excellent sportsmanship in the Knockout competition. “Men of the Match” for game were Jesse Francesca, Daniel Filosi, Jordan D’Agostino and Bradley Corbo. Goals Scorers: Jesse F (2), Jordan D (2), Daniel F (2), Bradley C (1) Thank you to Mr Kaesler for driving to our venue and back safely. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach

Year 9 A1 Soccer Marryatville 5 defeated CBC 3 It was the second time our teams battled it out on the pitch. This time it was Marryatville’s turn to balance the ledger with a win by two goals. The 9A1s were battle sore from the Knockout competition on Thursday and our team could not all play. A lot of substitutes were made with an undermanned squad. We started off valiantly and shocked Marryatville with two quick goals. We held them off until half time. Second half and they clawed their way back to a one goal lead and Jordan D levelled the score to three all. With no interchange and a player short, this soon wore us out and they scored two more goals, one from a penalty. “Men of the Match” were Andrew T and Owen H, who filled in as our goalkeeper this week. They both did a brilliant job and deserved the title this week. Well done CBC, for playing with good sportsmanship. We have a bye this week and our next match is away at St Pauls on 20 August. Kick off at 8.15am, be there 7.45am for warm up. Goals Scorers: Andrew T (1), Fabio M (1), Jordan D (1) Thank you to all parents who support the boys by getting them to the matches and cheering them on. Also a big thank you to Daniel F for running the line while carrying an injury. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach

Year 9 A2 Soccer CBC 8 defeated St Paul’s 3 We played at Regency Park on August 6. It was pleasing to see the number of players who attended on a fairly cool and soggy day. Although St Paul’s were short of a couple of players, the team made the most of the opportunity to score several goals in the early part of the first half. CBC had a commanding lead by half time and looked like they had the measure of St Paul’s. However, the opposition managed to score several times in the beginning of the second half, which kept the game interesting. A large number of players meant there was a need for rotation and some players didn’t get as much pitch time as they would have liked but they all played in a good spirit. Many players made a good contribution resulting in a deserved win. Well done! Mr David Wass Coach

Year 8 C Soccer Nazareth College 12 defeated CBC 2 The game was far more evenly matched than the score line indicates. The huge opposition put away some lucky goals. Sam Whittaker was consistently in the action having several close misses at goals, displaying speed and terrific teamwork. Once again Ben Rojas showed off some fancy footwork and went hard at the ball. James Earnshaw was also consistently in the action and Christian Cairo is to be commended for his consistent passing. A fabulous performance was put in by Riley White who brought the ball forward on numerous occasions and scored a great goal well done for your perseverance. The second half was impressive as we went harder at the ball and applied a lot more pressure. Overall, a great team effort. Many thanks to Cameron White for his positive words and coaching advice. Mrs Kirsty Lee Coach

Year 4/5 A Soccer PAC 4 defeated CBC 1 Best Players: Daniel B, Luke Conti On Saturday we played against PAC 1 at our home ground. This was the third time we’ve played against PAC 1 this season. This team would have to be our strongest opponent so far. Even though they won, we keep improving each time we come up against them, narrowing the gap between the final scores. We played well in the second half, with Deng kicking a goal and some good defending made it hard for PAC to score. A great team effort all round. Well done to everyone and thank you to Me Bressan for being coach on the day. Written by the captain Adrian Beesley. Mrs Caroline Wilson Coach

TA B L E T E N N I S Open C/D Table Tennis CBC defeated St Peter’s Turning the bus into St Peter’s grounds two hours before dusk we were struck by a blaze of green. The green of pasture green, a rich green that dazzles, a greenback green. Every male over seventeen was wearing a woollen jumper, there were no sheep on the greens but lamb’s wool was the uniform of choice. As for the game, CBC won convincingly. With extra players and little fashion sense we were in no mood to hang around. The victory was swift, gallant and polite. After the collective shaking of hands we contemplated the wool industry, the Pt Adelaide wool stores and greener pastures as we wheeled out bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris Coach

Year 8/9 Table Tennis St Paul’s defeated CBC The 8/9 Table Tennis Team maintained its motivated and positive attitude as we faced the worthy opponent of St Paul’s last Friday. CBC boarded the bus cheerful as always, but aware of the challenge that faced us. All members of the CBC team worked hard to keep scores close, but it just wasn’t our week, and our undefeated winning streak unfortunately came to an end. Congratulations to our best singles players, who were successfully able to win their matches. Alex Kern won 31 to 24, Philip Nguyen won 31 to 19, and Abilash Siva won a very tough match 34 to 32. Best doubles for CBC: Alex and Abilash, who won 35 to 33. Thanks to all involved, especially to our wonderful coach Mrs Clarke, and Mr Clarke, who drove the bus and offered us much appreciated support. Hamish Richardson

Insight 2011T3W03  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 3, 2011.

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