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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

The College also welcomes the following Exchange Students this term:

Welcome back to Term 3 2011. I especially welcome all of our new students. It has been fun playing dinosaurs with our new reception students in their classroom and they reciprocated by visiting me in my office.

• Johannes Feder (German) staying with the Tafari family • Jan Koerner (German) staying with the Scherwitzel family • Florian Delitl (Austrian) staying with the Hunt family

I would also welcome the following new staff members to CBC this term: • Mrs Caroline Clarke-AP Vision and Innovation who comes to CBC with over 16 years’ experience as a Deputy and Acting Principal. Her role as a member of the College Leadership team will be working with teachers to ensure visionary and innovative teaching is occurring in the classrooms • Mr Adam Rice replacing Mr Curnow who is on Long Service Leave • Mrs Caroline Wilson replacing Mrs Green in the Junior Campus library • Mrs Danielle Guidolin replacing Mr Wallace who is recovering from surgery • Mr Beau Gora (2004 Old Collegian) who will be a student teacher at the College this term.

The Hon. Kevin Rudd giving the lecture.


Friday July 29, 2011 Term 3, Week 1

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Sacrament Parent Information Evening on Thursday. Thank you to Mr Were, Mr Ruggiero and Sr Kanistal who have actively prepared the students for the sacraments. Students from CBC will receive the sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on Sunday 7 August at 11.00am.

TERM 3 CHALLENGES Term 3 will be a challenging one for our Year 11 and 12 students as they complete their Research Projects and consolidate their studies in preparation for exams or submission of final assignments. Term 3 will also see the College conduct an extensive review by external consultants on the provision of Special Needs education. In addition we will be audited by a national team of auditors from the Dare to Lead Coalition assessing the College’s commitment and support of Indigenous education and reconciliation.

CBC Students attending the Magna Carta Lecture at Adelaide Town Hall.

Let us love and praise God in all. Blessed Mary MacKillop, 1872

Current Newsletter online at

Edmund Rice Education Charter Effective reflection within the school community promotes the transformation that enables individual and community growth. (Reflective Practice n.3)

For feedback or submissions for Insight, e-mail:

An R-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition





What makes a bad listener? A bad listener is one who interrupts or changes the subject when people are talking. He/she thinks of a reply while you are still speaking and does not really hear what you are saying. A bad listener gives advice and tries to fix your problem rather than ask a question to clarify what is being said. The bad listener jumps to conclusions. The bad listener is often heard saying, ‘you are the same as everyone else.’ A bad listener tends to move his hands or feet and changes his bodily position often. If someone is speaking and telling the group something, the bad listener jumps in and says, ‘the same thing happened to me’ and takes over the conversation. If you ask a question, the bad listener does not answer your question and if you happen to pause or be silent for a while he feels obliged to fill the silence with endless talk. A good friend is one who listens. We need to reflect on how we give undivided attention to another and really listen to what is being said and what are the feelings behind what is said. Listening is a skill we can acquire. One who listens is one who has friends. Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

SRC Seminar with Fr Kevin Hennessy

INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY The College has invested over a million dollars in Information Communication Technology (ICT) at CBC in 2011. Almost all R-12 classes in 2011 will have a combination of laptops, fully interactive touchscreen Televisions, Promethean Whiteboards, colour printers and remote wireless access. The Senior Campus also has a virtual ER facility allowing 7 days a week 24 hour access via video phone to medical staff at Wakefield hospital to assist with our First Aid support of students. In addition the CBC ICT Committee is currently finalising purchasing specifications to ensure the very latest technology is purchased for the New Junior Campus. Staff will be working with external trainers to update their skills and practices in how ICT can be used as an effective tool for quality learning and also as a tool to ensure accurate data collection and analysis for ensuring continuous student and school improvement.

PARENTS’ CONSULTATION MEETING The scheduled parents information and consultation evening in the Term Planner for Tuesday 2 August will be postponed till later this term. The delayed date is to facilitate a new ICT development in the College where parents will be provided access and training to a new ‘parent portal ‘section of the College Intranet.

BUILDING THE BRIDGE PROJECT The Oceania Province of the Christian Brothers and Edmund Rice Education Australia EREA) have announced the launch of our Build the Bridge Project (SA) and the appointment of the project’s two Project Development Officers Ms Ceinwyn Elleway and Mr Mason Somerville. This project is funded by both the EREA and the Province. Both Ceinwyn and Mason will be visiting the three EREA schools and working with each school in building a network between all Edmund Rice ministries such as schools, the Associates, FAME, ER Camps and the Christian Brothers.

LETTERS RECEIVED THIS WEEK Below are two letters I received recently which again highlight the diversity, talent and success of CBC. The second letter is a timely reminder to students and parents of the importance of wearing correct uniform and appropriate hair cut. I have requested home class teachers and the Year Level Coordinators to be vigilant in sending boys home who do not comply with uniform or hair regulations.

(*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading)

• Attendance records

I am writing to thank you and your school team for attending the recent MEC Multicultural Education Conference Re-Thinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education which was attended by Mr Hieu Van Le, Chair of SAMEAC. The Conference was timely in light of the release of the recent Federal Government Multicultural Policy – The People of Australia (March 2011) and the new Australian Curriculum. Christian Brothers College is regarded by MEC as an important lighthouse school in multicultural education in South Australia. Please pass on my sincere thanks from MEC to Ian Hamilton and the students who attended on behalf of your school on the day. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your leadership and the school staff and students for your participation over the years in the many activities of MEC.

• Exam or progress results


Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager

• Work that can be uploaded from staff to students

Vincenzo Andreacchio, Executive Officer Multicultural Education Committee


The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday...........................8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday.........................12pm to 5pm* Friday..................................12pm to 5pm*

At the consultation Meeting parents will be provided with an update of the new Junior Campus and Child Care Centre developments as well as providing an opportunity to feedback regarding current College policies and procedures. At the Meeting parents will also have a demonstration of a new parent ICT facility ‘Scholaris’ which allows you to visit CBC online from home and obtain instant personalised access to the following information regarding your child:

• Work that can be submitted electronically • Important information from the College • Contact addresses for staff.






Dear Principal I would just like to bring to your attention the exemplary behaviour of one of your senior students on a tram yesterday evening. There were 3 teenage boys behaving very badly, including being very offensive to an older female passenger. Your student let them know that their behaviour was inappropriate and that they should reflect on what they were saying. I am aware that the female passenger was very appreciative of his actions. I recognised the uniform he was wearing and decided that I wanted to let you know what a fine example he is setting.

CONCLUSION “The culture being created is one that is Spirit driven, adaptive to the times, centred on Christ, delivered within Church, hallmarked by the vision of the founder, and educationally sound and respectful of unique traditions within the local Church and school community” (Foundations, National Planning Committee for Schools Governance, 2005). This week I am attending an EREA National Conference for staff involved in Immersions and Partnerships with the Majority World and Indigenous Communities. The conference will seek answers to the following questions: 1. What is the school’s vision for formation and justice and peace education? 2. What is the vision for formation and justice and peace education articulated through the EREA Formation & Educating for Justice and Peace frameworks? 3. What formation and justice and peace activities currently exist at the school? CBC Immersion Coordinator Fr Peter Gardiner and Mr David Ruggiero AP Religious Identity and Mission will also join me at the conference. As a conference organiser I am excited by the range of speakers and conference program which includes: • Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners • Welcome by Dr Wayne Tinsey (Executive Director, Edmund Rice Education Australia) • Keynote address by Mr Jack De Groot (Executive Director, Caritas Australia) and Francis Hall (Congregation Leadership Team, Christian Brothers) • Speakers from Majority World and Indigenous communities who have been involved in partnerships and movements for change including: Tony Lee (Kimberley, Australia) Mosibudi Mangena (South Africavia video conference) and a Timor Leste representative. Please keep all conference delegates in your prayers as an affirmation of the importance of staff and student outreach to our sisters and brothers on the margins.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

DOES YOUR SON LIVE IN A VIRTUAL WORLD? During the holidays there was an article in the newspaper stating that young people are suffering more and more from sleep deprivation as they spend countless hours on the internet or playing computing games late into the night. Last term at both the parent and staff cyber safety workshops this was an area of concern that was discussed by both groups that students appeared to be more fatigued today as they spend greater amounts of time with computer games or social networking, which is depleting one of our basic physiological needs - sleep. We see today that children learn how to use computers as early as age 5 or 6. In fact, many of our Reception students are very familiar with using computers, iPads and other communicative devices. We are also aware that students are spending more time online, surfing the web, e-mailing, twittering, playing games, using Facebook, etc. According to the 1999 National Sleep Foundation poll, 60% of USA children under 18 years of age complained of being tired most of the time. Some 15% of these students fell asleep in class. Part time jobs, busy schedules, social life, school demands and over stimulation from late night activity such as TV, computer games and the Internet fuel sleep deprivation among teens. Physical changes in teenage bodies such as an increase in hormones and a shift in the internal clock also contribute to sleep deprivation in teenagers. The internal sleep and wake clock shifts during the teen years resulting in many teens not being ready for sleep until 11pm or later. However, trying to play catch-up on the weekend doesn’t help teenagers to overcome their overall tiredness. Once sleep has been missed, it cannot be made-up. School days start at 8.40am and many teens are finding it more difficult to make it to class on time. Once at school, their lack of sleep can effect their concentration, decision making and critical thinking. Thus, their grades can be affected and students may not reach their full potential. Falling grades and sleeping in class are not the only pitfalls of sleep deprivation in teens. More serious consequences, such as falling asleep while driving and obesity can occur. Research has shown that sleep deprivation stimulates hunger hormones and creates cravings for carbohydrates. Teens will sit up late eating chips and other junk food to curb these cravings and this can cause obesity to rise considerably. Teenagers need at least 10 hours of sleep each night to allow for hormonal changes, proper physical growth, psychological development and proper digestion. Parents need to ensure teenagers develop appropriate sleeping habits. Sleep is not a waste of time.


Lack of it can cause severe depression, anxiety and stress. It is important to ensure that teenagers’ sleeping habits are not being inhibited by excessive use of the internet or computer games. As parents it is essential to monitor your son’s time on computers and the internet, as some psychologists believe that some people can suffer an Internet Addiction Disorder, or IAD. They have identified a number of signs of Internet Addiction Disorder. These include: • That a person wants more and more time on the Internet. One hour is not enough; it’s got to be two or three. • They use the Internet more often and stay on line longer than they intended. For example, they might go online to check e-mail, but three or four hours later, they are still there, chatting or surfing the web, or whatever. • They spend a large amount of time doing things related to the Internet. • They substitute online time for social activities. In other words, they prefer communicating electronically rather than face-to-face. • That Internet use becomes more important than almost anything else – showering or schoolwork. If your son seems to show some of these tendencies, it doesn’t mean they are addicted to the internet, as the Internet is a useful tool for getting information, and also a multifaceted tool for communication. What is important is that students are aware of their desire and time they spend on the internet. They need to be aware of a balance between their school commitments and social life. Time on the Internet should not distract students from doing other things they like, and it should not cause them to miss time with their family and friends. Our students live in world where social networking and computer games are part of their life. However, it is important that the virtual world of the computer does not take over their real world of relationships, family and their own physical wellbeing.

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal


AP:RIM REPORT Welcome to Saint Mary MacKillop Term! This is the first year that we will celebrate Mary MacKillop’s feast day in the context of her Sainthood! In just over a week the Catholic Church will celebrate National Vocations Awareness Week. The week is not a recruitment drive for religious vocations, but instead a time for all of us to assess where God is in our life, to question what we truly value, and to grow in the realisation that we are called by God and above all things we must choose a vocation that is life-giving. Monday 8 August is the feast day of Australia’s first Saint, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Significantly, the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola is on 31 July and St Dominic on 5 August. Mary MacKillop, Ignatius Loyola and Dominic, while having extremely different stories, are testimony to what it means to humbly live one’s vocation. Through the religious orders established by these great people, namely, the Sisters of St Joseph (Josephites) by Mary MacKillop, the Jesuits by St Ignatius, and the Dominicans by St Dominic, the world and Catholic Education is a richer place.

By our existence as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition within the Adelaide Archdiocese we are a reflection of the passion and determination of Mary MacKillop. The Jesuits also played numerous roles in Mary MacKillop’s story. Of particular note was the use of the Jesuit Church at Norwood as a safe house for Mary MacKillop and a place where she could receive Eucharist. Mary MacKillop, Ignatius Loyola and Dominic are outstanding examples of what it means to live your vocation to the full. Their impact on education will continue well into the future. They were true to themselves for they passionately lived out what they believed God was calling them to be. Despite all the hardships and challenges they faced, they realised that they could do nothing without God and remained committed to both their vocation and God. Likewise, how often does a parent want to arise at two o’clock in the morning to tend to a crying baby or a student want to study late into the night—but they do -- for that is their vocation. I will end with two quotes that I believe sum up what it means to be living your vocation: “I do not want to be a part of something that will only sustain me for a short while.”

“You have made the right choice when you feel excited peace—that’s the Holy Spirit.” (Fr Morgan Batt) Blessings Mr David Ruggiero Assistant Principal: Religious Identity and Mission





Dear Parents and Friends I trust you all had a fabulous break with your sons and that they feel refreshed and ready for a great Term 3. I am very happy to inform you all that we will be moving into our new JC Building at the end of Term 3 in readiness for the start of Term 4. Several of the JC staff and I ventured down in the school holidays and it literally took our breath away as to how sensational it is. This term we warmly welcome into our college community Xiao Zhang commencing in Year 4 in Mr Carrieri’ s class, as well as our Term 3 Receptions Andrew Callow, Eric Duong, David McBride-Hellewell, Brandon Pieper, Pasquale Sicuro, Frank Tan, Theodore Tsarnas and Elliot Way. We wish them every success and happiness as they begin their journey at CBC. This term we also welcome our new Teacher/ Librarian Mrs Caroline Wilson. Caroline comes to us highly recommended from Marryatville Primary school. The Library supports the curriculum, co-curricular and recreational interests of the school community by providing a rich learning environment and promoting a love of literature. With our long awaited move to the new JC, Mrs Wilson will be in need of much assistance with cataloguing and stocktaking all JC resources. If you are able to assist in any way we would be so grateful. Please contact Mrs Wilson in the Library. This afternoon you will all receive your son’s achievement reports for Semester 1. In a previous newsletter I highlighted the work the JC staff have been doing in working within the National Assessment and Reporting Standards R-10. Achievement levels are as follows: A = Exceptional / Above average / Approx 18 months above Year level B = Excellent / Above average/ C = Satisfactory / Achieved / At Year level D = Needs Improvement / Slightly below year level E = Fail / Not achieved / Below year level It is imperative that parents understand the new standards that we as educators must assess to. On the new report format students will be assessed with an overall grade for the subject as well as a grade for application to that subject. A student may receive a D/ Needs improvement but may achieve an A for his application to that subject. The application grade is indeed the most important of the assessment grades. Optional Parent/Student/ Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Week 5, 22 August should you wish to discuss any aspect of your son’s report. On the last day of Term 2 we as a Junior Campus acknowledged the students who achieved excellence in their studies in one area or more. These students must be commended for their outstanding efforts.

The Edmund Rice Recipients for Semester 1 are: Reception P Reception W Year 1 P Year 2 W Year 2 P Year 3 P Year 3 P Year 3/4 G Year 3/4 G Year 4/5 W Year 4/5 W Year 4/5 P Year 4/5 P Year 5 G Year 5 G Year 6 W Year 6 W Year 6 P Year 6 P

Joshua Leeming Jackson Bugg Samuel Robey Cooper Stewart Stefan Calerisi Dylan Lennon Andrew Princi Tom Mascolo Oliver Hoptroff Yash Giri Mohammed Safi Jayden Mead Joen Choe Mathew Postle Luke Carusi Jack Meaker Jack Tavian Siddarth Rajogopal James Ridgwell

REMINDERS Road safety/Ifould Street Gates I ask that all parents prioritise safety of students over convenience, in picking up your sons at the Ifould Street entrance every afternoon. The double parking, along with the quick U-turns regularly occurring, is of great concern for all student pedestrians. Early Arrivals A reminder that teachers are not on duty until 8.25 am every morning. It is alarming that some students continually arrive at 7.30am or shortly thereafter. Staff arrive early to school in readiness to prepare for the day ahead. I ask for your assistance to ensure that students do not arrive until 8.25 am at the earliest. This is a duty of care issue.


Mon P&F Meeting 7pm

2 Aug

Tues Parent Consultation Evening 7.30pm

5 Aug

Whole School Assembly 11.20 Gymnasium

5 Aug

Sacramental Evening Confirmation Cathedral 7pm

11 Aug Catholic School Cross Country CBC Oval 12 Aug Year 6 Retreat 22 Aug Book Week Parade 22 Aug Student/Parent/ Teacher Interviews 30 Aug Principal’s Tours 31 Aug Principal’s Tours 4 Sept

Father’s Day

5 Sept

Mon P&F Meeting 7pm Library

6 Sept

Sports day R-12 Santos Stadium

8 Sept

Thurs Show day (Pupil Free Day)

20 Sept Casual day+ BBQ 23 Sept Whole School assembly 30 Sept Last Day of term. Last day of JC students in the SS. Wishing you God’s blessings for the week ahead. Mrs Frances Zubreckyj AP - Junior Campus


Term 3 Mary MacKillop Term Week 2 Mon 1 Aug Wed 3 Aug Thurs 4 Aug Fri 5 Aug

Song Workshop – Robyn Habel P& F Meeting Water Sports Auxiliary 7.00pm Australian Maths Competition Open Basketball Knockout (4 Aug & 5 Aug) Whole School Assembly (Junior & Senior Campus) Song Workshop – Robyn Habel Round 3 – Open Basketball Knockout Sacrament Mass – St Francis Xavier Cathedral

Week 3 Mon 8 Aug Tues 9 Aug Thurs 11 Aug Fri 12 Aug

Year 10 Retreat Year 8 & 9 Immunisation CBCOC Meeting Year 11 Retreat (Group A) 10 Aug Year 11 Retreat (Group B) Edmund Rice Associates Catholic Schools Cross Country – CBC MC Social – Fogolar Furlan Centre Year 5/6 Retreat Independent Golf Day

Week 4 Mon 15 Aug Birthday Mass 10.00am Birthday Fete – CBC (Casual Day) Science Week (13-21) – React to Chemistry Board Meeting Tues 16 Aug Blood Donation Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A International College of Hotel Management Information Session Wed 17 Aug Blood Donation Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A SRC Leadership / Leadership Team Meeting with Fr Kevin Hennessy Face to Faith Workshop Thurs 18 Aug Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A Fri 19 Aug JS Assembly Year 9 DOE Camp – Group A

Week 5 Mon 22 Aug

Book Week (22-26) – One World, Many Stories Parent/Teacher Interviews



Dear families and friends Welcome back to the school term and we trust that you all had a relaxing break away from the routines of school.

14 Sept

Wednesday 9am Reception Year 1 Prayer Service led by Mrs Madigan’s class

28 Sept

End of Term Junior Campus Liturgy VENUE AND TIME TBA


At this time let us keep in our prayers the people of Norway as they come to terms with the devastation of the tragic and senseless loss of life.


We also ask you keep Peter Wallace and Ben Kha in our prayers as they overcome personal injuries and illness.

The Confirmation Program is fast coming to a conclusion with our boys receiving their Confirmation at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on Friday 5 August at 7.00pm. The boys will also receive their first Holy Communion on Sunday 7 August at 11.00am.

Peace of the Lord be with you always.

GOSPEL CHALLENGE – FORGIVENESS AND ACCEPTANCE NO MATTER THE COST Luke 15:11-32 The Prodigal Son - Story Summary: The story of the Prodigal Son, also known as the Parable of the Lost Son, follows the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin. Jesus is responding to the Pharisees’ complaint: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

Questions for Reflection: Who are you in this story? Are you a prodigal, a Pharisee or a servant? Are you the rebellious son, lost and far from God? Are you the self-righteous Pharisee, no longer capable of rejoicing when a sinner returns to God? Maybe you’ve hit rock-bottom, come to your senses and decided to run to God’s open arms of compassion and mercy? Or are you one of the servants in the household, rejoicing with the father when a lost son finds his way home?

The question this week is: Who do we identify with in the story of the Prodigal Son? “If you never thank God after every smile...” “Then why do you blame him for every tear...?” - Unknown quotes You can’t undo anything you’ve already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest. I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much. Have a great week.


1.00 – 2.00 End of Semester Junior Campus Liturgy in the Gym

17 August Wednesday 9am Year 6 Mass led by Mrs Magrin’s class 24 August Wednesday 9am Year 4/5 Mass led by Mr Mackereth’s class 31 August Wednesday 9am Year ¾ Prayer Service led by Mr Wallace’s class 7 Sept

Wednesday 9am Year 2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Ozgo’s class

Thanks again to those parents who attended our meeting last Thursday.

It is important for parents and teachers to realise what is expected to be taught at each year level in the Being Sexual strand before it is taught. So please keep watching the newsletter as there will be an opportunity for parents to join this Advisory committee to listen to the expectations of this sensitive strand of the Made in the Image of God document. If you have any questions about this committee you can contact either Sue Marzinotto or me to express an interest in this committee. Thanks for your ongoing support. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus - Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator

Please keep the following boys in your prayers as they complete this important stage in their personal faith and formation journey: Joshua Calandro, Thomas Calangelo, Jack Bourke, Daniel Morbidelli, Daniel Petrilli, Nicholas Rillotlda, William Reardon, Luke Conti, Callum Sandercock, Hunter Savle, Jordan Binetti, Ethan D’Angelo, Callum Sandercock, Calvin Sewell, Liam Mead Carnie, Louis Kerk, Brodie Miller, Thomas Grech,issac Gianetta, Laurence Gianetta and Conor Zada Schwarz.



Scholastic Boo k Club Orders due Thursday 11th August

MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD PROGRAM In 2010, our school community had a MITIOG Advisory Committee comprising of Sue Marzinotto, Sarah Harper and Sue Teakle. Early in Term 3 we will be having a meeting to reconvene this committee to discuss the implementation phase of the Being Sexual strand of the MITIOG Progam in Term 4. For parents new to our school, MITIOG centres the teaching of Religious Education in our school and covers four strands: (a) Being Human (b) Being Connected (c) Being Moral (d) Being Sexual

STUDENT TUITION Tutor available on weekends and after school. Specialises in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Old Collegian of the college. Please contact Connor Ratallick 0429 030 690

Instrumental Program CBC offers tuition for acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and string bass, drums, voice, piano, trumpet, saxophone, flute, violin and cello. The cost of lessons is $27 per week and instruction takes place during school hours. Last semester 205 boys were enrolled in the program, a record number for the college. If you son is interested in learning an instrument and you need advice regarding the program please contact Ms Louise Guthleben, the Arts Coordinator. ( Expression of interest forms are available from the Front Office and the Music Department.



• Year 10 Work Experience • Engineering Careers Night


Tuesday 2 August

Where: Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes Register: 8202 7170

• Technology Industry Careers Night

• Antipodeans Abroad


• University & TAFE Open Days

YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE When: Monday 12 September-Friday 16 September. All work Experience Forms should now be finalised!

ENGINEERING CAREERS NIGHT Are you fascinated by fast cars, submarines and the latest gadgets? All this and more will be explained by a panel of engineers from a range of exciting and diverse areas. Speakers from tertiary bodies will also be present to discuss opportunities available through different study programmes.

By the end of this week.

If you would like to travel the world and contribute to a developing community at the same time, you would be interested in attending the information session to learn about opportunities in countries like Peru, Brazil, Kenya, India, France, Nepal & many more! When:

Tuesday 9 August in Pastoral Care

Where: Walsh Lecture Theatre

TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY CAREERS NIGHT Do you have an interest in Technology, Science, Multi-Media, Design, Engineering or Maths? Then you should attend the Technology Careers Night, listen to a panel of passionate young people explain how they got into Technology, what they do and where it can lead! When:

Wednesday 10 August

See attached flyer for details. Open Days The universities and TAFE Institutes will be holding their Open Days from Friday 19 Sunday 21 August. Make sure you take this opportunity to see what each institute offers, and what suits you best. Ms Liz Tidemann Coordinator Careers / Counsellor


SOCCER Year 10 A Soccer Rostrevor 7 defeated CBC 4 (July 3) Best players: Adam Russo, Giuseppe Focarelli, Phi Nguyen The rain fell as water from a fountain. The players shivered as the Referee blew the whistle to end the game. The boys lined up in the centre and shook hands with their opposition, acknowledging a good game of soccer. The early start and wet weather made it an inconvenience but the soccer was entertaining and the boys played well, most of the time. Rostrevor were by far the better team all day, but outclassed CBC in the first half, scoring at will. Jarrod started slowly in goals, the pool of mud did not help his day, but he improved and stopped several chances. Phi Nguyen showed strong commitment in the back lines, gaining possession and stopping several forward movements by Rostrevor. By the end of the first half the boys had their heads down but a quick change of ends in the rain seemed to spark their interest and very quickly Rostrevor realised they had a game. Lucas Pizzino crossed twice and was unstoppable in the forward zone. Adam Russo lifted and played a best on ground performance in the midfield. Well done to all the boys! Mr Michael Lucas Coach



Insight 2011T3W01  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 1, 2011.

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