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Luxury Education Foundation 2010

Parsons The New School For Design Columbia Business School


Founded in 1884, Bulgari has remained the icon of magnificent Italian jewelry for over 120 years. Today it is a global and diversified luxury brand. Bulgari has been steadily integrating their brand throughout the past decade into the high-end watchmatching industry. In 2000, Bulgari acquired GĂŠrald Genta S.A. and Daniel Roth S.A., Swiss leaders in high-end watchmaking.


Propose marketing initiatives for a successful launch of Bulgari Genta and Bulgari Roth watch collections in the U.S. market.


Research Interpret Deliver

Research Horological blogs Online watch forums Competitor analysis Industry publications Secret shopping Consumer survey

Consumer Survey

Aimed at individuals who recently spent a minimum of $15,000 on a watch. Key Findings Decision Maker: Men Also Influenced by Partners, Watch Enthusiast Communities, Media Preferred Channel: Bulgari Stores and VIP events Main reasons people buy? Craftsmanship then Design. Appreciate knowledgeable sales staff and interactions in intimate environments. Trial is key driver to purchase. Passionate about food and wine Genta and Roth collections appeal to two different lifestyles.

“I prefer a Bulgari Genta because it’s a conversation starter.”

“I prefer a Bulgari Roth because it gives me the confidence to deliver.�

The Marriage of Craftsmanship and Iconic Design.

Deliver Kinetic Sculpture 5th Avenue Store Window Display

Leverages Bulgari’s prime retail location Incorporates Bulgari’s commitment for innovation Taps into customers’ passion for art and culture Draws customer into store and creates memorable experience

iPad Application & Online Community Exclusive online community for Bulgari customers and watch enthusiasts

Invitation only private forum to share stories and experiences Brand education tool Interaction between Bulgari and the watch enthusiast community Increases word-of-mouth referrals

Dinner In The Sky

An invitation-only dinner, on a table suspended 50m above a cultural landmark or city

An extravagant, exclusive and adventurous launch event Intimate environment with VIP customers and watch enthusiasts Appeals to the Bulgari Genta sensibility Generates publicity

© Dinner In The Sky

© Dinner In The Sky

Appeal to Bulgari customers who enjoy high profile experiences Potential locations include Big Ben or Central Park


Wine Charms

Watch inspired adornments

Compliments Bulgari’s heritage as an iconic jewelry maker. Presented as a gift, or during Naples Wine Festival and watch events Appeals to enthusiasts who share a common passion for technical pursuits Identifies with Buglari Roth sensibility


Coffee Sleeve Advertisement

Laser cut watch on sleeve to simulate the experience of the Bulgari watch

Research has shown that trial is the biggest influence on purchasing behavior Distributed at Bulgari events and high-end coffee venues Supplements Augmented Reality function on Bulgari website and iPad application [Embed Video of Augmented Reality - 10 secs during speaking]


Luxe Vending Machine Place Bulgari Genta timepiece into Luxury Vending Machines inside Morgans Hotels. (Amongst $10,000 Ferrari 599 Rental & Gold Cufflinks)

New consumer base with the bold sexy DNA of Morgan’s Hotel Group Combination of luxury with vending machine is unexpected and innovative. Drives publicity and brand awareness Launch Event of Watches Catering to differing Bulgari Roth and Bulgari Genta personalities.

THANK YOU BVLGARI for Hosting Us Faculty for Guiding Us Par sons The New School For Design Phillip Bodum, Elise Chen, Alex Levin, Dayton Rinks Columbia Business School May Kwong, Anna Sanfilippo, Barr y Whyte , Felicia Zhang

Bulgari Final Presentation  

Final 2010 Bulgari Presentation for Masters Course involving the Luxury Education Foundation, Parsons School of Design, Columbia Business Sc...

Bulgari Final Presentation  

Final 2010 Bulgari Presentation for Masters Course involving the Luxury Education Foundation, Parsons School of Design, Columbia Business Sc...