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Different artistic styles used in games Photorealism Photorealism is the main artistic style it is used in many first person shooters. For example call of duty has stunning graphics and this is all down to photorealism. Photorealism can be either the grail of gaming or the scourge of gaming depending on your point of view. But we can’t deny that good graphics really bring the game to life. Games made using photorealism take a lot longer to produce because of the high level of graphics and artistic talent needed to make the game feel like you are their but this pays off with stunning graphics when the game is finished Exaggeration Exaggeration is used in many styles like manga and anima it is most of the time over the top hence the name exaggeration the facial expressions are very large and defined. Exaggeration makes the game surprisingly fun Naruto is an example of a game with exaggeration you can see from the picture that the actions are very over the top.

games art styles  

a look at the artistic styles used in the games industry

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