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Early Online Marketing is important f or New Hotels



T RAVEL NEWS 35% do wnwards inclinatio n in U.S. ho tel transactio ns in 20 12

Fri, 18- Jan- 13 As per the data revealed by buuteeq- a leading digital marketing provider for lodging operators, the n e w hotels get good boost, if promoted through digital marketing initially. For the online presence, buuteeq launched MGM Grand Ho Tram Beach’s website. With outstanding results, in just 4 months, 500,000 visitors viewed the luxury resort’s website, despite still being several months away from opening its doors. The Vietnam’s one of the most


Early Online Marketing is impo rtant fo r New Ho tels [18/01/13]

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T RAVEL ART ICLES Plan yo ur valentine visit to

Chicago (19 Ho t e ls) Singapo re (13 Ho t e ls)

popular luxury beach resort and entertainment destination, the Ho Tram fully utiliz es buuteeq’s full Cloud DMS offering like a content management system for marketing assets; developing and publishing the property’s Web, mobile and social sites; streamlined content publishing to external booking sites; SEO optimiz ation, detailed online marketing analysis reports and more.

Ro m e (10 23 Ho t e ls) Lo s Ange le s (5 1 Ho t e ls)

Z urich (6 5 Ho t e ls) Barce lo na (36 9 Ho t e ls)

Me cca (11 Ho t e ls)

“It’s great to see MGM nailing their digital marketing right out of the gate with the new Ho Tram hotel and domain name. The buuteeq powered desktop and mobile sites are quickly being linked to by popular sites and directories through referrals, and all this activity is helping to improve the long- term SEO prospects of the hotel,” commented Brian Saab, buuteeq co- founder and chief marketing officer. He further added, “The data shows us there’s an incredible opportunity for hotels to spread awareness and o nline hot el bookings by establishing a complete digital footprint early on, including mobile and SEO optimiz ation. Putting up a simple static landing page or overlooking multi- screen optimiz ation in the early days can cause operators to lose out on hundreds of thousands of opportunities to engage with potential guests as they work toward market entry.” The Ho Tram marks the first MGM property to deploy buuteeq’s Cloud DMS, with more MGM properties slated to adopt the platform in the coming months. buuteeq’s platform will continue to power the Ho Tram’s online channels on an ongoing basis, as it does for thousands of other worldwide lodging operators of all siz es, whether newly opening or already well- established. For more information on buuteeq’s hotel digital marketing solutions, visit www.buut

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LAT EST BLOG POST S MORE T RAVEL NEWS 35 % do wnwards inclinat io n in U.S. ho t e l t ransact io ns in 20 12 29/01/13

Co lo rado is t wice in t he list o f be st ho t e ls in U.S. 18/01/13


5 6 Ho t e ls by Wyndham Ho t e l Gro up in U.S. 17/01/13

Travelling within the co untry

£1 de po sit s f o r ho t e l bo o kings by Online Trave l Age ncy

Make yo ur ho liday vacatio ns affo rdable and exciting


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Safe and Secure Traveling Experience

2 ho t e ls in Vie t nam we re re warde d by US pre st igio us m agazine s

Budgeted Ho liday Experience


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J W Marrio t t Ne w Orle ans is all se t af t e r t he re no vat io ns

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experience: Better Avo id Them!

Christ m as we e k bro ught dips in t he U.S. Ho t e l Marke t

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Be rlin no w ho st s Waldo rf Ast o ria 04/01/13

Mo ran Ho t e l Gro up lo ans so ld t o US he dge f und 03/01/13

Inst e ad o f 7 , 1 Spanish Parado r ho t e l wo uld be clo se d 02/01/13








Early Online Marketing is important for New Hotels  

The change in the transactions from $19.4 billion in 2011 to $12.5 billion in 2012, the scenario of U.S. hotels reservations speaks lot. Thi...

Early Online Marketing is important for New Hotels  

The change in the transactions from $19.4 billion in 2011 to $12.5 billion in 2012, the scenario of U.S. hotels reservations speaks lot. Thi...