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Letter from the editor

Welcome to the high school game magazine Reset created by the high school students of It-Gymnasiet Södertörn, Maximilian Bergström, Adam Paldanius, Alexander Karlsson and Adrian Lindblom. Reset is a gaming magazine containing information about the latest games, previews of the hottest upcoming games, reviews of the games you all enjoyed or wants to know about also some of the gaming history which build up gaming to the way we know them today. We are a magazine which is aimed towards experienced gamers which wants to know more or find out useful information about games, and also for newer gamers which hasn’t gotten into games yet but are planning on doing so and wants a good start with their gaming experiences and knowledge about the games of today. Unlike other game magazines this one will work for anyone, any kind of gamer, no matter if old or new. We want anyone to be able to open up any of the pages without turning into a big question mark, not knowing what is going on. In this issue Nr: 1 2011 we write about the super hyped but super delayed shoot-em-up game “Duke Nukem Forever” which people have been waiting for since the time of 1997, but which got delayed until May 2011 due to development problems, updating a lot of times and changing developers. Also we tell you about the story of MMO RPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game), or more rather Dungeons and Dragons and MUD (Multi User Dungeon), the games which started the MMO genre, as well as the more current MMO game World of Warcraft and its impact on the society. Also we have a review of the games Football Manager 2011 and .

Duke Nukem Forever in 2011 The forever long wait finally seems to end! Yes, the game we have all waited for since the year of 1997, after 12 years of development, the people at 3D Realms are finally about ready to release Duke Nukem forever in a store near you! Seems like the Aliens has returned to Earth again, stealing its women and drinks Dukes beer. Duke Nukem has to once again save the women and his beer from the hordes of aliens, also the earth might be good to save as well. This requires him to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but once again he is all out of gum. Duke Nukem forever is an old-school action shooter which features Duke Nukem which after saving the world became the most beloved, wealthy and most powerful person on the planet. The game starts with Duke relaxing in the penthouse of his Vegas casino, playing the video game adaption of his heroic deeds which took over a decade to create. He says that after such a long time of development it better be good. Duke gets interrupted by the returning aliens, which apparently, come in peace. But of course that is a lie and the aliens have planned to dupe the earth’s defenses, kidnap the earth’s women and use them to breed a massive invasion army. Duke is of course not satisfied with their plans and will save the earth once again from yet another alien invasion. Duke who was taken by surprise by the aliens he had to make use of his fists at first, which shows that guns or not, Duke is here to kick some ass. Also he gets the chance to buff up a little and increase his “Ego” meter. The Ego meter replaces health and it shows Duke’s stage of kick ass. The game refers to the Ego meter as a kind of a shield, and if it goes down, he will get his ass kicked. An example of situations in the game where you can buff up your Ego meter is to pump iron in the gym to grant him a small ego boost. But of course you won’t go through the whole game with only your fists to fight with. You will soon acquire your first weapon, the alien buster, which will make fighting more intense and effective. Just like the earlier games, Duke Nukem Forever really proves that it is a really interactive game, like a playable pinball machine, a remote controlled truck which you need to retrieve an item which you need to advance deeper into the game and later when being shrunk, have to drive a RC truck to avoid getting smashed by pig cops. Duke Nukem forever really lives up to its name, other than taking forever to complete, it is like reliving a game you played and loved years ago for those that played the previous games, or as a great experience for new players.

The evolution of MMORPGs Since the dawn of gaming we have been playing together, whether it’s been with cards, dice, computers or consoles. It started with cards and dice with a Dungeon master, then it turned into text based MUDs (Multi User Dungeon) and finally into the modern MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) with 3D graphics. They all have something in common; they have skills, levels, player economy and it is multiplayer based. Dungeons & Dragons was first published back in 1974 and it quickly became a cult classic with its own devoted followers. Some even believed that the followers were Satanists of some sort who performed sick and twisted rituals. But now we know better, don’t we? They are not fanatics. The gameplay consisted of a board, different sorts of dice, cards and a Dungeon master who decided the maps and quests. You also had to buy kits and book to get started with the game and different sorts of adventures. Every time it was your turn you rolled the dice to see how many squares you could move. Then during combat you chose an attack type then rolled to get the results. Various factors also played part in the outcome; the armour value, what kind of weapon was used, whether the defender or attacker was upgraded with a potion/magic or not. Imagine MUDs like the old choose-your-own-adventure books but with endless possibilities. They usually had no graphics except for lines and characters which represented the map. The environments and actions were described in great detail with text. Actions had to be written in manually. For example, if you wanted to get a baton from a cabinet you would have to write “Take bat(on) from cab(inet)”. As you see you don’t need to write every letter in the words, only key letters in the words and syntaxes. To play the desired MUD you would have to download a client of your choosing and then get the instructions on how to connect to the MUD from their website. The difficulty of the MUD varies between them. Some really had complex commands and game mechanics. Some had real life needs and effects – you could get stressed, hungry, tired and so on which would affect your performance. But you also have to have a great imagination to picture everything. Now we finally get to MMORPGs which we all love (or hate). Most of them still play by the old turn-based combat mechanics with skills and various of other factors playing part of the outcome. Even

though they are starting to evolve into hybrids between different sorts of genres they all have things in common. They have character customizations, in-game socialization, in-game culture, player economy, progression and several players connected to one server at the same time. The term “MMORPG” was coined by Richard Garriott, the creator of Ultima Online, back in 1997. Before that these games were referred to as “graphical MUDs”, which played just like regular MUDs but had simple graphics which “drew up the picture” for you. The first fully graphical RPG, or MUD, was Neverwinter Nights, which was delivered through American AOL and had a subscription fee of 6 USD per hour. Although, the look of MMORPGs as we know today came with Meridian 59, which was published by 3DO Company, in 1996. Meridian 59 had 3D graphics in a POV, but it had the same restrictions as Doom had. The player could not jump, walls were restricting the player from entering unfinished areas, tiled textures and so on. But it introduced the guild system, in-game mail system and frequent expansions among other things. The combat, however, was not based on classes, skills and levels. Players gained hitpoints(health points) from monsters, get mana(magic points) from special nodes and had to learn skills from various schools with the XP(Experience Points) they have gained.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been one of the biggest MMORPGs since its release, November 23, 2004. It was the very first MMORPG which was big enough to be considered as a successful game of its kind. What’s nice with this MMORPG in particular is that it never ends. In World of Warcraft you start off with selecting a faction. There are 2 factions to choose from, Alliance and Horde. Each faction has 6 different races to choose from, so you can play as one of 12 different races in total. Why this game never ends is because the game is about gearing up your “character” with swords, spears, helmets, gloves, rings, mounts, you name it. In order to do this there are several dungeons to play through with other players. A dungeon consists of several monsters, guarding a boss which has a certain purpose based on the environment of the dungeon. For an example we can take Uldaman which is an ancient temple, guarded by ancient monsters and godlike bosses. The items which each player is hunting for is dropped by the bosses in each dungeon. A dungeon requires 5 players to clear, however there are even greater forces to battle. We also have the 10-40 man raids which require massive organized guilds to clear. Acquiring gear is also possible through PvP (Player versus Player) in form of a battleground. After winning/losing a battleground each participating player is awarded with honor points. The amount of honor points gained is based on if the player was a member of the winning team or not. The two different factions, Alliance and Horde always battle against each other in these kinds of battlegrounds. The reason for the two factions being hostile to each other can be found in the Warcraft lore, which the game is based on. The only type of PvP where the two hostile factions do not always battle against each other is the arena type of PvP which comes in form of 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. There are several of tactics to use in this type of PvP and since the game is so well balanced even though it contains 10 different classes (Priest, Mage, Death Knight, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Hunter, Warlock and Paladin) it has become an E-sport. Top ranked teams in arena compete with each other in different tournaments around the world biggest of which being MLG and IEM. The top 3 winners receive a cash price of 200 to 10.000 USD and fame around the world. The top players are usually sponsored by different companies such as SK Gaming and Dignitas. So why do we play World of Warcraft? In the end I really think all MMORPGs are about showoff. - “Look! I managed to obtain this piece of gear that you’ll never have!” Or… -“I made a movie of me brutally owning noobs in PvP! Ha-ha! I’m so pro.” Well, so be it, but we have a lot of fun doing so. Av Adrian Lindblom 1 sys

Game review

Football manager is a further development from championship manager because they have a big argue with edios who had the rights on CM. The big changes are in the contract negotiations it’s a new live contract negotiations system and with a host of new contract clauses. You have to learn to negotiations with the agent more than before. In the match view they are many things that have change for example you can play under the glare of the floodlight for the first time with night matches. It������������������������������ ´����������������������������� s over 100 new animations including player models. On the tactics side there is a new tactics generator to match preparation. This effectively groups all of the existing tactical options that were introduced last year and then allows you to save you settings New board request and backroom advice options as well as a new player interaction module allowing you to have private conversation with your players. Including lots of options never seen before, taking interaction to a whole new level. FM gets 9/10 because it´s so reality it´s like to be a manager on real. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer officially PES is an association football video game series develop by Konami. PES Productions has enhanced the 360-degreed passing ratio, offering often through balls. This allows users to pass the ball into space and move their play with total freedom. With the stadium editor you can make your own stadium. You can decide your color on the arena how the grass going to look. Before when you are playing online you can only play regular matches and tournament but now you can play Master League online a hole season. The vast improvement to the animation across the board makes the whole spectacle a great deal more convincing. The improvement of the possession system makes its better to play a god passing game because the computer races doing the game much more real. The defenders is much better with the position game it means the defenders don’t go away that easy than the last edition. One of PES longest problem is officially licensed teams and players; in the Premier League PES has 2 of 20 teams official licensed teams. I don’t what the problem is FIFA has every team officially licensed. PES gets 9/10 because the gameplay are very good.

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