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Problem ● What is Ibarra? ● People don’t know due to lack of brand awareness. ● Lack of differentiation between competition. ● Unsure of how to consume Ibarra

Solution ● Introduce advertisements with high reach. ○ Print Ad ○ Television Spot

● Focus on holiday season and artisan hot chocolate ○ Tie Ibarra to the holidays.

Target Audience ● ● ● ● ● ●

Katherine Smith (43) Married with 2 kids Stay at home mom Cooking Light, Town and Country, People Food Network, Bravo Makes majority of purchases within family

Target Audience ● Upper middle class women ages 38-46 ● Married with children ● Household income of $75,000+ ○ Higher level of disposable income

● Metropolitan areas ● Someone who is sophisticated, affluent and takes pride in feeling cultured

Target Audience ● American middle class comprises about 45% of US population, of that 10% is upper middle ● Women control about 80% of household spending ● Women in the U.S. account for $7 trillion of consumer and business spending ○ $2.4 trillion attributed to mothers

Main Message â—? Use an emotional approach to the ads to grab the hearts of the audience â—? The act of preparing and consuming Ibarra Chocolate brings the family together to strengthen bonds through warmth and taste.

Media Mix: Print

Media Mix: Television “ If you’re a food or lifestyle advertiser, your ad on Food Network is not seen as an interruption. It’s seen as part of the overall experience.”

“Young, affluent women—that’s a demographic that advertisers are looking to partner with and looking to buy time.”

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Ibarra Chocolate