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Space can be an issue in many houses. The way a kitchen is organized does not work efficiently all the time. Not only are all kitchen appliances very spacious, most of the important ones are fixed and cannot travel beyond the home.

Charging appliances


Appliance goes up On the go

Stove Touch Screen Interface Opening Charger

The Ascenders starts in its holder. In here, not only do they stay together as a family, but they rest while the holder charges all the appliances with wireless energy transfer. It would only give energy to the ones that are short of power. When the user wants to use any of the appliances, he or she would simply approach the screen and receive his or her needs. The container also includes a stove at the opposite end.

According to what the user chose, the appliances move around inside for the selected one to accelerate outside. When one of the instruments transfers to the top it can now be fully operated. The user cannot only manage it at home, but has the opportunity to take the small weight appliances on the go. With full energy, it can be used the whole day without returning it back to its container.

The Ascenders consist of five appliances; a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, and a dishwasher. All sharing the same physical appearance on the outside, but keeping it’s own unique inside and color.



Alexis Flores 773-344-0453 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign




ElectroLux Competition  

An Electrolux competition I did for my last project of the semester. Home kitchen appliances that you can take on the go.

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