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Revolutionary Age-Defying Rejuvenation Live-Cell Therapy is a process proven to be safe and effective in reversing the aging process, restoring and revitalizing the body’s youthfulness, making aging cells become younger. Using 11 precious, natural ingredients, our live cell therapy, from PURTIER Placenta is a nontoxic health supplement which improves body functions, effectively boosts metabolism, adjusts constitution and maintains good health and youthfulness. It contains live cells that boosts the growth and function of existing body tissues and activate�dormant�cells in the body creating new synapse and connective tissues. Produced by using cutting-edge technology, the unique emulsification technology during the production process enables larger molecule to be fully absorbed into body enabling precious nutrients to be easily absorbed by the body.

Since its inception, over a decade ago, PURTIER Placenta has provided the ultimate care for your health. At the forefront of the scientific research of using live cells for regenerative therapy, the exclusive 6th generation of its formula, has won the trust of people all over the world by providing total nutrition and peace of mind through the its highly specialized formula.

Established in 1999, Alpha Laboratories (NZ) Ltd is the largest nutraceutical contract manufacturing companies in New Zealand. Its organic formulation contains carefully-selected deer placenta and ingredients that are filled with active living cells and essential nutrients. All ingredients have been carefully selected for supreme effects that only the PURTIER Placenta 6th Generation can provide.

“The Emperor drinks the deer’s blood while the Empress consumes its placenta.” From this old saying, we can witness the long history of deer’s parts as nutritious tonic. In the Qing’s dynasty, the imperial physicians were concocting wild deer tributes with different herbs to develop deer medicine. The history of live cell rejuvenation therapy can be traced back to 100 B.C. , when mankind was already acquainted with consuming live animal bone marrows and placentas for strengthening the body. In China, placenta is often prescribed as a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy for mothers to recover their strength after going through the arduous process of labor. In other countries such as Italy and India, placenta is used to boost lactation and heal wounds respectively. Treatments involving sheep and deer placenta have begun gaining popularity in the East – injured athletes, celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs and many others who undergo deer placenta therapy reported much quicker recovery than their doctors’ prediction. This further cements the reputation of placenta therapy which possess superior rejuvenating and healing abilities. Deer placenta live cell rejuvenation therapy is indeed the best kept health and beauty secret. Placenta therapy had always been known as the exclusive health recipe for many rich and famous today.

Enjoy the health and beauty secret

PURTIER Placenta premium deer placenta is originated from New Zealand, specially source from Zero Pollution Country. With technological advancements, the extraction of live deer cells has become even easier and safer. The new generation of deer placenta live cell capsules contain more than 12 rare ingredients, and using dryfreezing technology, the deer placenta live cells can be preserved for three to four years. Research done by biomedical experts and scientists have also shown that deer placenta has excellent bio-compatibility without any forms of allergic reactions to human bodies.

According to scientists, one of the most important functions of the unique components of fresh deer placenta is to strengthen the body immune system, as a strong immune system plays crucial role in promoting longevity, enabling every cell and organ in the body to remain in their optimal health condition. PURTIER Placenta’s premium deer placenta live cells can stimulate the aging rejuvenation process, and ensure the organs remain robust and full of vitality, aid in reversing the aging process, and help to improve various medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, bone diseases, menopause, impotency, chronic fatigue and many more.

of the ancient beauties.

More than 12 effective yet high-quality ingredients were selected after careful consideration, and countless researches were done to ensure that they were most suitable for absorption by our body. Every ingredient is natural, added in moderation and is required for good health maintenance. The chemists and science researchers in New Zealand must have made great efforts to deliver such premium products with exceedingly high standards and expectations. •

Regeneration of aging cells, tissues and organs

Stabilizes your weight at a normal level

Increases immunity resistance and system to guard against diseases

Flexibility in joints and discs

Natural pain relief for muscles and joints

Improves mental awareness and sleeping patterns

Enhances stamina and energy level boost

Vigor and vitality increase

Experience renewed sexual satisfaction and performance

Improves overall wellness from inside out and delay age-related problems

Reduces the visible signs of aging and helps smoothen away wrinkles

It improves complexion and lightens facial pigmentation

Looking more youthful, radiant with finer skin

In the exclusive clinics, the live cells have to be obtained and frozen. It is then thawed before given to the patient. But today with freezedrying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remain bio-active for 3-4 years.

Quality, absorption is key.

The advanced, enteric-coated technology allows placenta live cells and other nutrients that are biologically active to be absorbed in the small intestine. The patented capsules can withstand damages from the gastric juices and enhance the absorption of placenta live cells by 3-4 times (60-80% more) compared to normal placenta pills that do not have such technology. The problem with oral placenta is that a lot of the anti-aging factors and proteins are destroyed by stomach acid. Hence all of them had to be taken on empty stomach for best results. But with enteric coating technology each capsule is uniquely coated to withstand stomach acid. The capsule is designed to dissolve in the small intestine to maximize the body’s absorption of placenta ingredients. Placenta capsules that are entericcoated can be taken before or after meals.

Placenta live cells, as with the other ingredients, is perishable – it deteriorates as a result of the action of bacteria, light, and air. Normal encapsulation introduces air into the capsule that contains free radicals that will oxidize and make the placenta live cells rancid. The live cells become dead cells. The rest of the ingredients inside the capsule also become oxidized. “The Living Capsule” is filled with nitrogen during encapsulation to displace normal air that decomposes placenta live cells and other ingredients by voiding the capsule inside of oxygen and avoiding bacteria growth.


(Nucleic Acids) from Deer Placental Stem Cells It helps stimulated the body’s regeneration process, maintain organ vitality and promotes the reversal of the aging process. Similar to the human placenta in its chemical and biological construction and is widely accepted as the main source of placenta today. Perceived to be a valuable animal for nutritious food, the organs of the deer are regarded as rare medicinal herbs in Chinese medicine history.


Harnessing the powerful, nutrient extracts derived from different parts of white strawberries, NucleiClavemTM is the newest, proprietary powerhouse. Backed by close to 10 million research trials and development through computer aided drug research process, it is especially formulated for its strong antiinflammatory properties. An innovative substance that supports the immune system and contains rich antioxidants that remove free radicals, pebbles atherosclerosis and glycemic effects. One of the main functions is acting as a key to adaptively regulate NF-kB activation in the body which relates to the body’s immune response, thereby controlling chronic inflammation which is often the root cause of chronic illnesses.


It is considered an herb of immortality in Eastern Medicine. It effectively affects the circulatory system, lubricates joints, nourishes the stomach, moistens the lungs and prevents aging & fatigue.



Brown Algae Extract Found in natural seaweed and contains a great source of protein, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps boost the body’s immune system, maintains and improves gut and digestive health and induces apoptosis (natural death of cells) in cancer cells, preventing its ability to grow.

Fucoidan induces cancer cells to apoptosis. Japan Cancer Association 1996

Fucoidan can induce cellular death in cancer cells within 24 hours without disrupting the function of or damaging healthy cells. Department of Internal Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo Japan


Extracted from 100 Apples Known as a “Nutritional Powerhouse,” rich in antioxidants, it protects cells from free radicals damage and strengthens the body’s defense system. They have anti-ulcer, antibacterial substances that inhibit the development of carcinogenics in thee digestive system. They also help lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.


Natural Carotenoids Lycopene is a plant nutrient with antioxidant properties. It’s the pigment that gives red and pink fruits, such as tomatoes, their characteristic color. Lycopene has been linked to health benefits ranging from heart health to protection against sunburns and certain types of cancers.


An excellent source of amino-acids, active enzymes, vitamins and nutrition complexes, aloe vera is known to boost the body’s immune system and improve digestion. This is an all-natural ingredient containing 75 types of nutrient and 200 types of nutritional complexes.


Rich in B-carotene and potassium, avocado oil provides fatty acids required by the body. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Every ingredient is natural, added in moderation and is required for good health maintenance. The chemists and science researchers in New Zealand must have made great efforts to deliver such premium products with exceedingly high standards and expectations.


Selected for its significant antiinflamatory effects, it has been proven to be an effective means of increasing fatty acid metabolism. It improves the skins condition and maintains the cholesterol level in the blood pressure and lowers blood pressure. Helps to prevent diabetes caused by damage to the nervous system.


This oil regulates vitality and promotes metabolism with its wealth of vitamins and minerals. Helps with overall maintenance of body functions.


These are extracted from marine organisms and contains 18 types of complete amino acids supporting the immune system and renewing the skin. The extracts are now in peptide form providing 10 times better absorption.


Extracts from Sharks’ Livers An important component of the surface lipids of human skin, it provides oxygen to damaged cells and increases their metabolism. It repairs damaged cells and promotes longevity while improving blood circulation.

Unique connection with synergy effect.

Sylvia, age 41 from Poland, went through complete breast cancer regiment had started her live cell therapy when doctors found a cyst on her ovaries and the blood work showed possible leukemia. Completely exhausted from her first round of treatments, she feared that she would not be able to go through it again. After 5 months of her first dose of PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy, her cyst disappeared and the blood work showed that no additional therapy is needed. *Medical reports to prove the results for these testimonials were sent to us and available on-line or by request. This is a miracle story of 31-year-old Mark from the Czech Republic. On August 15, 2019 he had a horrible motorcycle accident. The driver of a car did not stop on the intersection resulting in the accident where the motorcyclist was struck by the car, thrown off the motorcycle and end up being dragged under car for few meters. He had suffered a horrible injury where all his bones in both legs were broken. The orthopedic surgeons were tasked to put his legs together by inserting custom titanium femurs so he could possibly walk. He was told that if would ever walk again it would be no earlier than 6-8 months. One week after the accident he started to take PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy. After 2 months he could get up, and at 5 months was able to walk using crutches. Today he can run easily and he lifts weights up to 220 lbs!

Testimonials Bringing the advancements of stem cell therapy to the oral supplement level has been a beneficial breakthrough for so many patients. Only in the last few years has science even been able to offer this ability. The results I experienced were beyond anything I had imagined. That is why I had to do my own research! Ilona, MD and Lawyer

As an anesthesiologist and lawyer specializing in medical malpractice, Ilona (age 50 from Poland) has seen her fair share of medical cases. She was diagnosed with cervical and endometrial cancer in 2018. After completing the traditional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, she was told there was no hope to stop the spread. In desperation, she found a doctor in Germany that would remove her organs for $80,000. This resulted in finding that the cancer had spread and they found a 7 cm tumor in the lungs. In 2019, her friend gave her a bottle of PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy and after the second month she felt so different that she was shocked. She went to Singapore and picked up as much as she could, and by the tenth month the tumor had shrunk to 1cm. In 2020, she had no more tumor. Being that she had medical training, she tested the ingredients to explain how it worked for cell regeneration. She discovered, as has many other studies, that the live cells therapy had triggered fundamental components of eukaryotic cell-division control found in DNA, specifically the p34 and p35 protein kinases, which are hugely vital to cell division and regeneration while not allowing toxic cells to multiply. There is a lot of research in to this expanding medical breakthrough, but it was a life-saving find for Ilona!

*Medical reports to prove the results for these testimonials were sent to us and available on-line or by request. This is a story of Magdalena (age 44, Poland) was diagnosed in 2019 with inflammatory breast cancer, which has the lowest survival rates. She went through the entire medical protocol starting with complete mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, brachytherapy and hormonal therapy. She finished her protocols in February 2020. In June 2020, she was told that her cancer had returned and all she can do is palliative treatment which does not guarantee the recovery. She decided to go through the next set of brachytherapy where she was badly burned. She is now (October 2020) on PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy and is completely healed and happy.

Andrew (age 64 from Poland) has suffered from 3 heart attacks and was taking 18 doses of insulin a day for his diabetes! His heart has been working at only 15% capacity. After starting PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy regiment in the beginning of September 2019, his medical results show significant improvement. He only takes 8 doses of insulin a day and his heart has improved to 35% capacity. He reports feeling great and better every day!

Ivo (age 3, Poland) was born via Cesarean section during a very complicated delivery which resulted in Cesarean section. Doctors were concerned and suspected Down Syndrome. During his first year he showed signs of very weak immune system with a troubled muscular, digestive and upper respiratory system. He had also a very compromised eyesight +11.5. He has been taking PURTIER Placenta’s live cell therapy since March 2020. Since the capsule is fairly large, he had a trouble swallowing it so Mom kept taking it apart and dropping the content under tongue. Please remember that this method guarantees only 30% of success rate. After 3 months of therapy, Ivo shows signs of improvement in social skills, speech and behavior. He sleeps much better and has become to be quite a social boy!

Frequently Asked Questions How is the deer placenta in PURTIER Placenta obtained? Placenta extracted from deer after female delivers 1ist young, thus deer is not harmed in the process. Advanced freeze-drying technology is subsequently used to preserve the active factors in good condition. Who needs PURTIER Placenta and when is a good time to start? Anyone whose bodies have started to degenerate and those who wish to reverse time can take PURTIER placenta to maintain optimal health and youthfulness. The body begins to age gradually after 25 years old and fatigue sets in easily as we grow older. Therefore, regardless of whether you have any health issues, it is recommended to start taking PURTIER after the age of 25 as it is beneficial to the body and helps good health and youthfulness. What is the recommended dosage? Recommended dosage for the first month is 4 capsules daily at any time of the day and 2 capsules daily in subsequent months. You may choose to increase or decrease the dosage to suit individual needs. 6 month total. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Four-in-One effect supplement; protecting, repairing, regenerating body cells and reversing body age. PURTIER Placenta live cell therapy now boasts an additional unique ingredient, Dendrobium. One of the rarest and most expensive Chinese herbs in the world, the high concentration ratio of deer placenta is also greatly increased, providing even more benefits for your health! Stem Cell Therapy can cost anywhere between $8000 – $30,000 USD per treatment. Today, Live Cell Therapy from fresh deer placenta extract, antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients are used to improve cell regeneration at a fraction of the price and less invasive.



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