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Alexis Romeo Interior Design Portfolio

Tables of Contents Peldon Rose Internship 20 Farringdon Road- Client Confidential




Tullow Oil




HIV AIDS Alliance


Masters Interior Design 9

Head & Shoulders Office Design Diane Von Fursterburg Shop Design


Front Row Bar/ Nightclub



Peldon Rose Internship

20 Farringdon Road


Client Confidential The first week of the internship at Peldon Rose, I assisted a senior designer in a multi-million pound Project pitch that was successfully secured. The designer was half way through the design process when I started. I assited her in floor plan, detailed plan and section renders.






Kantar Developed and amended existing drawings of this project using AutoCAD. The client wanted numerous changes involving the building structure and the general arrangement.

Floor Plan




Tullow Oil Inspired by Paul Catherill

Tullow Oil is an existing Client of Peldon Rose. They are in the process of refurbishing their building and asked us to come up with some art work ideas. They expected us to produce just framed images. However, the senior designer and I sat down and came up with numerous ideas to display the work and I demonstrated them using Photoshop and illustrator.

His Work

Interpretation Typographic Maps & SIlhouetters

African Prints

Inspiring Quotes


PRET A Manger Pret A Manger was recently secured before I started working at Peldon Rose. There had been research done and questionnaires sent out on the Workplace Strategy. I analysed the results and illustrated the findings.

HIV Aids Alliance I developed and amended existing drawings of HIV Aids Alliance by creating a new General Arrangement Plan according to the brief given by the client.


Masters In Interior Design

Head & Shoulders Office Design Office Design Florence, Italy December 2014 Group Work Medium: AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Head & Shoulders is one of the many companies under Procter & Gamble (P&G). It was founded in 1964, and it is believed that after over 50 years in business, it is still leading the way in scalp care. The company believes the product delivers the confidence to live life without hesitation. Concept The concept in one word is Fluidity. With this an open modern style office was designed with fluid, organic movement through the spaces. As well as the interior architecture being fluid, the furniture and custom made flooring was also used as part of the concept. CEO Office- Minty Fresh- Green

In addition, the different product types by Head & Shoulders inspire the color scheme in each area of the office space.


Sales & Marketing Office- Smooth & SilkyPink Sales people are smooth with their words

Mini Salon- Easy Style- Black & Pink & Advertising Office- Extra Volume- Purple Silver Edgy

(Renders included: Reception, CEO Office, Breakout Space)

Kitchen- Classic Clean- White

Clean Kitchens


A lot of noise when advertising

Quality & Control Office- Damage RescueOrange Rescue any damages with Quality & Control

Conference  Rooms-­‐  Thick  &  Strong-­‐   Red       Strong ideas flowing in these rooms       Rest  Rooms-­‐  Citrus  Fresh-­‐  Yellow       Revitalize freshness In the bathroom         IT   Can just be clear          

Copy Room- Silky Black- Black Silky black like ink

Reception- Clean & Balanced- Blue Original- Reception

Break Out Space- Ocean Lift – Purple & Turquoise Ocean lift- fun colours


Zoning/ Bubble Diagram

Criteria Matrix

Zoning Plan


Floor Plan

Reflective Ceiling Plan

Electrical Floor Plan




CEO’s Office

Break Out Space


DianeVonFurstenberg Shop Design Interior Design Master Florence, Italy March 2015 Group Work Medium: AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Photoshop Diane Von Furstenberg, founder of the self-named global, luxury brand Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), became well known for her iconic wrap dress and signature prints since 1974. She has since expanded her brand to a full collection of ready-to-wear garments and accessories including shoes and handbags.



Concept Using the wrap dress as the concept, the complimentary features of it create a harmony and balance. The simplicity of the style of the dress and the ‘crazy’ patterns and colours are used to allow it to standout. In the same way, the simple style of the dress is used as Black Rectilinear Frameworks in a clean white room to show how meek and mild it is. The patterns and colours are used as organic circulation around the shop with walls of pattern and color. This creates the same contrast used in the famous wrap dress.

Percentage of Products


Iconic Materials & Elements

Rendered Floor Plan

Technical Floor Plan


Sections Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D



Front Elevation

Window Elevation



Front Row Bar Bar & Nightclub Individual Project January 2015- March 2015 Medium: AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Photoshop The concept of the design is centred around having a location where numerous forms of late night socializing will take place. With this, the building was divided into four main areas. The Garden This area is a lounge where people are able to sit and socialise, as well as an area where people can stand and dance if preferred. An outdoor bar is included and located adjacent to the indoor bar for ease of purchase and recreation by the users. The garden is a good place that people could go to after work. The Main Club This Main Club is a place that opens late at night from about 10 pm. This area has the DJ booth at the centre of the dance floor with a bar serving alcoholic drinks on the left of the main entrance.The mood of this area is very dark with rays of fuchsia lighting.

Rendered Floor Plan (Ground Floor)

The Private Rooms These rooms are used for private parties, usually with an exclusive guest list. It is a very intimate and secluded section of the club. The VIP Section This Area will be used for celebrities or very exclusive guests. It is located on the top floor of the building above the main club area. It has a very royal and elegant style.


VIP Floor (Upper Floor)

The Garden

The Main Club


The Private Room

The VIP Section



Interior design portfolio (alexis romeo)  

Updated Portfolio

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