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TenaCiTi People + Potential Programme BETA PROGRAMME FEBRUARY-JULY 2017

TenaCiTi is a six-month programme to help small businesses get the most out of their people. By providing HR support to the business, and essential workplace skills to the junior recruit, TenaCiTi helps business owners develop highly productive employees that contribute directly to the bottom line.



The TenaCiTi programme serves to bridge the gap between our skills development initiatives and small business incubation/ acceleration programmes, all of which are designed to address areas of market weakness and failure. We are now able to support the full value chain of economic development for small and medium enterprise through integrated expert interventions at every touch point of business growth. We anticipate that businesses will receive direct and exponential benefit from their participation in TenaCiTi. The successful absorption of new talent without strong HR support is often a constraint in small businesses or departments - this programme is specifically designed to address that.�

Ian Merrington CEO, CiTi


FEBRUARY Monday, 6th 6pm – 7pm Orientation

Tuesday, 7th 9am – 1pm HR Bootcamp 6pm Startup Tweetup

Wednesday, 8th 9am - 1pm Skills 1

Monday, 13th – Friday 24th HR Review

Wednesday, 15th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday, 16th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Wednesday, 1st HR Clinic

Thursday, 2nd HR Clinic

Monday, 6th 9am – 4pm Digital Storytelling

Monday, 6th 6pm Money Matters

Wednesday, 8th 9am - 1pm Skills 2

Wednesday, 15th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday, 16th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Wednesday, 22nd 12pm - 2pm Business Peer Group

Friday, 24th 9am - 11am Peer Group

Wednesday, 12th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday 13th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday, 23rd 9am - 11am Peer Group


Friday, 31st 9am - 3pm Career Camp

APRIL Friday, 7th 9am - 4pm Digital Storytelling Friday, 21st 9am - 1pm Skills 3


MAY Wednesday, 10th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday, 11th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Friday, 12th 9am - 1pm Skills 4

Monday, 15th - Thursday 25th HR Review

Tuesday, 16th 1pm - 4pm TedTalk Tuesday

Friday, 26th 10am - 12pm Peer Group

Wednesday, 7th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Thursday, 8th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Friday, 9th 9am - 1pm Skills 5

Tuesday, 13th - Wednesday 14th HR Clinic

Thursday, 22nd 9am - 11am Business Peer Group

Friday, 23rd 9am - 11am Peer Group

Monday, 3rd - Friday, 14th HR Review

Monday, 17th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Tuesday, 18th 9am - 3pm 1-2-1 Coaching

Friday, 21st 10am - 12pm Peer Group 1pm - 4pm Internapalooza

Thursday, 27th 6pm - 8pm Graduation




Alexis Pillay TenaCiTi Programme Manager Alexis has 10 years’ experience in career and skills development, particularly in the higher education sector. He also comes with training in Psychology and Group Dynamics bringing curiosity into learning and development initiatives.

Marina Hall Soft Skills Facilitator Marina, Founder redTrainingAcademy, has 30+ years experience incorporating General Management, Business Analysis, IP Development (Software), CSI and Transformation Initiatives. The past 5 years she has focused on establishing the Corporate Life Skills programme, uniquely tailored for the South African youth, to foster good corporate citizens.

Liza Sigamoney Soft Skills Facilitator Liza is a specialist in adult education for the past 18 years with an extensive footprint in corporate, NGOs and small business development. Liza and Marina make a powerful duo bringing skills development to light.

Mignon Keyser Coach Mignon is an experienced strategic facilitator and organisational development coach. She assists leaders and teams to make the best possible use of their resources and abilities and have 17 years of experience in facilitation, planning and team development. Mignon supports leaders and social entrepreneurs to think strategically and be more sustainable in order to increase their impact with young people.

Jonathan Layton-Nel Strategic Human Resource Partner Jonathan is the visionary and chief consultant at LaytonMelville. He has a strong holistic theoretical and practical foundation in Strategic Human Resources. Having specialised in Organisational Psychology and worked with established corporates and emerging start-ups as a consultant for a number of years and is equiped to effectively develop and grow companies.

Christopher Melville-Rossouw Strategic Human Resource Partner Christopher comes from a background in Economics, Philosophy, Politics and Mandarin that has given him the ability to think laterally and strategise in a non-conventional manner. His focus is business strategy consulting and the integration of Human Resources within a company.

Marilia Rossetto Costa Strategic Human Resource Partner Marilia has a background in IT and is currently completing her degree in Organisational Psychology. She has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of South African labour legislation. She is a junior consultant at LaytonMelville.

“It is essential that we invest in the youth by providing an opportunity where they can grow, especially in a time where SA’s unemployment rate has reached a concerning 37.5% for people between the ages of 15 - 34. It is also critical that we support SA’s innovative SMEs and the entrepreneurial environment. With this programme we do both!”

Bonnie Horbach Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

TenaCiTi Programme 2017  

The calendar outlines the 6-month programme geared at enabling small and medium sized business growth through investing in people developmen...

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