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Global warming effect on basil ALEXIS PEREZ

Introduction Basil is a autotroph which means that they get their energy from the sun. Autotrophs are at the bottom of the food chain. If increased temperature continues to happen, then more basil plants will grow. That means more bugs eating them and making a bigger population. This can affect many other food chains. Humans need to know how the little stuff that they do everyday can/is effect planet earth.

METHODS Our experiment was to see if increased climate change affects plants or more specifically basil. We had 6 plants together, 3 getting watered and natural sunlight and 3 underneath the heat lamp. They all have ½ cup of soil, 3 seeds, and teaspoon of water per cup of seeds. For 11 days, we will measure both groups. We will use rulers(cm) to measure the growth of all 6 plants. The heat lamp is to see how much does climate have an effect on plants.

RESULTS Our pre-post data for the control and experimental group is 0 centimeters. All of the plants began as seeds and everyday we were watering the plants and they were growing. In the final date, the average height growth for A, B, and C was .57 cm. For the experimental group, the plants under the heat lamp, the average height was 1.57 for plants A, B, C. The total difference between the height of both groups was 100%.


Increase climate is one of the major problems that the human race creates. There are endless ways that we contribute to this problem everyday. A few of the most common ways that we can contribute to increases climate change are our need for transportation. This just not only affects one place, but this can cause globally problems(global warming). When cars are being used, they burn fossil fuels which releases a large sum of carbon dioxide, depending on the size of the vehicle(Pyper,2014). 80% of lung disease are caused due to pollution from cars, buses, and other vehicles. We as a race cause 93-123% of global warming(Hausfather,2017).

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Global Warming Effect on Basil  
Global Warming Effect on Basil