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Alexis Park’s Portfolio // User Experience Design

User Research Questions & Top Findings // Agnitus is a educational game app for children of the ages 2-6. It features variety of subjects, customizable curriculum, and comprehensive weekly report card that is accessible by parents on demand. Main questions: What affects parents’ decision to pay for the current educational apps that they are using? What can this app do for a pupil in a school/group subscription setting? We found out that there needs to be: Upfront value proposition (How will this app help my little Tommy?) Better brand recognition (What is Agnitus?) Trigger sense of urgency through data visualization (I don’t understand this e-mail.) Increase parent involvement (I’d like to help Tommy learn.) Clear representation of child’s progress (Is Tommy learning with this app? How am I going to be able to track that?)

Competitive Analysis //

We examined two different games, Leo’s Pad and Kidaptive. Some aspects that we found particularly impactful were High focus on the photo of the child - increases feeling of personalization Succinct and clear explanation of child’s progress Clearly labels parent user’s area so that it instantly grabs the parent’s attention, whereas Agnitus’s is somewhat hidden

Personas //

Ken the Vice President “I want to be able to help my son learn even when I’m on my work trips.” Age: 42 Kids: 12, 10, 5 Goals: • Staying involved during trips • Ensuring a great education for his kids

Cheryl the Stay-AtHome Mom

Mrs. Beecher the Teacher

“Learning apps are nice because they help Lily learn, while it gives me some time to do my own work!” Age: 36 Kids: 6, 3 Goals: • Allowing her kids to learn at their pace • Finding some more tranquil time

“It would be nice to be able to electronically track my students’ work and send a straightforward report card to parents.” Age: 42 Kids: 15 Goals: • Helping her students learn • Measuring what she needs to re-teach

Current Flow v. Ideal Flows //

E-mail Redesign Sketches and Iterations // Reorganizing data with larger picture Sketching Ideas Out

Showing the most important information first

Putting the categories in visual symbols Marking progress with smiley faces

Vines to show progress

Final Proposed Design & Recommendations //



The weekly e-mail report should include: Full name of child Clear and distinct photo Visually grasping marker of progress Noticeable call to action

Future Recommendations: Large group subscription model via schools (Implemented) Sense of urgency provoked by letter grades (implemented) Value proposition at onboarding email

What is Publet? & The Assignment //

Publet is an high-end online publishing platform for publishing, marketing, and design companies. Publet offers responsive design layout tools, content in multiple formats, and analytics. The objective of the project was to design the onboarding process for new users.

Landing Page



Top User Needs Findings // Responsive Design & Instant Preview Prior to Publishing

Fewer Manual Processes

Marketing Power via Social Media

Collaborative Editing Ability

Personas //

Maya the Marketer

Peter the Pro Journalist

“Current proprietary programs require intimate knowledge and we have to follow their rules.”

“It’s such a manual process...I want to know how I can monetize.”

Attitudes ● The industry is dynamic, you need to stay up-to-date ● Existing tools are incomplete and over complex

Attitudes ● I’m not just a writer, I’m a businessman ● Exploiting distribution channels is key to $$$ ● I don’t have time to learn new tools

Goals ● Make understable and beautiful internal publications ● Collaborate efficiently

Goals ● Sustainable business ● Limit manual labor for more important decisions

Usability Testing Findings //

1. Spell out value proposition upfront 2. Show what publet is capable of (Need Previews & Examples) 3. Interactivity isn’t essential when teaching Publet 4. Illustrate with the actual interface 5. Knowing upfront that a free trial is available, encourages exploration

*User tested 4 users (1 journalist, 3 marketers)

Final Prototype Key Screens & Updated Publet //

What is Sunset & Top User Research Findings //

Sunset Magazine is a west coast lifestyle magazine that features stunning photos and articles on cooking, traveling, DIY projects and local businesses. We redesigned the website and the paywall structure for our student project. We interviewed about 15 internet savvy people who have enjoyed Sunset Magazine. We discovered that: • Users are aspirational and love seeing breathtaking photos that give them the feeling of “visual vacation” • Information on web needs to be more succinct compared to magazine • Users greatly appreciate localized content on Sunset magazine

Wireframes of Key Screens // Early Sketch of Localized Content



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