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E M A F e b u t you 10 tips for internet greatness

E N O tip

be stupid.

get kicked in the face.

parachute off the roof of your house.

o w t tip

be a cute animal or baby.

ouch, charlie! that really hurt!

no one can resist a keyboard-playing cat.

e e r h t p ti

have talent.

lip sync numa numa.

there are never too many renditions of chocolate rain.

r u o f p i t

go viral.

sneeze like that baby panda.

a good video will spread around like a modern-day plague.

e v i f tip

break news.

hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

everything’s better with autotune.

x i s tip

break things.

will it blend?

buy expensive stuff. blow it up.

n e v e s p ti

break the law.

don’t tase me, bro.

dress like a gorilla. chase a banana through Walmart.

t h g i e p i t

be random.

it’s peanut butter jelly time.

badger badger badger. mushroom.

e n i n tip

short and sweet.

dramatic chipmunk is dramatic. and sometimes that’s all you need.

n e t tip


parachute fail.

microwave explosion. kittens meowing. kid dies on roller coaster. etc.

r e m i a l sc


fame may only last 15 minutes.

dancing evolves. treadmills stop.

eventually everyone will forget all about your little video.

! n o e t a cre good luck in your endeavors!

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