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Be a Fl창neur November 2010 - Exhibition Catalog - Alexis Laurent

Be a Fl창neur


November 2010 Solo Show By Alexis Laurent Presented by Decorative Center Houston

I WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO: ·!!!!!!! Charles S. Cohen owner of Cohen Brothers Realty Co., Art Advisor/Curator Helen Varola, and the entire Decorative Center Houston team for giving me free range in building and curating this (18,000sq. ft!) solo show ·!!!!!!! Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller and her entire staff at LTMH Gallery for making this show possible and deciding to take the jump ·!!!!!!! My talented & eclectic team: ! ·!!!!!!! Edwin Monzon, Jesus Lopez and Steve Eung without whom none of my sculptures would have seen the light of day. This team just absolutely & unequivocally rocks! I am just so proud of them for delivering with so many unknown in our hands pretty much every second of the day, every day of the week for so many months ·!!!!!!! Piero Mussi and his entire team at Artworks Foundry which took on the major challenge of producing all my bronzes in very little time with such fantastic results ·!!!!!!! Olivier Bonin of Madnomad Films who has done a wonderful job at documenting our work from the beginning. When not filming or editing on the computer he most likely was helping installing … sculptures! ·!!!!!!! Rob Shroeder for such incredible photographic work since the inception of this project and for masterminding this very book in no time ·!!!!!!! Stefan Kirkeby at Smith Andersen North who single handedly framed and hung over 70 paintings and 150 photographs and whose curatorial role/sculpture lifting made the show a total success. Wait … I forgot to say he did all of this in … 48 hours! ·!!!!!!! Eric Hester who, on very short notice, managed to truly capture this 18,000 sq. ft. exhibition in his photos ·!!!!!!! Wendy Norris and Caitlin Griffin for their invaluable support managing PR, marketing and logistics ·!!!!!!! Griff Williams and his staff at Urban Digital, always ready to take on more challenging digital projects with me ·!!!!!!! David Handler at Photoworks San Francisco for producing in no time over 300 beautiful prints ·!!!!!!! Art Wilinski, a better neighbor and art critic one could not have asked for ·!!!!!!! Rob Hadley for crafting my digital brand identity during coffee brakes and having such a wonderful eye when critiquing my paintings ·!!!!!!! Eric Heid for his indispensable input into my sculptures night and day and all over again! And… again! ! And, above all to my wonderful wife - and biggest fan - Liza and our two beautiful children Tia & Olivier for being so supportive and showing extreme patience throughout the entire preparation of the show.! ! After having said all this, what strikes me as equally if not more important - and for which I am the most grateful - is how all those different people got involved with each other at different moments of the project and really made it a fantastic human experience! It was not just isolated teams that made the show a success and such a fun and unforgettable experience in my eyes; it is how those teams blended together and became interwoven that created magic. I will remain forever DEEPLY thankful for the sweat & tears and crazy amount of fun we had during this project… And though pretty exhausted, I look forward to the next one! ! To All of You, THANK YOU! ! Alexis Laurent

Be a Flâneur - Houston Exhibition  
Be a Flâneur - Houston Exhibition  

Catalog for Alexis Laurent's November 2010 solo show at presented by The Decorative Center, Houston