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World Peace Crystal Grid - Northpole

World Peace Crystal Grid - Southpole

World Peace Crystal Grids The World Peace Crystal Grids were placed at the North and South Poles on May 3, 1997 and December 17, 1999 respectively. These two grids are located right at the places where the earth's magnetic field converges. The magnetic field of the earth is like the earths aura and so by having the Peace Grids located there, they affect the energy of the whole planet. The inscription on the grids says:

"May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all the people of earth." The World Peace Crystal Grid is made of solid copper in the shape of the heart chakra, 12 inches in diameter and plated with 24 carat gold. A 12 sided quartz pyramid is at the center under which are inscribed the Usui power symbol and the Karuna peace symbol. Double terminated quartz crystals are on each petal. Symbols used are:

Creating World Peace You can use the pictures of the grids to send distant Reiki to them which will charge them for world peace. To do this, just place them in front of you or hold them in your hands, draw the Reiki distant symbol over them and intend that they be charged with Reiki. You can also add the Reiki power and mental/emotional symbols as you send Reiki to them. This will charge them with Reiki energy which will build up a reservoir of healing, peaceful energy which will be available for anyone who is working to promote world peace. Also, as you send healing, you'll be merging with this reservoir and receive peaceful energy too. Practice this meditation daily and not only will you be promoting world peace, but your life will become more peaceful too.

The Whole Story To read about the fascinating details of how the grids were placed and see more pictures, go to:

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