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Winter sports begin practices for upcoming season Wrestling Hailey Rennier


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Both girls and guys basketball players prepare for the new season. The heavily awaited first game of the season is scheduled for Nov. 1 at Noblesville High School. Nov. 14 at Indianapolis Washington High School starts the boys basketball season. Senior Larry Dollison is preparing for his first basketball game on Nov. 17, both physically and mentally.


Practicing her stroke, junior Caitlyn Leatherman prepares with the rest of the swim team during their practice.

Although cheer is a year round sport, sophomore Amanda Rock and the team have been preparing for the basketball season, and the competition season. With three practices a week, they work on their routines. Lately, the squad has been changing things up for competition season. The cheerleaders will be going to a competition this weekend and are working to qualifying for nationals this February. Before school practices are currently an hour and 15 minutes. Other practices are two hours long. The requirements are just like

Hailey Wilson

our goals, having fun in the meantime.” Likewise, the girls workout in the weight room just as much as the boys. To add to their practices, running as a team a few laps around the school is always something the team does to ready themselves for their meets.

Hailey Wilson

Jumping into the water, sophomores Jake Estes and Emily Moser adjust to the new swim season. These two students as well as the rest of the team, have been training for months on end. To prepare for his first swim meet at Fishers on Nov. 26 against Westfield and Herritage Christian, Estes has been waking up for weights at 4:30 a.m. a few days a week. Also, outside of school he runs almost everyday to ready himself for his first time swimming for the school. “The school and coaches have done an awesome job at keeping us on track and up to date on our physical workouts and practices,” Estes said. Long time swimmer Moser, is ready to go for the first girls meet on Nov. 17, at Westfield. The common practices keep her up to date on everything she needs to be doing. “For our sport, you must be prepared physically, but just as much mentally,” Moser said. “The team and myself strive to reach

Nov. 16, at Lawrence North.

Freshman Hayden Grow and freshman Cullen Croghan wrestle during their practice.

any other sport. “Tryouts for the varsity team were back in June, and very stressful,” Rock said.

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Wrestler and JV football member Mason Gaines has been trying to work in both sports. With sectionals, Gaines has been squeezing in the ending of football, as well as the beginning of wrestling. Last year, Gaines went 27-4, achieving major goals and accomplishments. During practices, Gaines wrestles students who he believes might be a challenge. Wrestling practice is every week day. “Because my dad is an officer, I can workout at the police station whenever I want to prepare for the season,” Gaines said. The first wrestling match is on Saturday,

Senior Clark for f o o t players flying.

Kenzie cheers Varsity b a l l while

“Staying focused on making as many solid contributions to the team as possible is a priority,” Dollison said. Working hard in the weight room and staying positive on and off the court is something Dollison strives for. As well as working out in the weight room, he works on conditioning, or preparing the body for strenuous exercise. Dribbling exercises help with handeye coordination as well as free-throw line shooting. Scrimmages, or practice games between players, give the players a good idea of how well they may do when it comes down to a real game. As much as two or three hours go into the teams’ daily workouts. Working out on the side also contributes to Dollison’s workouts. “During this winter season of basketball, I plan to contribute by scoring, playing a solid defense and being a leader to my teammates for the time we are together,” Dollison said.

Freshman Daniell Klingensmith blocks another player during practice.

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