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From her tragedy to triumph brother Abraham Ramirez, does have some recollection. Abraham was three years old at the time. “I remember what she was wearing, and getting into the helicopter with my family. At 16 months old, the life of sophomore My sister is a bad*** who went through a Adriana Ramirez took a turn for the worst. bad*** recovery,” Abraham said proudly. However tragic the event that changed her When the tragedy took place, the Ramirez life forever may have been, she has been able family was living in Indiana. So after the to grow as a person and learn life lessons that initial surgery, the family chose a hospital have benefitted in a variaty of ways. in Cincinnati, Ohio as the best place to Adriana Ramirez, her mother and her treat Adriana. She still continues to have brother traveled to Mexico for a family surgeries at that hospital. Ramirez’s most gathering at her uncle’s house while her recent surgery in October removed many father stayed behind. scars from her neck. Ramirez is leaving this With her Mexican heritage, there were weekend for yet another surgery. many family members visiting and cooking. Every summer, Ramirez attends a As her mother and family visited, the conference, Angel Faces, in Corona, toddler found her way into the busy kitchen. California. The foundation was created by Walking in the kitchen, Ramirez tripped a friend of her physical therapist, who was on a cord connected to a deep fryer. As she burnt as well at seven years of age. Ramirez tripped, Ramirez grabbed the cord, pulling first attended two summers ago. the boiling oil down on herself. “I met so many other girls of different Ramirez’s uncle, standing close, picked ages who were burnt in many different ways. her up and put her in the sink under cold Some were in worse shape, as well as many running water, as his initial reaction to who had barely been harmed. I’ve met so cool her down. Although he was not a burn many women who have changed my life and specialist, he was an orthopedic surgeon, made me stronger as a person,” Ramirez said. giving him some knowledge on what to do Although this experience was life altering in this life changing situation. While trying for her, Ramirez still manages to find the his hardest to save her life, he burnt his own good in her story. There have been many hands in the process. positive outcomes throughout this journey. From there, a “It is very helicopter from difficult for me to Texas was flown in judge people on to lifeline Ramirez. their appearances. Landing at the I’ll hear strangers hospital, Ramirez or even my own was rushed into friends call someone her first surgery. else ugly or fat and Since Ramirez lost I cringe,” Ramirez so much blood in said. “I always such little time, she think about it received several this way. Maybe blood donations. they’re staring In this process, she because they have lost her right ear, a family member, because there was or friend that can so much damage, relate to what I’ve during surgery. been through, and “I am very they’re making proud of her. She the connection. I is very brave and can’t let it get to me strong because because I don’t know of everything she the story behind it.” has been through. Teasing and I have learned so bullying has been much from her,” her Sophomore Adriana Ramirez remains an issue in the past, mother Elizabeth smiling as she has learned to cope with her especially when she said. was younger. There unorthodox condition. In the transitions was a lot of teasing of leaving the house, for Ramirez in entering the helicopter and then the hospital, elementary school. As she gradually got older her mother called her father to inform him and the kids around her began to become of the accident. His coworkers and bosses more aware, the bullying decreased. The assisted him in finding the right hospitals for main thing that bothers her is the staring. his daughter, around Indiana. But then again, she does not know why Ramirez has very little memory on they’re staring. It would not be unexpected what that day was like. Although, her older for people to look at her out of curiosity. Jordan Bickett

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