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New clubs caucus to create character in school Smitten for Britian

Ping Pong Club With a paddle in one hand and a plastic ball in the other, the new ping pong team serves up the ball. The club is sponsored by science teacher Heather Ferguson, but was started by senior Nate Smith. “Nate has been trying to get the club up and running for the past two years,” Ferguson said. “He worked hard and finally got funding for it this year.” There is a competitive and a recreation level of ping pong. Students can join competition level if they are very good and enjoy competing against others. Recreation level is for students who just want to play and have fun. Both competitive and recreation levels switch off every other week on Thursday. They are planning on having a tournament at the end of the semester where members

Abigale Hutton

Laughter is the best medicine seems to be a metaphor that can be directly associated with ComedySportz team. ComedySportz team is an improvisation club that will compete with other schools to win trophies. The sponsor of ComedySportz is mass media teacher Jon Colby who has been in improv groups professionally for 14 years, but has been teaching at the high school level for seven to eight years. “By second semester we will be doing competitions at least twice a month,”Colby said. “My goal is to show the students how funny and talented they really are.”

During the competitions there will be referees who will judge the students on how they are doing, but in the end it is the audiences’ decision who wins. The students will do a variety of events such as singing songs or acting out scenes from movies or plays.

Preparing for his next class, mass media teacher Jon Colby will spend time after school working with ComedySportz Team.

face each other to see who is the best. “The club is very cool because you get to play a fun sport and hang with friends,” said Ferguson. ”It is very easy to join and I hope everyone will have a good time.”

Abigale Hutton

ComedySportz Team

Holding up her paddle, science teacher Heather Ferguson prepares for the Ping Pong Club meeting. Members will battle each other to be ping pong champion.

British accents echo through the room as the Smitten for Britain Club meets and discusses what it is like to be British. Smitten for Britain is about everything British, from its movies to the food; the club wants to savor it all. English teacher Renee VanLandingham is the sponsor. The club meets the first and third Wednesday of every month, and if there are any changes to the schedule they will be posted on VanLandingham’s door, B236. VanLandingham hopes that the students from FHS’s sister city, Billericay, will be able to talk to the members of the club. “I am looking forward to the discussions that we will have in this club,” VanLandingham said. “There are new exchange students who

To build robots for competitions is just a dream for some, but not for students at school. Juniors Lucas Miller and Elizabeth Butterfield are in charge of the new Robotics Club, and they create robots with other teammates and enter them in tournaments. The club was started for kids who have in interest in building robots and to investigate how it is done and how they operate. The club meets every Wednesday in science teacher Daniel Mach’s room, B216. “First semester will just be building and learning different things for students who want to know more,” Mach said. “By second semester in the spring the students hope to be able to enter a tournament.” Sponsorships are needed for the club for it to really take off because they can


Students discuss controversial world topics in Philosophy Club. The club is about taking questions and/ or topics and trying to resolve them among the group. Splitting into small groups, the members discuss the topics and bounce ideas off of each other The club meets every Thursday at 7 a.m. in the cafeteria and then goes upstairs to social studies teacher Chris Edwards room until 7:33 a.m. “The students bring up deep questions and discuss them in an organized way,” said Edwards. “They engage in conversation for 30 minutes or until they feel the question or topic has been answered.”

Singing and harmonizing are just part of what Gleam does. Gleam was started by sophomore Krishna Patel and there are 12 students in the club who sing and vocalize together. Students run Gleam, so they organize it and plan events accordingly. The club is sponsored by math teacher Brent Freed and meets every other week on Tuesday after school in his room in, B132. To get involved with Gleam all students have to do is show up at one of the meetings or contact Patel or Freed. Since it is a club no one has to try-out to be in it and can be in any grade. The club spends time practicing their vocals. “The clubs goal for this semester is to get

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Submitted by Renee VanLandingham

Posing for their first group photo, Smitten for Britian Club gets ready to watch and discuss a British TV show. The club will meet the third Wednesday of every month.


Philosophy Club

Discussing different world topics, social studies teacher Chris Edwards talks with Philosophy club during one of their meetings.

recently came from England and I would love for them to come and join the club so we can talk to them.” The club events for this semester will be dining at a local Fishers pub and to have tea in Noblesville.

pay for stuff like equipment, fees, and transportation.

Cari Vogt

Working with students in IB Physics, science teacher Daniel Mach teaches his class in the lab during fifth period on Oct. 8.

focused and organized so they can play at Wintertainment,” Freed said.

Sophie Beikes

Troy Dickens

Leading a vocal exercise, sophomore Taylar Johnson works with the members of Gleam to practice their singing during a club meeting.