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Student athletes train to balance busy schedules

Jasmine Johnson

Boys soccer:

Boys tennis:

Girls golf:

Boys football:

Girls volleyball:

11-3-4 Season over

10-9 season over

2-3 season over



Next game October 12 against Brownsberg

Next game October 8 against Noblesville

Girls soccer:

Senior Nikko Foster fights for the ball during this intense game.

Sophomore Ryan Knight swings at the ball trying to score.

Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin

Emily Griffin

Jasmine Johnson

10-3-4 Season over

Cross country boys get ready to start the meet.

Junior Keegan O’Leary swings toward his opponent during the match against Westfield. O’Leary worked all year to train and advance his tennis skills. He was able to finish season, balancing it with school and show choir.

Junior Nina Carr swings Varsity football players sit her club and watched the and watch the game. ball fly.

Dunya Rasouli

October 13 against Brebeuf

busy schedule, all these time consuming activities pay off in the end. He takes joy in being part of all the school has to offer. Vogel and O’Leary make it a priority to study during their busy days. For more information on study tips from teachers, check out the online story on http://

Kelly Tyner

Boys and girls cross country:

she will fall behind and it would be very difficult to catch up with everything going. “I don’t usually get time to do “fun” things on school nights,” Vogel said. There is time to do everything you want. To accomplish those things, you must make time and make sacrifices to achieve what you are wanting to do. “In regards to homework, something you just have to make yourself sit down and do it, there is really no way out of it. “ Vogel said. There are many other students like Vogel who are fond of all the activities they are involved in through school, such as junior Keegan O’Leary. O’Leary was a member of the tennis team, show choir and the musical. With practice every day he was very busy. Although it was enjoyable, it took up a good amount of his time. Tennis practice overlapped with musical practice for about two weeks. “I had to miss a few practices but it was approved by my coach and Mr. Rund,” O’Leary said. Also being a member of Silver Streak, one of the advanced show choirs, on some Thursday he would go from either tennis or musical practice straight to show choir at 6:30. On those nights, he would not get home past 9:30. O’Leary is also taking an AP class, APLAC. “The class is very interesting although sometimes stressful and tedious,” said O’Leary O’Leary is taking interesting classes during the day, principles of engineering, physics and pre-calc. Even though during the week he has a

Lindsey Martin

grade and I really love being in symphony,” Vogel said. Vogel is currently taking piano as well. But when it comes to school, her education Imagine being on the cross country team, comes out on top. Vogel is currently taking AP biology, varsity dance team and playing in orchestra, followed by being involved in NHS, student microeconomics, calculus as her more difficult classes government, her senior F i s h e r s year. These Y o u t h wide varieties Council, and of classes are taking piano preparing her lessons on for her future. the side. Even though Carolina most of these Vogel does classes are all this on a tough and lots regular basis. of work, she Vo g e l enjoys them. s t a r t e d With her dancing at busy schedule, age three and on a typical joined the night Vogel dance team does not get her freshman home until at year of high least 9 p.m. s c h o o l . A minimum Adding to of two or her busy three hours schedule, of homework she joined is required to the cross country team Pacing herself, senior Carolina Vogel sprints to finish up get everything a meet. Vogel manages time between sports and her completed for her junior social life. the next day of year. Sports, school. as well as “I cannot mess around or take a day off being involved in the arts program, are very because then I’ll be so behind,” Vogel said. important to her. If Vogel does not keep up on homework “I have been in Orchestra since the fifth

Hailey Rennier

Varsity volleyball girls crack jokes on the court.