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France brings opportunity

Sweden meets new people, faces chances Hailey Reinner

Courtesy of Rebecca Sweden

Senior Rebecca Sweden’s trip to France (nightclubs), and no alcohol was allowed. was, “A life changer and, the best six and a Although the legal drinking age was 18, and the majority of the French people had half weeks of my life,” she said. The IU honors program accepted Sweden at least one glass of wine with their dinner, because she passed the written test, received it was frowned upon by the sponsoring letters of recommendation and filled out the organization. Students were only allowed one phone call application. The program flew her overseas to Saumur, France. Her goal while on the home during the first week in France. “Participants were limited to one hour on trip was to improve her language skills and the computer so you could disconnect from her knowledge of the country. “The first week was horrible,” Sweden said anything and/or anyone not speaking French” said Sweden. of her time settling in with her host family. Everyone that the teenagers traveled with Although she could speak a good amount were from of French, Indiana, but what they not necessarily spoke was from Fishers nothing like High School. what she had Sweden visited learned. in many famous class. It took buildings some time to and locations actually be within the able to hold a area. Paris, conversation Notre Dame, with the the Eiffel tower, f a m i l y . Omaha beach, Attending a the American French school c e m e t e r y, really helped and many her improve. more famous, W a k i n g Senior Rebecca Sweden poses in front of a chateaux, beautiful sites. up at nine meaning castle in french. While staying in Saumur, “C oming a.m., Sweden France. back was planned to a l m o s t take classes at St. Louis, the school Sweden attended. The depressing in a sense” Sweden said even literature, linguistics, grammar, and other though she missed her family dearly. This inspired student recommends this classes she attended daily were not counted academically, but enhanced her French skills optional trip to anyone in a language of three years or more. The trip is something she will dramatically. According to the IU honor code, they never forget and it improved her French in a could only speak French while on the trip. way that not even years of class could do. “Because of this program, I am definitly Speaking English was prohibited while they considering studying in France again in were gone. They could not visit discotheques college.’”said Sweden.

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