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Working out in winter helps teachers, students stay in shape Sophomore Sophie Rhoads is one of the students who works out year round. Rhoads participates in the school’s mixed show choir Silver Streak, and uses exercise to stay Motivation and the resources to stay in shape during her competition season and healthy are hard to find during the holidays, also to stay healthy in general. which bring about Halloween candy as well “I’ll try to do a certain amount of crunches as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. and push-ups a day, and I make sure that I The weather is also colder, discouraging the am doing different stretches in order to average work out work muscles that I schedule. don’t normally do,” However, there Rhoads said. “It’s are many people important for me who try to stay in that I work out in shape during the the winter, because cold months, like holiday food can English teacher be very tempting Kyle Goodwin. and motivation Goodwin says he for being active likes to run when is generally not the weather gets as present as it colder, because he Freshman Lauren Meadows pumps iron in order is in the warmer believes that there to be in shape for volleyball. months.” is no need to feel Rhoads also sluggish. benefits from the “If I’m releasing those endorphins, and workouts she does with her choir to build making sure that I’m active and my body’s up stamina for their show. Stepping to the firing on all cylinders, then that definitely gets tempo of each song and doing multiple me through those long months,” Goodwin sets of sit ups also help to keep the choir said. “Working out will help get your body in equipped for the long hours they endure sync with your mind and keep you sharp.” during competitions. Lindsay Martin

While many people believe it is important to work out only if they are a member of a sport or a team, freshman Lauren Meadows disagrees. As a member of the volleyball team, she feels it is also important to exercise for her general well being. “Even though I play a fall sport, lifting weights in the winter helps me get better both on and off the court. It’s tough, but it makes me stronger,” Meadows said. As tempting as holiday foods may be, working out will help maintain metabolism and energy in the winter. People wanting to stay in shape work to stick to a consistant work out schedule in order to stay healthy.

Lindsay Martin

Parker Willsey

Sophomore Kaite Giesleman lifts weights for cross country.

Quick Tips 1. If you decide to run outside during a cold day, make sure you are wearing layers and covering up exposed skin to avoid frostbite. 2. To ensure safety, wear reflective material or gear if you are running after dark. 3. Be careful when rounding corners if the ground is icy or slippery. 4. If you cannot afford a gym membership, there are still several ways to workout while staying at home, such as stair climbing or jumping rope. 5. Instructional DVDs or dance videos, like Zumba, will help work up a sweat. 6.Be sure to drink plenty of water while you exercise in order to stay hydrated.

Cross Country Lady Tigers race all the way to state for the first time

Cross country starts off during the Hamilton County Meet at White River Elementary School, on August 28.

twenty-fifth said. The part of the team who did not make it to state took a fan bus all the way to Terre Haute to support the part of the team who did. Signs were also made for every varsity runner and put in front of the school by the team. Some of the parents and their kids decorated the bus for the girls so that they could experience the tiger spirit on the way there. What brought the Lady Tigers so close was always spending time together after school for as long as they could and the team


bonding activities at the campouts, according to Strobel. Some of the activities the girls did together were team campouts in tents, a cross country camp out in cabins at Patoka Lake, dinners at people’s houses and pancake breakfasts every Friday. Support was no act in this team, it was all made from just simple bonding. “Coach [Beth] Jahns [named best fall season coach of 2012] and coach [Andrew] Belloli are accountable for most of who I am today,” senior cross country co-captain Ally

Jasmine Johnson

Dashing across the finish line, the Lady Tigers placed ninth out of 20 qualifying teams at state. Tenth place was their determined goal but their persistent and committed hard work payed off in Terre Haute, on October 27. This is the first year the girls cross country has ever been to the state championship. “It was a tough course, but a very fun race and a great experience. We all stick together throughout workouts and race in a tiger pack. I plan to continue cross country throughout my high school career,” freshman Maggie Jahns who placed nineteenth at state said. Consistent training was done throughout the summer and cross country season. According to Jahns, season training was harder than summer. Long runs ranged from seven to 10 miles. They performed swim workouts, hill workouts and weight training twice a week. “We all get along very well so it’s always fun to practice. We’re all supportive of each other. I think we all deserved it; we all worked really hard,” junior Isabel Strobel who placed

Jasmine Johnson

Sophomore Emma Vance speeds towards the finish line.


Natalie Lueung

Reyes who placed thirty-fifth said. Through cross country Reyes has learned to accept failure multiple times and to work hard for what she wants and never give up until she is there. She believes that it is a beautiful thing to do something that she love, and in these past four years with Lady Tiger Cross Country she has been able to do just that and even more. “Honestly, this is the team that I will never forget. It’s a feeling that is hard to explain to most people unless they have felt it themselves. I would do anything for these girls. We took a path not yet traveled and pushed ourselves to reach our goals. And this is why I believe that this season was the best season that I’ll ever experience,” Reyes said.