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Clothing Brands of America A to Z 

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​By: Alexis Clouse

A​ is for Aéropostale

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Aéropostale is a clothing brand mainly for kids 14 to 17 years of age. 

B​ ​is for Buckle

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This retail chain sells casual clothes for men and women. Headquarters  are in Kearney, Nebraska. 

C​ is for Converse

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COnverse is a shoe company that specializes in everyday footwear and  clothes. 

D​ is for Dockers

Dockers is a brand of Khaki garments and other accessories for  men and women. 

E​ is for Express Inc.

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This brand sells clothes for young men and woman. Headquarters are  in Columbus, Ohio.   

F​ is for Forever 21

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Forever 21 is a chain for the latest fashion with accessories and shoes  for women, founded in 1984. 

G​ is for Gap Inc.

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Your parents may shop at this American worldwide and accessories  store.

H​ is for Hollister Co.

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This American lifestyle brand is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 

I​ is for Izod

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A clothing brand that sells dressy-casual and sportswear for  men. Headquarters are in New YOrk  City, New York.  

J​ is for J.Crew

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J.Crew offers swimwear and outerwear to women, men, and  children. 

K​ ​is Kenneth Cole Productions


This American fashion house was founded in 1982 by none other  then...Kenneth Cole. 

L​ ​is for L.L Bean

Green, Dennis. “L.L. Bean Just Revealed Brand-New Legendary Boots.” ​Business Insider​, Business Insider, 6 Apr. 2017,

L.L Bean is a brand is known for its sale in shoes and jackets. Headquarters are in Freeport, Maine. 

M​ is for Macbeth Footwear

“Macbeth - Footwear, Apparel, Music & More.” ​Macbeth RSS​,

Founded in 2002, this footwear and clothing brand is based in Southern  California.   

N​ is for North Face

“The North Face 'International' Collection 2017 - Where to Buy Online.” ​More Sneakers​,

North Face is a brand that specializes in outdoor product, such  as outerwear, coats, and equipment. 

O​ is for Old Navy

Banerjee, Arunima. “Old Navy Helps Gap Sail through Retail Gloom.” ​Reuters​, Thomson Reuters, 18 May 2017,

This American clothing brand is owned by none other than Gap Inc.  You may wear clothes from here. 

P​ ​is for PacSun

Wilson, Marianne. “PacSun Does Corporate Reshuffling as Part of Expense Cutting Move; CFO Departs.” ​Chain Store Age​, 5 Oct. 2017,

Founded by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore, this brand was made for the  youth and lifestyle of California.     

Q​ is for QVC

December 8, 2013 ·by Alex Fashion, modelling, news, online, photography, QVC, stylist, trends · 1 Comment, and Tags: Charlie Brook, crew, fashion, Kathy Taylor, Laundry, Laundry by Shelli Segal, online, QVC, trends. “My Day Presenting On QVC.” ​Alex Willis-Bray​, 9 Dec. 2013,

This American cable, satellite and broadcast network sells many  accessories for Americans, making  home shopping easy.  

R​ is for Reebok

Reebok is a company that globally sells athletic apparel and footwear.  Headquarters are in Canton,  Massachusetts.   

S​ is for Supreme

Chapter4Corp. “Supreme.” ​Google​, Google,

This skateboard and clothing brand was established in New York City, in  1994.   

T​ is for Tommy Hilfiger

“Tommy Hilfiger.” ​​,

Tommy Hilfiger is an American company that designs and sells  upper market clothes for people of  all age.   

U​ is for Urban Outfitters

Dicandia, AJ. “Urban Outfitters Facing Copyright Infringement Lawsuit from Coachella.” ​Gotham City Esq.​, 17 Mar. 2017,

This American clothing brand is headquartered in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania.   

V​ is for Van Heusen

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At this store you can find​ d ​ ress

shirts, suits, and casual wear for men and women. 

W​ is for Wrangler

humans.txt. “Wrangler Western.” ​Wrangler Western​,

Owned by VF Corporation, this brand mainly sells jeans and other forms  of workwear.   

X​ ​is for XO Prom and Formals

W., Dani, et al. “Formals XO - King of Prussia, PA.” ​Yelp​, 8 Feb. 2017,

You can buy dresses or shoes for any occasion here, whether it be  prom, a wedding, etc.   

Y​ is for Yumi KIm

“SHOP.” ​YumiKim Shop!​,

Located in New York City, this brand sells vintage clothing for women.     

Z​ is for Zoo York

Skate, Eastern. “New Decks From Zoo York.” ​Eastern Skateboard Supply​, 28 Dec. 2015,

This brand designs and markets skateboards, clothing, and sneakers.  Headquarters are in New York City,  New York. 

Clothing Brands of America A to Z is a book to help  contribute to the learning of  the alphabet for children.  Another use for it could be  learning clothing brands that  can be found in America.  Happy reading!  

Clothing Brands of America A to Z  

Clothing Brands of America A to Z is a book to help contribute to the learning of the alphabet for children. Another use for it could be lea...

Clothing Brands of America A to Z  

Clothing Brands of America A to Z is a book to help contribute to the learning of the alphabet for children. Another use for it could be lea...