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Book of Memories

Who Am I? I am Alexis Cardenas. I am a carefree and unique girl who is obsessed with music, especially One Direction! I love them!!! I have short brown hair, brown eyes and am half hispanic. I live in Boscobel, WI. Boscobel is a small town of about 3,000 people. Living here does not define in any way. I do not like my town, they are a bunch of snobs here. My short goals are to pass the 8th grade. I will do this by doing well in school. I am also thriving to be a more positive person. I will reach this by thinking of the positive points of a situation instead of negative. My long term goals are to either produce music or to become a makeup artist. I would love to be able to do makeup for celebrities and special effects for movies. I will reach this goal by doing well in school, graduating and going to college.

Autobiographical Incident pt. 1 An event that helped define me was when I was in the 7th grade. I ran into problems with kidsthat didn’t like my style. I had short hair, I wore colored denim skinny jeans, boots with spikes onthem and I wore tight sweat shirts. Other girls wore short skirts with skin tight v-neck shirts.Nobody wanted to be around me. My so called friends turned on me. I skipped school just toavoid being bullied. I was called names likes, lesbian, easter egg (because I had pink hair), andslut. People would often mimic the way I talked because I sould like I have a stuffy nose and my“S” sounds like “Th’ s”. I got really behind in school and had anxiety issues. I would get soscared to go to school that I would actually throw up. I started to see a counselor, but it rarelyhelped. I would stay up at night thinking about everything so I was always very tired. When Iwent to school, I would be too busy trying to stay awake instead of doing homework or payingattention. So many rumors were going around school that I couldn’t even look into people eyes.My friends turned on me and joined in with everyone else because they thought it was cool. Oneday I got so mad that I blew it at a concert. I called my “friend” some mean names that laterbackfired. I started to think that I was fat and ugly so I started to wear makeup and minimisewhat I ate. My mom started to notice what I was doing so she made me eat as everyone else.When I wore makeup to school, everyone else stopped wearing it. When I stopped wearing it,they started again. I had to go to summer school with the kids that smoked and did drugs. I wasthe smart one there and that wasn’t cool. They pressured me into smoking. I tried it, but whenthey asked me to do drugs I no, because I already thought I was ugly and I thought that thatwould make it worse. Imagine what drugs would do to me!When summer school was over, I had no friends to hang out with.

Autobiographical Incident part 2 I often stayed home,by myself, while my sisters were out with their friends. I turned to music because it was calming. I listened to people like Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. I listened to music, a lot! My mom didn't like how much I listened to it. She said I was becoming obsessed and was making me antisocial. I didn’t listen to her because listening to music made me feel better. When I Discovered One Direction, which was a British Irish Boy band that claimed their fame on the X Factor UK, my mom said I became even more obsessed. It got to the point where I would talk about them all the time, and everyone got sick of it. I excluded myself from everything. A lot of their songs were inspiring and it spoke my feelings. That is why I listened to them constantly. I Listened to them so much because they said words that I needed to hear. Words like, “I am not ugly”, “I am not fat”.I refuse to think that I am not fat. I still complain about my weight. I am 5’ 5” and 125 pounds. I don’t think that that is normal, despite what everyone tells me. My sister is taller than me and only weighs 119 pounds. I still don’t see a pretty face when I look into the mirror, even though everyone tells me I am. I still wear makeup, probably more than I should. I love doing hair and makeup. That’s what I want to do when I grow up.I think this has changed me, but has not defined me. I know exactly what I want to do with my life. I am still a princess even though I don’t have a prince. I don’t really need one to make me feel good about myself anyway. I love to draw a lot of things that inspire me, like songs about depression. I want to go to Full Sail University. It is a music school where you get to learn how to record music and get into the entertainment business.Now I have a goal in my life. Spending all that time alone payed off because I figured a lot of things out about myself. I will reach my goals and laugh in the faces of my bullies someday!!

Time For School I wake up every morning feeling like a wreck

Kids are yelling school I’m yelling what the heck!? Oh crap I had homework and forgot all about it Maybe I’ll just skip school, but I doubt mom will allow it. I get to school the teacher asks how was your weekend I reply with a I wasn’t happy when it had to end. Off to math learning geometry Then social studies with some geography Now we’re gunna do some science, learn some anatomy Glad I get to go to eAchieve Academy!

Future Me Part 1 World Renowned Makeup Artist Close To The Stars: Steals the spotlight in an interview with Chelsea Briggs. The lucky Chelsea Briggs the host/producer/writer for Hollywire TV, interviewed Alexis Cardenas a world renowned makeup artist on Sep.13. Chelsea tweeted on twitter after the interview: @RAlexisrc It was nice to play “20 questions” with you. How did your career begin into the world of beauty? When I was 13 years old I did my own makeup, and took pictures of my work, and posted them on Facebook and Twitter. One day photographer Steve Meisel saw my work and booked me. I didn’t start doing makeup until I was 20. As a high in demand celebrity makeup artist, are there any celebrities whom you still like to work with that you haven’t as of yet? I have always wanted to work with Miley Cyrus. I met her once in Germany, she has a very talented makeup artist and I respect their relationship.

Future Me part 2 What is it that sets you apart from other makeup artists? I am known for my diversity. I work with every age, color, and genre. What is your most memorable moment you’ve had while doing celebrities makeup? I have had so many memorable moments. If I had to pick just one, it would have to be when I kissed every member of One Direction! I have pictures to prove it! Who are some people that inspired you through out your career? Kristofer Buckler, he is an amazing makeup artist, and I look up to his work. Nobody can accomplish what he has. Do you see yourself creating your own line of makeup someday? Yes I do, I would also like to create my own fragrance someday. What are some of the brands of makeup on your list? Motives, L’Oreal, Mac, and Avon. Motives is my favorite. What message do you have for teens out there aspiring to grow to be successful women? Natural assets will get you attention, Intelligence will keep it.

The 2nd slide is a picture of me when I was on a hike with my 5th grade class, back when I want to public school.The 3rd slide picture is supposed to represent my loneliness , and part 2 picture is supposed to represent time, or the past, present, future. The 4th slide picture is supposed to represent my love for art. The 6th slide picture is supposed to represent my love for makeup, and my goals for my future as a celebrity makeup artist. The 7th slide is supposed to represent my love for music, because this is my favorite band of all time, One Direction.

Book of Memories  

This is my final book of memories