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There are two mains steps to becoming a list building expert. Number one is knowing that you have to give something away to build your list. And number two is making them feel like an idiot to NOT give you their info! What do you give away? It could be a free report, free video, free coffee mug, etc. but it has to be free! If you want to build your list very quickly either make the give-away really nice or make them feel like a total idiot if they do not give you their data! So, how do you make them feel like an idiot if they do not give you their data? Raise their curiosity, scare them and speak the conversation that is already going on in their head. For example the best ads I have seen for chiropractors are the ones that raise questions as to whether it is a ripoff or not! Why would that possibly make a good ad? Because that is the conversation already going on in their head. People wonder if it is worth it or if they are con artists and if you speak their language you will get them to visit your page. Then, if you give them a free report telling them the things to look out for, you appear like you are educating, which, people appreciate and that is what they are really looking for, not how most sites just sell. Now, no business category should have just one free giveaway, especially when you are talking about a free report. For example one of my marketing clients is an air conditioning company. We give a different report to those that search that their air conditioner is broken versus someone who searches on mold around their air conditioner.

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For more information on List Building Service please check this out;

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