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Look in your closet - quick. Then close it. It is cramped, packed with so much stuff that you cannot even find the things you really need, right? It's time to clean your closet out. The great news : you don't have to throw out everything. Today's best closet systems can double the usable space in your closet. If you are reorganizing your closet, the first thing you need to do is assess what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. The second thing? Choose the best custom closet system to organize your life. There are two ways you can go when you're setting up your new improved closet. You can use a pre-measured closet system. This system has a fairly rigid set of gadgets, shelves, and racks, designed to fit into the space you measure your closet to provide. This method makes the most efficient use of space, provided your closet is set to fit one of the pre-made systems available. However, it is not flexible for those who have, for instance, a fairly small clothing selection but a million pairs of shoes and matching purses. The second way to easily organize your closet is by using a closet organization kit. These kits are much more flexible in size, and generally consist primarily of many different modules, often expandable plastics. A closet organization kit is easier to modify, but does not make the most efficient use of space available. Some people choose a method somewhere in between these, with a portion of the closet devoted to a rigid closet system and the rest flexible to use organization kits and similar individual modules. One of the best custom closet kits available is the 8 in 1 closet organizer system. This handy kit fits in any standard eight-foot closet and can be modified into eight different configurations, or portions left out in smaller closets and closets that need other parts. In its most efficient configuration, the eight-foot closet can handle the amount of stuff you would need twenty feet of closet to hold under normal situations - that is, a 150% increase in the amount of room you have available. For larger closets, you can add smaller modules or shelf systems into your closet with the 8 in 1 closet organizer system, giving yourself even more room and organization. The ShelfTrack 8 in 1 closet organizer system has also gotten some very good ratings from consumers, who praise its sturdiness and child-friendliness. This makes it an especially good item to check out for space-hungry families. You can also design your own closet organizer system, with or without a system core. This is a good choice for those who have irregularly sized closets (like closets built under eaves or in renovated homes) or for those who have an atypical collection of possessions, like collectors. No matter what your closet organization system, make certain you carefully assess your own needs, likely future needs, and all storage alternatives before you select one. This ensures that your first closet organization investment is the right one. As you can see, building the closet organizer of

your dreams is not a difficult task at all. Start organizing your closet now!

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