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Are you looking for the best copywriting jobs? Usually the best copywriting jobs are not advertised. You find them by making contacts, and by networking, both online and offline. Here's where to find the best copywriting jobs: 1. Get Copywriting Jobs Through Your Current Clients Your current clients are always the best source of new copywriting jobs. All you have to do is ask them for referrals. Yes, this sounds simple but it's amazingly effective. Make it a habit that as soon as you finish a copywriting project for a client you ask the client for both a testimonial and a referral to his contacts. Just say "I am looking to build up my client list. Would any of your contacts be able to use my skills?" 2. Webmaster and Marketing Forums Online forums are great sources of copywriting jobs. When forum members get to know you, they will approach you with projects they're currently working on. Use your forum signature to advertise your availability, and to provide a link to your website. It's also useful to give an idea of the prices you charge. Be aware that advertising your fees is controversial. Many copywriters object to discussing or displaying rates online. However make up your own mind about this. It's your business, so run it in the way you deem most efficient. 3. Create Proposals for Local Businesses For a new copywriter, local businesses are always the best sources of copywriting jobs. Although you may feel that you have more of a potential client pool on the Web -- after all millions businesses use the Web ever day -- the Web is highly competitive, and you will be competing with professional copywriters who have been in the business for many years. Locally however, you are the king. You'll find that for many of your local businesses, you'll be the first copywriter who's ever approached them. Indeed you may need to tell them exactly how a copywriter can help their business. Local businesses generally do a poor job of marketing themselves because they're too short-

staffed. Your copywriting skills will be in high demand so make as many contacts as you can locally.

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==== ==== For more information on Copywriting Jobs please check this out; ==== ====

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