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Are you an internet or affiliate marketer looking to create and drive more traffic to your sites for free? Blog commenting is a great way to drive traffic to your sites and help your SEO efforts as well. However, this article lists common blog commenting mistakes that you want to avoid. Not all blog commenting strategies are the same. Many tactics can actually hurt your traffic creation and SEO efforts. Here's a list of things you want to avoid when blog commenting. 1. Spam Comments - Be sure to read each sites commenting policies, if any. Unless allowed don't post your links in the comment. Additionally, don't use keywords in your name, unless specifically authorized to do so, or the site uses commenting services like CommentLuv or KeywordLuv. 2. Don't use copy and paste comments - Do not just leave messages like the following: "Great post", "Thanks for the great post". "Thanks for the post", "You rock", "Thanks for the great info" or any other short boring post. You might as well just post this message, "I didn't read your post, I'm just using you for a backlink." 3. Don't Promote Your Own Interests - Never try to pitch your business opportunity, sell your product or get someone to join your business. There are better ways to advertise your interests. Don't make the mistake leaving links to your site or services in your post. This type of activity will get your comments rejected on most sites. 4. Don't Comment Just To Comment - Don't make the common mistake of casual commenting. Be sure to leave a unique quality comment. Be sure to read the post and some of the posts before you leave your comment. 5. Don't Go Off On Your Own Tangent - Another common mistake made by commenters is that they get off the subject and leave personal rants or unrelated comments. Be sure to make sure that your comments are relevant and useful to the post and thread of comments. 6. Don't Get Lost In The Crowd - Don't make the mistake of being the 349th person to comment. Search for blogs with either no posts or just a few posts. If you're the first to post a quality comment on a busy site you can get a lot of traffic back to your site when they click on your link. However, if you're post gets swallowed up in a sea of other comments you won't get the results you're looking for. Remember, that you can use blog commenting to: increase your exposure; brand yourself; drive traffic; increase sales of your products, promote your business opportunity; or to increase your SEO and page rank. I wrote this article to help you avoid these mistakes. I want you to be successful, so make sure to avoid these common blog commenting mistakes.

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