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Words can be powerful, and writing has the power to influence how people think, feel, and behave. Copywriters should understand how people interact with online information and how to write search-engine-friendly copy. As an internet marketer, you need to master copywriting skills to drive traffic to your website and reap benefits in the process. Copywriting skills you need to master include: 1) Brevity In Your Copy - Keep your introduction short and get right to the main points of your topic. Break up your paragraphs and write in shorter sentences. Your readers will retain the information much easier this way. You should also bold your main points, write numbered or bullet lists, and use headlines; all make it easier for readers to follow. 2) Write Like You Talk - Informal writing can help humanize you as a credible author and a real person. You are not writing a thesis or school project; you are writing to and for your reader. Let them know that you are conveying a benefit that will help them solve a problem or fulfill a need. Give them what they are looking for. 3) Use An Active Voice - Passive words can make for longer sentences and do not sound as good. For example, "I found this great new product," is grammatically correct and less awkward than "This great new product was found by me." Make sure to use spell check and edit your article before submitting to any directory. Great copy provides the key messages in a clear and easy to understand manner. 4) Learn To Be Creative - This copywriting skill can be difficult to master, but you can learn. You should look at other people's articles, particularly ones on the first page of Google and Yahoo!, and focus on what they are saying and how they are saying it. Does their title entice you to continue reading? Does the content provide beneficial information you can use? Would you be tempted to buy from them? A good copywriter knows how to be persuasive in their writing, and you can learn from them. Purchase books that explain copywriting or borrow books from your library. 5) Focus On Benefits - This is one of the most important copywriting skills you need to master. Benefits are the advantages people gain from buying your products. Many emotional "hot buttons" or cues cause a person to buy something or take some action. Some of these hot buttons include: • Excitement of Discovery • Making More Money

• Saving Time • The Desire To Get The Best • Wish Fulfillment • Power, Dominance, and Influence • Self-Achievement • Desire For Control Cater to the needs that will get your readers to buy your products. In conclusion, copywriting skills will be mastered by learning and doing. As internet marketers, your copy should highlight and emphasize main points, be brief in paragraphs and sentences, be in an active voice, be intelligently creative, and focus on benefits to your readers. Do not worry if this takes time to learn, just keep focused on these skills and you will incorporate new ones along the way.

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