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Social media has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Social networking sites have become increasingly popular and are used by many people for different purposes. This provides a new opportunity for marketers, as social media is a platform that can be used for promotions effectively. The online environment is very dynamic and competitive and just relying on traditional marketing techniques is not enough. It is important to come up with new ways to promote your company, so that you can get maximum exposure for your website. The unprecedented growth of social media has made companies release that this is a highly effective marketing and promotional medium, which cannot be ignored. There are many ways you can use media tools to promote your company effectively. First of all, you need your company's presence at media websites. This is the first step towards integrating social media in your strategy. Your company should have a separate page on all the popular social networking sites. For example, you can build a Facebook page for your company or its products, so that people can visit the page and be informed about the company. Similarly, you can use Twitter and MySpace for such purposes. YouTube is another highly popular channel, which can be very beneficial for promotional purposes. However, just building a page is not enough. Your social media page should be very interactive and informative for the viewers. Allow people to post their comments and questions and start discussions about products and reviews. Make sure that you are quick to respond to any questions posted on the page, as a dead page can be very bad for a company's image. You can post all kinds of informative material on the page such as product reviews, pictures, videos and tutorials. In this way, you can get additional advertising space as well as a means to interact with potential customers. There are many tools you can use for engaging people and drawing them to your company's page, such as events, contents, discussion forums etc. Social media tools can also be used to build up your email list. An email list is an effective promotional tool, as it helps you get the attention of potential customers. In most social media sites, you can get access to email addresses once a viewer joins your page. Also, you can come up with promotions and campaigns and ask people to sign up with their email addresses. This will provide you with email addresses of many people who are actually interested in your products and services. When it comes to social media, do not underestimate the power and popularity of blogs. Blogs are very effective for influencing people to try out your products. You can easily find popular blogs

related to your blogs and get affiliated with them. In this way, the bloggers can talk about your products in their blogs and encourage their subscribers to try them out.

Nowadays social media tools are one of best ways to generate traffic and social media marketing can improve your company effectively

==== ==== For more information on UK vs Europe Digital Race please check this out; ==== ====

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