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One of the best global aviation magazines that I've come across in a long time is; Global Aviator. I recommend this magazine to anyone who is in the industry or wants to get into this sector. There are lots of insider comments, interviews, and information inside each and every issue. There is information on airlines, airliners, general aviation, air shows, helicopters, and piloting. The magazine boast; "Informative reading for industry insiders and pilots worldwide," and indeed it is all that and more. For instance in the July 2010 edition that was an article on the Reno Air Races, information that you didn't hear. There was another great article on the Boeing V-22 Osprey and military aviation. Also great a great story on the real costs of owning a helicopter, and some of the latest new helicopters and regulatory approval in the new innovative categories of rotorcraft. "Global Aviator" published by Mike de Villiers of South Africa, ISSN: 2074-7578 As a lifetime lover of aviation, former business owner of an aviation service franchise company, and a pilot, I cannot think of a better overall magazine to assist you in getting great stories on many of the things they do not discuss much of in Aviation Leak and Spy Technology. Each month you be surprised at the great articles and stories in this magazine, it's always a treat when I hit the mail box and find it has arrived. Also you can check this out online, as there are constant updates on all this information and more. It's just a wonderful magazine for the global aviation professional, I am certain you will agree, so go check it out. Sincerely, Lance.

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