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Today, I'm going to share with you some copywriting tips and how to start your own copywriting business. This article will show you how to get your first copywriting job and clients as a new copywriter. I personally followed the steps below to get my first copywriting job. Tip #1: Write For Friends For Free In the beginning, I wrote the first couple of jobs for free. So I did 2 jobs for friends for free. I wrote advertising for them including the website, email copy as well as print ads. Through this, I got copywriting experience, writing experience and references. The question is how did I get paid? How did I get my first job? The answer to these questions will continue to the next copywriting tip. Tip #2: Join Copywriting Forums and Identify Successful Copywriters I joined a copywriting forum on the internet with lots of different copywriters discussing different topics, and helping people out who'd come and ask for copywriting advice. On this forum I identified a successful copywriter, and built a relationship with him. Tip #3: Contact Successful Copywriters Next I contacted this successful copywriter and propositioned him through email. I told him that I'm a new copywriter, I'm new to the business and I'm looking to get some work. I said if he was ever overloaded with work, then perhaps he could send some work my way and I could help him out. Out of that, I got a reply from him within a couple of days telling me that he had some extra jobs, but he not sure about my ability. He wanted to see my portfolio first. Tip #4: Show Off Your Copywriting Portfolio - Get Copywriting Jobs Now remember, I was just getting started in the copywriting business. I didn't have a big copywriting portfolio, but I did have two copywriting samples I had done for friends, for free. So I sent through my samples and he was impressed! Tip #5: Prove Yourself Before he actually decided to send me the job, he wants me to tell my thoughts on something he has written recently. As a successful copywriter asking me, a total beginner to analyze his work and ask for my thoughts to improve his work, was very intimidating. This is the right time to prove your skill and expertise. I shared a couple of things that I thought he could change such as the headline as well as a new opening sentence of the sales letter. In the end, he was actually very impressed and sent me work right away. Literally within two weeks he sent me two pain clients as

referrals who offered paid copywriting jobs to me. Those jobs were worth thousands of dollars. Tip #6: Find More Copywriting Jobs Online As my career took off and my confidence grew, I was able to use different strategies and not just relying on other successful copywriters as my main source of getting clients. Start to participate in some of those online marketing forums or copywriting forums which you can find by going to Google and typing in "copywriting forum". Once you go to those forums, you can now identify the real people who seem very active as copywriters. Now what you may find are some copywriters who would be happy to give you work but they may take a percentage. This is standard and this is usual. So, that's what I recommend you to do. Go there find a copywriter who seems doing quite well. Contact them and simply start a referral relationship. And you never know in the future when you'd become overloaded of copywriting jobs, you might be the one sending on work to other copywriters as well. Because there are more clients that we could ever all work for. There's never going to be a shortage of writing advertising no matter what kind of economy were in and that's what I recommend you to do.

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