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Blog commenting can bring you tons of traffic to your site. The key is to comment on high-profile blogs. They have thousands of readers and the best way to increase traffic to your site is to position yourself in front of as many people as possible. That's why blog commenting rocks! Here are some things to keep in mind when blog commenting: There are some key points to consider. When you comments on someone's blog, you want to make sure you're providing good, valuable content. The short and sweet stuff like: "I agree" or "Hey thanks for this post" just doesn't cut it. To drive lots and lots of traffic to your blog, here are some tips: High-Profile Blogs: To drive traffic you should comment on a high-profile blog that normally has lots of readers/RSS subscribers and commentators. Timing: You must comment on the latest post as soon as possible after it's published. The early bird gets the traffic. By commenting ASAP, you're positioning yourself (and your blog) in front of thousands of people who are going to read your quality post! Early = Exposure. If you end up as the 50th commentator, not very many people are gonna see your comment. If you get in early and end up as one of the first 5-8 commentators, you're in a great spot for exposure! Value, Value, Value: It drives me crazy to see people post junk just to get exposure. The quality of your comment should reflect the quality of your blog, right? Don't post a comment just for the heck of it. Share your thoughts if they're interesting, add value, and are relevant to the post you're commenting on. People will remember you for it. Get attention! Write a comment that will echo with people - leave a presence. Make them remember you and want to know more about you! Make your comment substantial! Include your

thoughts about the post and add additional information that might help others. or perhaps your own personal experience. Make an impact! Personalize It With Your Brand: Consistency is key when blog commenting. People will remember your name, your face, your URL, your signature. Keep them the same and don't change them from blog to blog. People will see your name and remember your quality blog comments. They'll come to know you and will recognize your name, face and URL when you post helpful, informative comments on high-profile blogs. This is a great way to build relationships and send people to YOUR blog. Again, make yourself memorable! Can you see the power of choosing several high-profile blogs and posting quality (early) comments on them regularly? High-profile blogs have thousands of readers and this is massive exposure for you! Remember, leave a presence! Next, drive traffic to your blog, and LOTS of it!!!!

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==== ==== For more information on Blog Commenting Rock please check this out; ==== ====

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For more information on Blog Commenting please check this out;