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If you want to, or are planning to start building an email list, here's a simple technique you can use to get started right away. By far one of the quickest and fastest ways to build an email list is to join what are called JV giveaways or joint venture giveaways. There are usually several JV giveaways happening each month. Basically, what happens at a JV giveaway is that many different marketers all come together under one roof (so-to-speak). Each marketer or online business owner will offer at least one free gift in the giveaway. We call these people "contributors". In many cases, there can be as many as several hundred contributors in the giveaway. The person who is organizing the JV giveaway will set a beginning and ending date. There will usually be between two weeks and one month before the JV giveaway goes live. This time frame gives the current contributors an opportunity to promote the JV giveaway to other contributors. When you join a JV giveaway as a contributor you will be given a special URL in which to promote the giveaway to other contributors. The more contributors you bring in will place your gift higher in the rankings. There are usually between ten and fifteen gifts per page. So the idea is to bring in as many contributors via your promotional URL as possible, so your gift will rank as high as possible. The closer to the first page of gifts your contribution ranks, the greater the chances are you will build your email list much faster. Once the opening date is reached, then it is time to promote the giveaway to as many people as you possibly can. As a rule, all contributors must promote the JV giveaway or their gift can be removed from the event. If you're just getting started and have a small list or no list at all, your contributed gift will rank very low. But don't let this bother you. Just promote as best you can when you are getting started. When I first started joining JV giveaways I only had an email list of about 200 people. I remember my gift ranking third to last in my first giveaway event. I was able to get two contributors signed up, and about three regular members. But I did not let that phase me. I kept on joining JV giveaways every week and after only one month I had built an email list of over 3000 people. I was actually involved in three different events that all opened in the same week. That same week I had over 700 new sign-ups to my email list. The moral of this story?... By joining JV giveaway events as a contributing member, you can literally build an email list of thousands of people in 30 days or less. To find JV giveaway events you can join as a contributor,

simply go to Google or your favorite search engine and search for the phrase "jv giveaway events". By simply clicking through each page in the search results, you should find several current events and the links to them. This simple email list building technique can quickly explode the size of your email list. If you even half-heartedly try this technique for 30 days, I guarantee you'll see your list growing very quickly.

Copyright 2009 - Patrick Mahoney When you start joining lots of different JV Giveaways, it can start to become a hassle keeping track of all of your sign-up pages and event details. That's why I created the JV Contributor Toolkit! Easily keep track of all your event info, squeeze pages and other information in one system: []

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For more information on Email List Building Techniques please check this out;