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THE HIPPIE MOVEMENT By: Alexis Begrowicz and Emily Ladd

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Introduction  What is a hippie?

 What is the difference between an old hippie and a new hippie?

 Once a hippie, always a hippie?

 To understand the way of the hippie we must look at the birth of it, the important people, the hair and clothing styles, and how they have changed from the 1960‟s to today.

Outline  What is a hippie?

 Birth of the hippie  Why did this era begin  Famous hippies

 Hippie music  Hairstyles  Clothing and style  Hippies then and now

What is a Hippie?  Drug users or rock „n‟ roll fans  A person who lived in the 1960s

 Rejected established institutions and values

 Folksy clothing, beads, headbands  Believed in values such as peace, love and happiness

Birth of the Hippies  Youth movement in U.S. in 1960s

 Spread to other countries

 Term “hippie” is originated from the word hipster

 Started in San Francisco, CA in the Haight- Ashbury district

Why did this Era begin?  Reaction against Vietnam War

 Attempted to break from societal norms

 Supported the Civil Rights Movement

 Promoting the idea of peace, love, unity and freedom

Famous Hippies  Bob Dylan

 Bob Marley

 John Lennon

 Abbie Hoffman

Hippie Music  Used music to express themselves  Emotionally  Spiritually  Politically

 Songs normally written about love, nature, peace, and drugs

Hippie Music cont.  Psychedelic Music- inspired by LSD (Jefferson Airplane)

 Folk Music- used to protest( Bob Dylan)

 Pop Hippie- music was mainstream (The Beatles)

Hairstyles • Long natural hair

Did not spend time styling

• Parted down the middle

• Accessorized with headbands or flowers

Clothing and Style • peace symbol • Fringe

• Bell bottom jeans • Tie dye • Worn out jeans •

boots or leather sandals

• Combat style vests

Clothing and Style cont.  Counter-culture idea  Handmade  Natural  Vibrant colors

Hippies Then and Now  Still around today

 Not as present  Wanted to be free from materialistic values

 Protested against war

 Today protest superficial trend

The Hippie Movment  

powerpoint presentation

The Hippie Movment  

powerpoint presentation