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Alexis Begrowicz Rationale Paper English 106 Behind Closed Doors; The Zeta Mansion Home: a place where one lives, a residence. Home, a dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it, a household. Home, the physical structure which one resides. What does home mean to me? More then these definitions even begin to describe. 118 Waldron Street is what I call my home, otherwise known as Zeta Tau Alpha. This house is one of the most important factors in my life thus far, and this is the reason why I chose this for my topic. Living with 84 other young women never gets old, each day being a new adventure, and it is a place where my friends become my family. I believe that everyone should express what he or she loves, so after reading through my photo essay I hope everybody understands what this house truly means to me. By photographing the most essential components of the house, including the living room, dining room, and my desk, it will give the readers a better understanding what living in a sorority is all about. After unfolding my feelings about ZTA, I will now describe the photo shopping techniques I used to create this masterpiece. Photoshop is a very unique and detailed computer program, which allows an individual to design beautiful photographs. Learning all the tricks is a never-ending process, which most folks never completely accomplish. After fidgeting and experimenting with all the different tools, I finally found what I was looking for and completed my project to the best of my abilities. To start out I attempted to take each picture in a distinctive way by varying the angles, the objects in each one, and the time of day I captured them all. I discovered that by taking them in the mid

afternoon resulted in the best pictures, due to the light and color from the sun, this being what really made the images stand out. I decided that the outside of ZTA should be the first picture of my presentation because it captures what the rest of the project will entail, the indoors. First, I used the hue and saturation tools, which I concluded were my two favorite tools by the end of this assignment. They bring so much light and bright happy colors to the photo, and I thought it was a good way to express the joyful attitude that I have towards this house. Like every other section of this paper, I produced the captions in the same format. I used a type of black cursive font, ranging from sizes 36 to 48, depending on the size of each photo, and the location on where the caption was placed. Additionally, I used the blending options with each caption, mostly using the inner glow and outer glow, to make it really fit in with every image. Also, I varied the background color for each individual photo because I felt it looked more natural to match the background with the image as well as making the font color black to write my paragraphs. Throughout editing each picture, I developed a love for the invert color tool, which allowed you to focus on certain colors of the pictures such as blue, red, green or pinks. I used his tool particularly in the Momma Mary, BMOC hallway, my desk, and in small portions of the rest of the photos. I believe that by using this tool it makes these certain photos stand out more because there is not a whole lot of color involved from the beginning. After reviewing these certain photos you can tell that I matched the summary paragraph font color, and the background to match the specific picture. That is the reason behind the different colors in each different page of my project, I feel that if they were all the same it would tend to get boring to observe rather then the way I did it, with each photo being something new and exciting to gaze at.

Another important feature that I used was increasing the canvas size, depending on every different sized picture, mostly changing the canvas size to a 15 by 16 inched frame. This appeared to be the perfect dimensions for all the pages, capturing everything I wanted to include in each one. Finally, after numerous hours of hard work and mastering these photo shop skills I completed my project to the best of my abilities. It was a frustrating and timeconsuming process but I am truly satisfied with the outcome. Nonetheless, I hope that once an individual is completed reviewing my project, they will have a better understanding of my love for my home and what it is like to live in a sorority house. And remember, it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

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