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Alexis Augmon March 16, 2011 Block 4 Grade 8

Tim's Crazy New Year

Only two weeks into the New Year had passed and Tim already broken his first resolution: Don't kill anyone!

It was January 1, 2010 and Tim was not feeling to well. He didn't know how he was going to make it a habit not to kill anyone anymore. Tim loves to kill people, it's like a drug to him. As he was sitting in his chair Tim said to himself

“How am I going to accomplish this goal? Killing is my life!” He gets up and go downstairs. He gets downstairs and his cellphone rings. It's his friend Doug.

“Hey Tim! Hows it going?” Doug asked. “Dude don't even ask” Tim replied. Doug very excited says “Okay so I'm throwing a party in two weeks wanna come?” “Is Paul gonna be there?” Tim replied. “Uh.....Maybe?Why?” Doug asked. Tim cleared his throat “Oh nothing okay so see you there!” “Okay great, see ya later Tim.” Doug replied. Doug hung up the phone.

Tim couldn't stand Paul. In the fifth grade Paul took Tim's favorite snack, put it on the ground, and stomped on it and laughed. Tim was so angry that until this day he still hasn't let it go. He has been planning his death since the fifth grade which was thirty years ago, but he hasn't thought of the right plan yet. Tim now needs to forget about it because he can't kill anymore. After the phone call Tim decides to go tot the beach to clear his head. As he is sitting on the beach all of a sudden a fat old man comes by. The fat old man introduces himself. He says

“Hi. I'm Jimmy. What's your name sonny?” Doug closed his eye's and opened them back up and says

“Get away from me or else old man.” Jimmy says “ Now little fella no need to get mad.” Tim is furious and says “Shut up before you die in the middle of this beach. I will throw your body in the ocean, and let the sea animals eat you alive now get away from me!”

The old man got up and ran away. Tim got up and start running the opposite direction. He thought he was loosing his mind so he just start screaming. He start throwing sand then he just blacked out. The police found him two weeks later.

Tim gets up “Hey, what happened to me?” The Police Officer says “According to our tapes two weeks ago you threaten a man then you just blacked out.” “Don't I know you from somewhere” says Tim.

“Yes actually, It's me Peter. I had just got a call on my way to Doug's party that some crazy man was dead in the middle of the beach but your alive so do you want a ride to Doug's house because I heard you were coming anyways.” Says Peter with a smile on his face. Tim surprisingly replied “Yea, sure thank you very much.”

They walked together to the car not saying one word to each other. They get into the car and Tim starts a conversation.

“So Peter, why did you smash my snacks in the fifth grade?” said Tim Peter says “Oh my gosh dude, I can't believe you remember that it was so long ago. Why do you ask? While Peter was driving, Tim grabbed Peter's hand gun.

“I've never forgot about it punk, you thought you can just smash my snack and get away with it? I don't think so buddy.” Tim replied

Peter looks at him and laughs. When they pull up to the party Tim is furious. Tim pulls out the gun and shots him in the head five times. Tim looked at Peter and said

“I bet in your second life you will think twice before you take someones snack and smashes them because you never know something might just happen to you in your future pal.”

Tim got out of the police car and went inside Doug's house party. He went on a killing spree. He killed everyone went outside and burned the house down. He went home and before he went to sleep he said himself today was a great day with a smile. No one ever found out what happened to the house he burned down or Peter.

Short story  
Short story  

This is my short story from englis class. The story is about a guy named Tim who had made a new year resolution to not kill anyone and broke...