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Paintball By Alexis Howe

“I’ll cover you Dad,” I yelled as we ran through the paintball field. We were in New Zealand playing paintball with three strangers. My dad grabbed the carton while I ran in front to cover him. My little brother Andrew was sniping with one of the strangers named Liam. Liam lined up his shot the fired, he had hit me in the mask. As it did I could hear the ball crack open, I could smell the vegetable paint, I could taste the vegetable paint that got through my mask, I could feel the gooey yellow paint, I could seelittle pieces of the cracked ball hidden in the yellow slim. As we were walking out of the “bloody mess” Liam said he was really sorry. I told him it was ok as I tried to wipe the gunk off my mask. After that we started to laugh at it and I told him it was a good shot. So after all it wasn’t that bad.


getting hit with a paintball hurts