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By Lexi Howe My dad…..sometimes does not have such great ideas. The water was bitter cold as we started to get in. It was a sunny day and we decided to swim to the reef. Laine and I got in first; we started to play in the water to get used to the cooler temperature. Finally, everybody was relaxed in the water. We started to walk deeper into the glacial depths. I started to think there’s no turning back. I couldn’t feel the ground any more….. Laine and I started to freak out. It felt like an hour until we finally made it to the reef. I wanted to see how deep it was. While I was under water my Dad said, ‘‘Lets go back becausethere are a lot of sea urchins.’’ Of course I had no idea he warned us. I put my foot down and then…………….BOOM!!!!!!!!! It happened!!!!! I stepped on the sea urchin! It was a quick sting then it felt like nothing. I said to my dad, ‘‘I stepped on a sea urchin”, then he said that I was joking and then…………….BOOM!!!!!!!!! Just like that my foot started to sting again. I yelled that I wasn’t kidding. This time he believed me. He carried me to shore. I started to scream becausemy foot wasn’t in the water. My dad got the message and bent down so my foot was just immersed in the water. Then my dad ran to the chairs. He told Collin to get towels, but Collin kept complaining that he had to pee pee. Then my dad thought he got a brilliant idea so he told Collin to pee in a small cup. When Collin got back I was balling. My dad grabbed the cup and dumped it on my foot. 

I was grossed out…it didn’t work…it was warm and stinky. I started to yell at him and my brother started cracking up. Fell down laughing in pain. I started to yell at both of them. Laine was just standing there amazed, while I was thinking she would never talk to me again. He might have thought my family was a bunch of weirdos. But thank fully she didn’t. Sadly, that day we were scheduled to go rock climbing, but I couldn’t becauseof my foot. I thought it was stupid becauseI could play basketball perfectly, so I would just have to climb with one leg. I thought it wouldn’t be so hard, but I never got to find out becausethey wouldn’t let me. Plus they did get a golf cart for me so I had to hop everywhere and Laine had to help me, but most of the time I would just lean on a wall. There was one good thing to this…………Iwasn’t the first one to be peed on but that’s a different story. 


ouch seaurchin