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photography&film November 2013

Each and every wedding is unique. It is you that makes it so. It is not only about the couple but also about their families. We are intensely passionate about our storytelling through photography and cinema. We can’t wait to produce something uniquely yours. Please read on to discover more about us. We are at your service. To watch our current film productions online please visit

Do what you love - Love what you do.

Using a blend of art and heart, we capture personal moments of magnificence and simplicity, the drama, magic and the beauty of your day. WHO ARE WE? We are Alexio and Alexandra Ferrão - a talented husband and wife team with a true passion for the art of wedding photography, film making and cinematography. Our goal is to translate the love you feel on this day into a visual keepsake that you will cherish for the rest of your life. WHY CHOOSE US? We love what we do and we aim to be different and unique. We value our clients and the trust they are putting into us and we reciprocate by giving you everything we have. We do our best to communicate, listen, learn, understand, appreciate, capture, share and create. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM US? From initial contact to your wedding day, and through to the delivery of your film, we will maintain communication, keeping you up to date with the progress of the project, and making sure we exceed your expectations. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? We use your love letters, speeches and marriage vows to narrate the production and combined with carefully selected music we create a unique film. We are watching people, your families, we are looking for moments. We are not simply videographers who show up to your event to film it – we are story-tellers. We look for the details, we merge dialogue and a story with audio and visuals, we capture emotion, and stitch it together in heartfelt cinema. The post production of these elements can run into several days, but ours is a labour of love. To put it simply, videography is ordinary, and what we set out to achieve through cinematography with creative flair is the extraordinary.

SHARING YOUR STORY At the heart of a great film is a great story.. And despite all the advancements we’ve made in communication technology - email, text messaging, video chat, and more - there is just no substitute for a handwritten love letter. This epiphany came when we realised that love letters are not just tiny romantic treasures; they become the perfect script for your very own love story. Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, most people delight in sharing the little things that happen to them daily. But, when it comes to undertaking something such as actually writing their own love story, most people cringe at the idea. But imagine the surprise your partner will feel when you’ve taken the time to record the most significant parts of your lives on paper and the emotion when they get to read it on the first day of forever with you. It makes all of this worthwhile. GETTING STARTED OK so where to start with all this? We have a series of questionnaires that we send out to our brides and grooms and use their input to discuss ideas and a loose script for the production. Ultimately, we are also going to have to consider the cost of our service, which we refer to as the investment. The reasons for this reference will become much more apparent when you receive the final edit or review your photographs.

Alexio Ferrão Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life - Confucius MY STORY I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa to a middle class family. Ethnically I am a mix of Indian and Portuguese. I left school aged 15, left home aged 19 and started my own design business aged 21.

Here’s the bit where I toot my own trumpet.. This versatile skillset and ‘anything is possible’ attitude has empowered me to be the well rounded, focused and driven creative individual that exceeds expectations.

I am now 38 years old, and I live in Beckenham, Kent, with my lovely wife Alex and our dog Swankie. I love life with them. The picture opposite is from our wedding in Zimbabwe last year.

My creative skills are self-taught. I’ll ask you to judge me on my work and not on a piece of paper or a diploma.

For the past 16 years I have run a full service design and print agency here in London (www.afd. net) and also worked as a Fashion and Commercial Photographer ( Experience has made me a creative director, graphic designer, brand consultant, marketer, photographer, videographer, editor, web developer, copywriter, signmaker, screen printer, print manager, project co-ordinator, accountant, cleaner, tea-boy. Metaphorically speaking, I wear many creative hats, on the same head, and sometimes at the same time. Some of those hats have feathers too, more than a few actually. I always put the usual ‘110%’ into everything, and treat every wedding booking as an honour and a privilege.

It’s funny to consider, but it’s now my job to get people to laugh, jump in puddles, hang out of trees, eat ice cream, hug, hold hands, dream, kiss, wink, nosekiss, row boats and do the fun stuff we thought only happens in movies. A shoot works magic when people feel natural and relaxed. I won’t pick up my camera until I know I have that trust from someone and the connection is made. It’s a personal thing, but hugely important to me and my brand Emotion. I can get quite emotional myself and on my wedding day, the tears literally flowed down my cheeks. It was a wonderful day.

Check me out here..

But enough about me, let’s discuss your day. My advice is free and my attitude is honest.I genuinely love creating heartfelt photography and cinematography through Emotion. I would love to be a part of your day.

Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

From this day forward, you shall not walk alone... heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.

Short Films and Storytelling We love telling your story through motion. Our approach will be as unique as you both are, we capture and document moments cinematically. Wedding Cinematography Documenting weddings and capturing moments in motion are an important part of your memories, we have a huge investment in state of the art equipment with multiple cameras, lenses sliders, steadicams, cranes, dollies and more. With hours of filming in full HD comes hours of footage and gigabyte of files. After the event is captured the real task begins of stitching together those moments to create your short film. The post production can run into several days. Depending on how much work and how many people will be involved in producing your films, you should consider costs to be between ÂŁ750 for entry level productions to ÂŁ4000 for advanced coverage over multiple dates. We encourage you to discuss this further either in person or over the phone. Destination Unknown We are based in London and available worldwide for destination weddings and assignments.

Multiple Date Weddings If your wedding event has multiple dates and locations, we would be happy to provide a quotation. There will be many factors that will influence the price, from travel and accomodation, coverage time, amount of footage, and number of event dates. Please provide us with complete information for us to provide a more accurate price. Our Creative Process Wedding Cinematography is much more complex than typical wedding videos because they are much more creative, artistic, and interesting to watch. Painstaking colour grading, trawling hours of footage, music selection, advanced editing and unashamed perfectionism all play their part in your production.

We love to travel and subsidise the cost or provide extra coverage and added value when travelling abroad.

Considering the overall cost of all aspects of your wedding is obviously important, just keep in mind that the memories we capture will undoubtedly last longer than all other elements of your wedding.

Please feel free to talk to us about your destination wedding - we would love to be there.

We will plan this day with you and discuss ideas and concepts until we find your perfect fit.


When something has a cost, it rarely brings value. To invest means to gain a return or receive value. Cost or an Investment?

Destination travel & logistics

We believe wedding cinematography and photography to be an important investment in your wedding.

Destination assignments require much more preparation on our behalf and more time commitments compared to local commissions.

When the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and the memories start to fade, all you will really be left with are your photographs and your film.

For one day destination assignments, this will usually involve one full day on either side of the main event(s) for travel and packing our extensive, expensive equipment.

With this hand made and heartfelt wedding film, you can return again and again to relive the most important day of your life.

We try to bring as much value to destination weddings as possible by offering extended coverage and additional services that we deem fit.

Your photographs and film can be shared with your children and their children.

There are very real flight and accomodation costs to be added to the assignment fee and we do our best to keep these to an absolute minimum.

Our productions are engaging, bursting with creative elements, creative filming, emotional audio and compelling content. Cinematically filmed. This is the return and value we bring in our productions. Of course we are biased.

It’s good to talk We’d kindly ask you to give us more information about your wedding including any dates and certainly letting us know about any ideas you have for the big day. We are not driven by money, we are driven by passion. Most things are best arranged after a simple chat. We can discuss everything from pricing to production and make flight and accomodation enquiries.

On your wedding day, we promise to be polite, congenial, and professional. We cherish the honour of being present at your wedding and acknowledge the trust you have given us to document your day. We are respectful to cultures and religions, to you and your families. Our pledge and promise to you is to provide you with nothing less than our best.

Your story An engagement photo session is fun, light hearted and romantic - a lovestory written in pictures to share with friends and family and treasured for eternity. We usually like to go to somewhere that is special to you, walk about with you both and get some gorgeous, fun shots. Throw in some dinner reservations (guys take note here) and you have yourself a lovely date! London is a fabulous city and totally inspiring. Perhaps we could shoot at the place you met, your favourite restaurant, a park, a field. The options are endless. Or maybe day trip to Paris for iconic romantic images? Whatever location you feel works, you can be sure of some hearfelt photography and storytelling. There are so many ways to put those great pictures to use - Save the date cards , photos to accompany invites, wedding slideshow, photos around your home, gifts, and sharing online. We approach this portrait sitting as an opportunity to capture the individuality of each couple through non-traditional and relaxed photos. These offer a glimpse into the couple’s unique relationship and make distinctive gifts for wedding guests and cherished keepsakes.

An engagement shoot is by no means essential, but it lets us get one step closer to knowing you a little better before the day, and will put you both at ease before your big day. If you are worried about how the wedding pictures might turn out, or camera-shy, this is a great way to gain confidence in an unpressured situation. If you would simply like the opportunity of a photoshoot for whatever reason, we are happy to oblige. We have also created short cinematic videos for some couples to tell their lovestory. These can be screened at the wedding ceremony or sent to friends and family who may not be able to attend. It can be a wonderful insight into how you met, and shows just how much you love each other. It’s cool and cute. We’d love to discuss some creative ideas with you, and perhaps combine a videoshoot alongside your photo session. Please review our cinematic videos at

Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.


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Frequently asked questions

We’ve covered a few here, but hey if there’s anything else you’d like to know, just drop us a line, we’d love to talk you through it. What can we expect from Emotion? Photos and films that make you laugh, cry, shoutfor-joy and stare, awesome memories, the kind of stuff you didn’t even see happening. A passionate, friendly team, honoured you trust them, thrilled to be there and genuinely happy for you. What kind of equipment do you use? We use high-end Canon DSLR bodies along with different types of very high end lenses to capture different moments. For example for detailed shots like the rings we will use a macro lens and for the group shots we would use a wide angle 24mm lens. We constantly invest in our kit at every opportunity so that we consistently improve the quality of our work. How early should we book? The earlier you plan your wedding the better. Weekend weddings from May to August are in high demand and are likely to be booked up. We regard weddings within 3 months to be a last-minute booking and would encourage you to communicate your requirements with us as soon as possible What is your attitude? Well dressed, on time, friendly and most of the time invisible to you. We won’t be in your face for the entire day. Unobtrusive.. that’s the word we are looking for.

Where are you located? Our studio is in Beckenham, Kent and we serve the UK and are happy to travel internationally. We are lucky to have travelled to Zimbabwe, Cayman Islands, Spain, Morocco and hope to add to this list. I am having a destination or out of town wedding, how does that work as far as pricing and travelling? Please send us more details and we can give you a realistic cost once we have considered travel logistics. Do you offer engagement photography? Engagement sessions can be added to any package, we look at this as a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Potentially a great opportunity to create a short-film about you and something that could be screened at your reception. We are all about the story. Can our friends take pictures at the wedding? This is an exciting day for friends and family, and most will have a camera with them to record the memories. It is only a problem if guests get in the way of important shots – like the procession down the aisle, the first kiss, formal shots etc. Also, other people taking pictures during formal group shots can slow everything down by distracting the guests. We don’t want a group shot with everyone looking at a different camera. Trust us it happens!

Remember that at the end of the day you are paying your official photographer to get the photographs you want. There is always an avid photographer in every family, but our team always need our space and opportunity to work and get the best for you. We insist that we are the only official photographers or cinematographers for your events. What pictures will you take at our wedding? It’s very important that we take the pictures you’d like us to take which is one of the reasons for the pre-wedding meeting as it helps give us an idea of your ideas and preferences. We can supply you with a sample list which you can adapt as you wish. Why should I hire a professional, my uncle has a good camera he could do it? Would you let your uncle cut your hair? As professionals we have experience and will be at ease throughout the day, we will also have the best equipment to produce good quality photographs and films. Do you have any terms or a contract? Yes, our terms are outlined in our contracts and we will email you a copy for review as we progress to the booking stage. What if the weather is bad on the day? This is where the skill of the photographer really comes into play as it is often not easy to produce a

Frequently asked questions varied set of photographs all indoors, particularly if the facilities in the reception venue are limited. These are certainly things we should discuss. Just like every couple, we are keeping an eye on the weather report too. We would like both photography and cinematography, what should we know? For each service we provide it is always necessary to have at least two team members covering photo and two team members. We have found that with out adequate coverage the productions can become diluted. For extravagant coverage we would even recommend adding a third member who can make the productions outstanding. For example a third cinematographer can handle jib/crane shots, steadicam. A third photographer can get even more shots, guest reactions, a wide angle and so much more. During our discussions we will outline the merits and benefits, and once we have received full coverage details we will be able to quote you with many options at different investment levels. What if we cancel our wedding? First and foremost you must tell all your suppliers, including us. This should be done in writing and at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, the retainer is not refundable. If the wedding date is within three months the whole amount will have to be paid, as we are very likely to have turned down other bookings for the same date. If you are cancelling in order to reschedule, then hopefully we can just move the date and nothing will be

lost. We include most of this in the contracts that form part of the booking process.

might prefer a long-form edit. We are able to offer these

What’s the difference between the feature film and the “Live Edits?” The feature film is your creative edit. This is what you will be amazing your friends and family with. The Live Edit allows you to relive your ceremony homily and vows, special reception spotlight dances (first dance and parents dances), and your reception toasts in their entirety, without special editing but with multiple angles.

How long does it take to receive my film? Generally speaking, we run about a 2-6 month turnaround time on your final products. Your contract will state that it could take up to one year from your wedding in case circumstances prevent us from maintaining that expectation. We would rather be completely honest up-front about this aspect now and over-deliver for you rather than over-promise you.

Do I get to see all of the footage from my ceremony and reception? When we shoot we are generally shooting for creativity (cinematography), not for coverage (videography). The only parts of the day that are filmed entirely are the ceremony (longer ceremonies may be truncated), the first dance, parents/special family dances and any toasts.

How is the film delivered? We produce your film onto HD DVD or BluRay. We also deliver your Feature Film in the form of a high-definition digital master file on a USB drive with custom packaging. This file will provide the highest-quality viewing experience as DVD and Blu-ray Disc seems to be on its way out. Most modern TV’s can play USB media and HD media directly.

These are included in the Live Edit. Even still, because of our shooting methods and because your Feature Film is our primary focus, these parts may not be cleanly filmed at all times. We would rather create a compelling Feature Film than a coverage video. If you are looking for a traditional coverage wedding video, Emotion may not be the best choice for your wedding. We would really like a longer edit eg 1 hour or more as well what can we do? These edits are generally very time-consuming, however we do appreciate that the client

Please do not hesitate to contact us • 07958 351 282

Emotion Photo and Film Wedding Brochure Nov 2013  
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