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Evangelical Christian ​hey everyone its Brittany welcome back to my channel I am super excited if for spring I just can't wait to have really warm sunny weather today is like the first day that actually feels like spring where I live so I thought it would be a good time to film my spring essentials as far as beauty and fashion go I would love it if you could subscribe by hitting that subscribe button below this video right over there it is totally free and if you already are subscribed and you want to be notified when I upload you can hit the little bell next to the subscribe button below this video I've already noticed trends for spring 2018 so I wanted to share some things that I actually like as far as trends go and that I will be wearing as well as some of my favorite items that I think you guys would love for spring so if you want to see all of those items just keep watching I'm going to start with skincare and beauty related products I feel like the most important thing to mention first is sunscreen you should be wearing sunscreen every day of the year sometimes I know it's kind of hard to keep up with it but I did want to mention it in this video because I think it's really important the first sunscreen I have I've been using for a little while and it's from Sun balm I cannot find a complete answer on whether or not Sun balm is cruelty free I do know that it's vegan but for some reason I can't find if it's actually cruelty free online it has a little symbol on the bottom saying it's cruelty free but I've never seen it before please help me out if you know that this is cruelty free or you can find some information let me know in the comments below because I love this sunscreen so much I wanted to you know to show you guys what I have as of right now the other thing that I use is a separate sunscreen for my face specifically I like to use or buy sunscreens for your face as like a separate one to bring especially on vacation and things because I don't want my skin breaking out from whatever's you saw my body because it can be pretty sensitive so I found this one from Target this is from the brand bear republic on the back it has an actual cruelty-free symbol that I do recognize this one is from PETA so it's an SPF 30 sunscreen specifically for your face and it is a mineral sunscreen so this actually dried out on the plane last time I actually flew and it was still okay to use just be careful I put it in a separate little container I would suggest keeping it in the actual bottle if you do end up buying this and bringing it somewhere this one doesn't have any bad chemicals in it for protecting your skin from the Sun so if you're looking for a mineral sunscreen for your face I definitely would recommend trying this one out the next items for skin care I wanted to show you is an eye cream and a face serum or moisturizer the first one is from Allah Hendrickson I figured out how to pronounce it this is the banana bright eye cream I use it every single day I really love using brightening eye creams especially in the spring and summer you always want your skin to look super bright and happy and healthy so I've been loving this one it feels so nice and moisturizing underneath my eyes and I have seen a major difference after using this I used to have really really dry red skin underneath and around my eyes and I haven't had that issue since using this product so if you are in the market for a new eye cream check this one out it's amazing you can get it from Ulta Sephora and probably different places online so yes great product the other thing I want to show you is from Sunday Riley I got this in a goodie bag I think from style con that was an amazing goodie bag so this is the rapid flash brightening serum from Sunday Riley I use this almost every single day as well I love how it feels on my skin it hasn't given me any issues at all this one is a little bit of a pricier product but because this is a brightening serum it just totally helps even out your skin tone I've really enjoyed using this and it smells really good it's like citrus so that's another reason why I think it's great for spring the smell just totally wakes you up in the morning and just gives you like a nice little boost of energy because of the smells so I really like using it if you're looking for another serum check this one out my next Beauty essential for spring 2018 is selftanner just like with these sunscreen it's really important to protect your skin and if you want to be really tan for spring or for spring I would just use a fake Tanner or go get a spray tan it's so much healthier for you I know some tans don't have the best ingredients in them but these are the two that I love these are my favorites the first is from Saint Morris I get this from Ulta for only about $12 I think I've also ordered it on Amazon as well I really like the medium and dark tones they both have a really nice natural-looking undertone once it's totally developed and it is so easy to use I never really get any weird streaky mist to it or patchiness so I definitely would recommend this one especially if you want to try a self-tanner that is a little bit less expensive than some of the alternatives out there the other self tanner I love is from loving tan and this one I usually use in the shade medium or dark as well when I went to Miami I used dark I love the shade that this also goes to this is an Australian company so as far as I know you have to order this online I'm not exactly sure if you can buy this in any stores yet I have done a little bit of research and everything that I found has said that these both are cruelty free which is awesome because they are my two favorites I wanted to

share my favorite hair care brand at the moment this is a cruelty free haircut brand and for spring I feel like a lot of people usually put a little bit more effort into their hair because it's starting to get warmer and you want to like look cute all the time so the brand that I've been loving is a mica you can get this from Sephora online as well as their website I'm really drawn to like colorful things in the spring and it just puts me in a really good mood to have it like displayed on my counter it looks really cute and happy on top of it being an actual amazing product this is the perkupp dry shampoo I use it all the time definitely one of my all-time favorite dry shampoos that I've ever used as far as my makeup essentials and trends go for spring 2018 I've noticed a lot of dewy really fresh makeup look so that is actually one of my favorite makeup looks to do and I'm very happy about it so I wanted to show you some of my favorite spring products there are a few different ways to get a dewy complexion you could obviously use your regular foundation and added some liquid illuminizer if you want but I usually prefer to go supernatural with my base and I really like to use either a tinted moisturizer or just a dewy foundation but my favorite tinted moisturizer I guess is from LA CA this is the perfecting skin tint it is really sheer it's slightly buildable but this is more so just to even out your skin tone it's my favorite thing to take on up my vacations because it is so easy to apply if you're a big fan of just letting your skin show through like I am and maybe just using concealer on imperfections or redness then I would highly recommend using this it is so nice and it feels amazing on your skin and again it's perfect for vacation you know spring breaks coming up I'm sure everybody's getting ready to go somewhere or hopefully go somewhere if you are not a fan of the all-over glow or dewy foundation look then I would still suggest using some sort of highlighter just to highlight the high points of your face because I think it looks so beautiful on everybody and some of my favorite highlighters are from colour-pop my favorite one at the moment is called flexitarian and it is stunning oh my god it just fell out why it's a good thing that's not powder because that would have gone everywhere you can just like mold it back together all good here is what the flexitarian highlighter looks like it's like wet skin glow that is what I am all about especially in the spring and summer oh can you see that it's so pretty okay and the other highlighter I wanted to show you is in a stick form there are a lot of stick highlighters they're actually really easy to travel with even if you're just putting what is wrong with me today oh my god anyways even if you're just putting this in your purse when you go out and you just want to apply it maybe a little bit like your shoulders or your collarbones or even just like any area of your face it's so easy to apply this one is from nude by nature it's a newer cruelty-free bread it actually just came to Canada from Australia and I believe they will be moving into other countries at some point in the future but there are a ton of brands that do stick highlighters I know milk makeup also does a really nice stick highlighter I'm definitely going to be taking this one on my trip to Hawaii so moving on to my fashion essentials for spring 2018 and I first want to start off by saying you should download the dote app because it's amazing this video is I'm sponsored by them or anything I love the dote app so much I'm on it every single day and you can shop on the don't app but I also kind of like to treat it like Pinterest I have already shopped on the dote app four times I'm pretty sure and it is a place where all of your favorite stores are on basically and you can add some clothes to different lists I have a ton of different lists for spring festival season and like cozy clothes and stuff you can check out my dope profile if you want it's Brittany whitey just like my Instagram and Twitter my next essential is anything with ruffles that is a huge trend for spring this year I'm obsessed with ruffles I think they are the cutest thing ever I'm wearing a shirt with really adorable eyelet ruffles on the sleeves I just got this from forever 21 and I showed it in my haul video that went up before this video so if you want to check it out I will have it listed in the description box and linked up here and of course that trend doesn't just stop at shirts I've seen ruffles on pants skirts shorts and of course bathing suits I feel like in the springtime I always want to get a new cute bathing suit so I have been really obsessed with one pieces American Eagles got some really cute ones right now and this back is just too cute I really love low back one-piece bathing suits and with the ruffles on it I just couldn't say no I can find the link to it I will list it in the description box below and it's also going to be on my dope profile if I can find that too another huge trend for spring this year is wrap tops or wrap dresses I really enjoy this trend I had started buying like wrap shirts a long time ago and one of my favorites that I got recently is also from forever 21 but it's Brande san Joy they started selling clothes from different brands on the online website which is pretty cool this also has ruffle sleeves as well but the main thing is that I wanted to show you this for is the fact that it is a wrap shirt so most of these come in this kind of like loose flowy style and then it ties maybe like around your waist they are so airy and they are amazing to wear in the warmer weather I can just imagine wearing these on like beaches on vacation or something or maybe over top of the cute bathing suit my next essential is patterned pants I saw this trend starting a couple months ago and I really wanted to get on it because I really liked it and I wanted to kind of step out of my comfort zone of just wearing like black leggings or jeans so the first thing I wanted to show you is the pair of pants that I actually showed in my home video as well but this is a huge trend for spring 2018 and that is like gingham pants or plaid pants I've also seen a lot of embroidery so if you can find like jeans with embroidery on

them that is a huge thing that I'm seeing this season already now I'm not a fashion expert this is just what I've seen and what I've actually liked these are also high-waisted and I did get these at forever 21 and my last fashion essential for spring this kind of goes like any year really I just think straw or wicker accessories look adorable in the spring so I always like to have a cute straw hat this one is from Windsor there are so many different styles out there right now I feel like you can always buy a straw hat somewhere I just really like the shape of this one I like that this one's kind of a fedora style but with like a wider brim so it's not one of those like huge floppy hats but it's not like super small either it actually will shade your face a little bit from the Sun which is probably the purpose of this besides looking really cute so probably not a bad idea to pick yourself up a straw hat they could be totally affordable to just depending on where you get them so the other trend is a straw bag or a wicker bag I've seen so many different styles of them right now they're like the circle straw or wicker bags I don't know exactly what they're made out of but most of the time they come from India I know some people got them directly from India and now I'm pretty sure they're selling a very similar style on like Urban Outfitters probably forever 21 michaela has one she bought one last summer and they are seriously everywhere now keep your eyes out I'm sure you could find them for really affordable prices from forever 21 or wins or something like that so yeah that is my last fashion essential so I hope you guys enjoyed this video of course these are not all of the trends or essentials that you guys would need for spring these are just the things that I've been really enjoying and the things that I just can't wait to wear for spring and some of the little trends that I've been seeing online lately but of course everybody's style is different so this is just what I've been liking you can obviously wear whatever you want and be comfortable and happy with that and that is totally cool so yeah I hope somebody found this helpful at least and if you did please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you haven't done that yet I would love it if you could stick around let me know in the comments section below if you will be participating in any of these spring fashion trends or beauty trends and I really hope you guys are having an amazing day thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys in my next one [Music] [Music] St. Bonaventure University.