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Alex Huegle That timeless little white mustache I think that these types of campaigns are very successful just because of the shear popularity and mass appeal. Let’s consider the “Got Milk” campaign for starters. How many of us never saw one of these posters with one of our favorite childhood athletes in school with the milk mustache? I would wager none. I know personally, these posters were in every school I attended throughout my childhood. It’s such a great campaign too because it can appeal to such a vast array of people. Mainly I feel they use athletes, but it is the type of athletes they use. I’ve seen males and females from just about every sport on their commercials or posters. When using these types of spokespeople you’re appealing to not only both genders, but multiple age groups. Now, I feel the “Got Milk” campaign is beginning to use more characters and famous movie stars to help promote. This can open up a whole other level of target audiences. We’ve always been told that milk makes for stronger bones, and when the campaign was using athletes it made sense. Athletes need to be strong, therefore they need milk. Now, using fictional characters and movie stars they can ever be making for healthier children in general. Not all kids are athletes, but all of them need to be healthy, and the people at “Got Milk” realize that.

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