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PI KAPPA ALPHA BACKGROUNDER Media Contact: Christian Brunckhorst Chapter President: Alpha Rho Chapter 513-377-2537 Pi Kappa Alpha’s Annual Rivalry Run The Alpha Rho chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was established at The Ohio State University on March 23, 1912. This chapter is a branch of the national fraternity which was established in 1868 at the University of Virginia. The organization is divided into two levels of management. There is management from the national level which controls what each chapter is, and isn’t allowed to do under membership. The national level has presidents and vice-presidents, along with alumni advisors who are designated to certain chapters to help them any problems they may have. Then there is management within the chapter itself. This is mainly executed by the executive board within the fraternity. This is comprised of the president, internal and external vicepresidents, sergeant-at-arms, treasurer, and secretary. From there, each position on execboard has chairmen positions they manage underneath them. Each chairmen position is fitted to best be advised by the member of exec-board above them. The main chairmen position regarding this event is the philanthropy chair. This position is in charge of organizing the entire event. The event itself is called “Rivaly Run.” This is where members of the OSU chapter and the Michigan chapter relay the game ball from the opposing stadium to the home stadium to raise money for cancer research. Each brother sets a goal amount of money to raise, and gets sponsors or solicits donations in order to

reach his goal. This includes time spent selling hotdogs at tailgates, asking for donations before home football games, and getting money from family or friends. This event is not only popular among the brothers but with alumni as well. Many return from their postcollege lives to participate in this event to help raise money. All the money raised will be donated to the Stephanie Spielman fund. The charity that receives the money is voted on by the brothers of each chapter every year.

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