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F Friends, those who supported me along these three years, in school and in personal life

S Soccer is my passion, I love to play, see also sport does not exist cuter than this, my favorite team the CF America

V Video Games is my virtual world where I do what I want and how I want, is not a game, it's a life form

T Till the sky falls down, just the song that marked a before and later in my life

N Nathalie is the girl of my dreams, I met so far this in the career, whether or not the school, is the prettiest girl I've seen

T The teachers were the ones who provoked anger and suffering, but they learned the majority

P Party group, those events where one knew and were unaware that another room fellow

P Proyecto Aula, these times when we all come together for one reason that at the end it, are always smiles

S Sonia. She's my best friend, that I met in this school, we are still best friends, that friendship endures

C I love cars, especially the Mini Cooper, the Mazda and Audi, Because they can are fast and small

T Trance is music genre that makes me a better person every day

J Jaime Marin is the teacher's name, to which I have had great admiration for all professions he has and the great person he is

M My favorite movies are related to zombies: 28 days, 28 weeks, Zombieland and The Walking Dead series program

C Captain America is my favorite animated character because it it was learned to overcome the taunts of his companions when he was very skinny

N My favorite natural place to live are the woods, if incredible way to give protection to their trees

V Cecyt 5 vocational where I lived that good things and bad, where have a memory and people.

:) A-Z  

Compendium of my life

:) A-Z  

Compendium of my life