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Gaining a Foothold I mpr ove Pr oductivity & Collabor ation

ProofHub • ProofHub is a web based project management and collaboration software that helps you manage, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with clients and team.

Project Challanges

Why to use Pr oofH ub ?

T he Keys to Gain a F oothold

Project Management • • • • • • • •

Dashboard Project Overview Milestones & Tasks Files Chat Time Contacts Settings

D ashboar d

Pr ojects, T opics & Pr oofing

M ilestones

F iles

Chat H istor y




Quick Search

File Proofing

Casper Mode •

This time ProofHub team has added very useful and unique feature in ProofHub. It’s H idden M ode F eatur e. According to this, user can hide any one for the particular project from the working team.

Project Manager

Project Manager Directly interacts to client bypassing the IT staff


IT Staff

F utur e pr ospects • • • • •

Multilanguage Labels Wire Framing Drawing Multiple formats


Sales Management

Real Estate

Marketing Management

Finance Management


Human Resource Management


T estimonials •

We tried Basecamp, Wrike and AceProject. But only ProofHub turned out to be the best project management system that is the simplest of all, loaded with fine tuned gadgets that we needed. Overall, it truly takes care of our company needs." – Tipin Balemore, Director of 3 RD wave

"So far....brilliant, excellent, I absolutely love it. Signing up with ProofHub is really simple plus you get it FREE for one full month. What else does one need? All good things in one great package!” - Scott Albert

"ProofHub is my lifeline! Can't do without it. I don't remember how I used to manage my work earlier. It's made my life easy.“ - Ginnie Mc Phie


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