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About Me

I’m a Graphic Designer from Derbyshire. I specialize in design work for print. I have slowly built up my portfolio by attending Chesterfield College. However I have also worked on a few small projects outside of college from branding and advertising to commissioned art work. 07818068944



Collograph printing is a great way to explore and show texture. By using this technigque you can create some very interesting effects and your images can be later edited. the original sketch ups were created in a life drawing session. To create these prints I have experimented with different types of paper ive also cut into the prints and used sewing to stitch them all together.

Film Title Sequence

Film Title sequences can become very well known as can the artists who create them. We were asked to create a film title sequence for a film of your choice. I thought that gone in sixty seconds was a good choice as the film has a lot of exciting elements and material that would help make a good opening sequence.

Web Design

We were asked to create a mock up for a website, I chose Halfords as I thought that their range of products would give me plenty of scope for images and features.

Web sites are essential to an expanding buisness like Halfords, Halfords sell and reserve a lot of their products online so its important that they have a website thats easy to navigate and very user friendly.




We were asked to create a range of images focusing around an urban enviroment. We focused on texture and dark colors to create a grimey look. The original images were photos they have been hand rendered togeether to creae the final outcome.

Poster Design

Poster design is a huge part of branding, advertising and marketing. we were asked to create a poster that would try and change peoples mind about climate change. We were also asked to create a poster in photoshop i chose to make a super mario game cover poster.


Alex Holmes Design Portfolio  

Graphic and Interactive design portfolio