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13 Numbers If you are looking for the cheapest 13 numbers Australia wide, then you have come to the right place. At V Telecom, we have many available 13 numbers so you can select one that best suits your business, perhaps even incorporating a phone word for easy recognition. These numbers have only 6 digits which make them easy to remember. Similar to 1300 numbers, callers are charged only a local call charge when they call this number from anywhere in Australia. For more information, click

1300 Numbers Do you want to improve the image of your business, as well as better manage your phone calls? 1300 phone numbers are a great way to give your business a more professional image and manage inbound phone calls seamlessly with our multidimensional applications. At VTelecom, our Australian 1300 numbers and phone call solutions will make your business life easier and more successful. For more information, click

1800 Numbers If you are in need of a way to increase inbound calls, V Telecom can provide a solution. Australian 1800 numbers are free for your customers to call from a landline and you can start receiving business calls from as little as $9.99 a month. With our cheap 1800 numbers, you will see your calls increase in no time. For more information, click

Affordable inbound phone numbers by vtelecom