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A heartfelt Welcome to the 2nd annual

Byron Spirit Festival 2013

Welcome to the treasure trove that is the Byron Spirit Festival, in the little Aussie town of Mullumbimby, and on the hallowed Arakwal land of the Bunjalung nation. We warmly invite you to open your eyes, hearts and minds and join us for this second annual gathering of seekers, dreamers and doers. These Northern Rivers lands, ‘the rainbow region’, have been an international destination for explorers and seekers for almost 50 years. The Byron Spirit Festival aims to harness and integrate this collective diversity and creativity within one transformative event that reflects our dreams and aspirations. Please enjoy the opportunities for authentic embodiment, direct experience, and heart felt connection. Delve deeply to discover the talents who’ll lead daily workshops in Yoga, Conscious Dance, Tantra, Healing and Performance. We aim to stimulate our minds, delve into our hearts, rejuvenate our bodies, and raise our consciousness for the benefit of all.

A welcome from Mayor Simon Richardson It is an illusion that we are only physical. Especially in this Shire, there is an awakening to the knowing and feeling that Spirit pulsates in us, through us and around us. It may have many names and many guises and we all have different relationships to it. It is worth celebrating and it is fitting that in Mullumbimby, within the Byron Shire, there lives a festival celebrating, considering and sitting amongst Spirit. For me, it is not about finding an answer to the question of Spirit, it is not about defining it or controlling it or even understanding it. It is accepting it, and allowing it to ignite a fire within me to leave this world better than when I found it. May all who visit our wonderful Shire, our wonderful town of Mullumbimby and the wonderful Spirit Festival use what is gained to light fires within to share with our families, friends, communities and world. 3

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Festival Highlights Satsang with Deva Premal and Miten - Sun 10am - 12pm, Mullum High School Satsang meditation - Deva and Miten take us on a meditative journey into silence and inner peace through the practice of chanting and silent sitting. Satsang is a sanskrit word which translates into ‘Meetings in Truth’.

Satsang with Mooji - Sat 12pm - 3pm, Civic Hall Since 1999, Mooji has been sharing satsang in the form of spontaneous encounters, retreats, satsang intensives and one-to-one meetings with the many seekers who visit him, from all parts of the world, in search of the direct experience of truth. This workshop will be via Skype.

5 Rythms Tribute to Gabrielle Roth - Friday, St. Johns Hall This will be a full day of 5 Rythms featuring some of Australia’s leading teachers.

Crystal Castle - Saturday and Sunday Crystal Castle will be hosting a selction of Sound and Healing workshops on the weekend. Entry is included with your festival pass and there will be shuttle busses provided from the Civic Hall.

Margot Anand - Fri 12pm - 3pm, Civic Hall

Margot Anand is a French author, teacher, seminar leader and public speaker. She has written numerous books including The Art of Sexual Ecstasy; The Art of Everyday Ecstasy; and The Art of Sexual Magic. Come and experience Tantra in its ancient and pure form.


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Festival Info Collect wrist bands between 3-6pm Thursday 28th Feb at the Civic Hall. The program is subject to change so please check the daily updates on the website and at the venues. Most classes are devised to suit a wide range of levels and styles, allowing an abundance of choice and discovery. We are using more venues than last year, however some classes may be more popular than others, so to ensure a space, please arrive early.

Moving Around at the Festival

All venues are within walking distance of the town centre. A special bus will transport participants within the town, and another will travel to and from the Mullum Civic Hall to the Crystal Castle on Saturday and Sunday. Check the web site and signs within the festival for times. We are also excited to offer the locally iconic “Magic Bus� for travel between the evening concert venues. Bicycles are the best mode of travel around town! If you are driving, please be considerate of local residents and park legally.

Accommodation and Travel

Mullumbimby is 15 minutes northwest of Byron Bay. The town offers a range of motels, guest houses, and camping. This year we are offering festival camping at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds at the edge of town on Main Arm Road. Book via our website or visit for a full range of accommodation options. We will be providing a morning and afternoon shuttle to/from the festival from Byron Bus stop, times available on the website closer to the event.


The Spirit Village

(located behind the Civic Hall) Surrrounding the Civic Hall, the Spirit Village is open freely to the public and is the heart of the festival. The village integrates the Family Space, Healing Space, Chai Tent, healthy food stalls, and locally-designed sacred jewelry, yogi gear, and more. Check out the Spirit Stage schedule for daily Forums, Sacred Music. Special Yogi meals will be provided by True Nature Cuisine.

Spirit Village Performers

Join one of our powerful kirtan wallahs and sacred music creators on the Spirit Stage next to the Rainbow Chai Tent and enjoy a sensory sound journey of global inspiration.

Gyuto Monks of Tibet

The Gyuto Monks will again be joining us in a dedicated Gompa in the Spirit Village. Offering their ancient practice of sacred sand mandala creation to reflect the very essence of the festival, and Life! The lamas will also be available for personal puja blessings, spiritual advice, and daily meditations on the Spirit Stage.

Creative Art Installations

We are excited to be hosting some amazing visual installation artists throughout the festival, who will be co-creating with YOU throughout the weekend. Including a beautiful recycled Rangoli with Amanda King, inspirational chalk mandalas with Peggy Wallach, conscious graffiti wall by Skoobs, Inter-galactic mandala banners of Aurelien from “Luminaya” and so much more to stimulate your senses.

Green Gene Kids Space

Byron Spirit connects Kids and Youth - Green Gene Kids will be shaping a sacred, magical space for the whole family to commune and create in. The theme ‘Caring for Mother Earth’ sets the foundation for a new way to connect with our spirit, self expression and planetary awareness as community. ‘Kids and Youth’ will be guided on an transformational journey with gifted facilitators, Indigenous elders and guest presenters from the Byron Spirit program. Experiences will include ceremony, performance, recycled art, sound healing, circus arts, community art, yoga, sacred space creating and so much more. Children 4 and up can enjoy the program unsupervised for blocks of 2 hours at a time, 3s and under will need to have their own or an organised carer for a small group of younger ones. 8 for latest schedule and information

The Healing Village

Dedicated healers sharing various modalities including: Ka’Huna, Palm Reading, Bones for Life, Feldenkrais, Tuning forks, Tarot Reading, Ayurveda, Meditation, Crystal Healing and so much more...

ZenThai Shiatsu

ZenThai draws from the healing traditions of Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage whilst using proven Osteopathic techniques.

Community Acupuncture

Once again, Byron Community Acupuncture will be providing treatments for $25 in the Spirit Village. Come and get your Qi Moved!

Flash Mob Chair Massage Crew

Keep your eyes out for the High Spirits Flash Mob Chair Massage crew..likely to appear at any moment, anywhere within the festival. Don’t miss this convenient opportunity to relax with healing touch between classes, just because you can.

YouthSpeak Tipi

The YOUthSpeak program focuses on connection, communication and Relationships.. Events, workshops and an informal drop in place the tipi offers youth the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. Parent info sessions, gives adults time to speak with young folk. Session times posted closer to the date and on a notice board at the tipi.


Spirit Village Performers Adam Collett

Adam Collett is an Australian born songster devoted to sharing good vibrations through music. Equal parts Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa, his songs are journeys that manage to be angelic, transformative and far out, all at once.

Adam Scriven

Incorporating intricate finger picking, virtuoso and percussive guitar techniques, yidaki (didgeridoo), harmonica, an infectious foot stomp and conscious lyrics, Adam’s songs are inspired by a deep connection and love for this beautiful land and country he feels privileged to call home.

Allissa Nathaniel Blending sensual, soulful jazzy tones with sacred chanting, singer/songwriter Alissa Nathaniel’s music offers a space that is transformative, healing and aligning.


Classically trained in the yogic arts at the Bhiar School of Yoga in India, Chakradyhan’s experience draws upon a knowledge of the yogas of Mantra, Nada (energy vibration) and Bhakti (devotion). Chakra will lead ‘Chant Yoga’ and a Mantra Dance Class.

Daphne Tse Join Daphne and friends as we immerse ourselves in bhakti yoga through the practice of contemporary kirtan.

Hope Medford

Hope medford will share a set of percussive beats and sweet harmonies- with an array of hand percussion and vocals. A meditation in sound meets tribal dance party. Hope has travelled to Australia from United States, touring with Medicine for the People- this is a rare intimate opportunity to experience her infectious rhythms!

Laura Targett Laura Targett is a fiddler, contemporary songwriter/singer, acclaimed instrumentalist and artist. Best known for her heartfelt violin playing, she will be presenting some of her original songwriting at Byron Spirit Fest. These songs are infused with fragility and strength, an intimacy born of human feeling expressed through strings and voice.

Lucknow Sankirtan

Singing to your own self about beauty, love, peace, and the highest truth and values, you educate your own mind to listen, your heart to rejoice and your nature to shine. Share in this beautiful music from our heart, about the heart, for your heart.

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Spirit Village Performers Mel Dobra

Murray Kyle

Sean McVitty

Mel Dobra’s new musical project aligns with her intention to create a space where the community can find a deep connection with themselves, with each other and with the planet through the shared power of sacred music

Be inspired by the powerfully tender performance of this esteemed songwriter. Murray Kyle has emerged as a highly respected musician in the Australian roots music scene, and is based in the tiny town of Uki in Northern NSW, a creative epicentre of lush valleys and mountains. Sean McVitty is an exciting artist composing sublime musical landscapes for yoga and meditation, receiving rave reviews locally and internationally. Keep your eyes and ears open for Sean in the Spirit Village where you can experience his beautiful new albums.

Shai Shriki Shai will perform his original songs & music, traditional prayers from ancient Hebrew scripts, Spanish & Eastern European Gypsy music, in a fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds.

Spirit Song


Spirit Song is a music duo combining the talents of pianist Rob Stevenson and Angela Nancarrow. Renowned for sharing sacred Kirtan circles with a unique flavour in and around Brsibane, Rob & Angela will hold a sweet space for community sharing. Tarshito plays sacred, uplifting, healing, world music. Among his influences are Indian, Latin, African and Aboriginal tribal music which is blended with rock, jazz, classical, funk, trance, meditation and kirtan to give his music a unique power.

Terry Oldfield Terry will perform with his wife Soraya, who sings beautifully and plays strings and keyboards. Terry and Soraya share their music from the heart in deeply transformative performances, events and retreats.

Vesica Pisces From the glacial waters of the Holy Ganges in India, the writing of 13th century Persian mystics, to the ancient Earth worship ceremonies of the British Isles, Vesica Pisces draw influence from around the globe, breaking down genre barriers whilst adding a cinematic fringe folk pop sensibility.



Liat Lev-Sokal - Heart Dance

An Authentic-Movement Meditation Practice, a collective ecstatic-dance journey of moving into the unknown. Breath, Beat, Heart & Feet... Whatever your soul-expression on the dance floor, Liat invites us to surrender to its power & be moved by its delicacy.

Michelle Mahrer - Dances of Ecstacy DANCES OF ECSTASY celebrates the universal human experience where rhythm and dance unite us. Michelle will screen her award winning documentary “DANCES OF ECSTASY”. After the screening she will lead a deep dance journey inspired by the experience of the film.

Natasha and Dean - AUM Meditation The AUM is powerful, dynamic and well as being deeply nourishing and cleansing for your whole being. We invite you to be willing and take a deeper look within, to come out the other side with a whole lot more love in your heart!

Peta O’Doherty - Geometric Dance Lynx Dance movement workshops that explore the building blocks to dynamic alignment, connection to self through encouraging individual movement expression & exploration of connection to others in time n space & through simple principales of contact improvisation.

Tatiana and Maha - Belly Dance Ancient, sensual and sacred bellydance is perhaps one of the oldest dance forms in the world. It harkens back not only centuries but aeons ago when woman used a very body-centred dance as part of their rituals.

Zerina and Shamila Millard - Bollywood Sisters


If you want to get joyful, learn some new moves and get to know your fellow dancers, these classes are for you. In no time at all, The Bollywood Sisters will have you shimmying across the dance floor like a Bollywood star! We willl be facilitating both a kids and adult classes which are open to all ages and abilities.

Cyd Saunders - Deeper O for Women ~ Sexual Health, Cultivation & Wellbeing My intention for the class is that women let go and surrender into deep relaxation. In the stillness and spaciousness of the relaxation we can connect with our sexuality our sensuality, the deep, dark, mystical, creative, feminine that is wise and powerful and inherent in every woman.

Deborah (Taj) Anapol - 1. Awakening to Ecstasy 2. Breaking the Chains


1. Pelvic Heart Integration is a form of Western Tantra. It uses processes and maps to address the central questions of traditional Tantra. 2. How Pelvic Heart Integration can free you from unwanted sexual, gender, and relational conditioning. for latest schedule and information

Tantra Deej & Uma - Orgasmic Yoga – A sexological bodywork perspective

This workshop focuses of self-empowerment in the field of sacred sexuality. How do we learn to guide our own journey towards erotic embodiment? This workshop will introduce you to the key components of developing an orgasmic yoga practice.

Eyal & Emma - Sex Beyond Genitals This workshop will change your perception of what is possible sexually with a partner. Tantra teaches us that sex is not just about physical/genital contact. Everyone has the potential for orgasmic experiences with barely any touch at all!

Kanneth Ray-Stubs - Shamanic Tantra - Skype This 3 hour skype workshop explores the way traditional shamans use energy and how energy merging can be applied to enhance our lovemaking with our partner. In this class we will do nonsexual energetic meditations to develop these energy-merging abilities.

Kirstan Flannery - Tigress Yoga

Tigress Yoga is a womanly yoga class, encouraging sensuous movements that evoke authentic expression and consciously cultivate sexual energy. Celebrate the beauty and aliveness of your female body from those deep instinctual and sensual places inside.

Margot Anand - SkyDancing Tantra®. Margot is an adjunct faculty member at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s institute and has taught at Dr Dean Ornish’s annual retreats for heart patients. She recently presented at the weeklong program “Ultimate Passion” taught by Tony and Sage Robbins in Fiji.

Martina Hughes - Tantra Blossoming Open your heart through tantra. Tantric practices for opening the heart, connecting you with sensations and pleasure in the body and feeling the flows of masculine and feminine energies moving internally. Suitable for singles and couples, men and women.

Roxy Minnona - 1. Yoni yoga - Female sexuality; myths, fantasises and the truth.

This work supports women in their experience of opening up to high frequencies in their body, healing, restoring and nurturing the feminine energy. It takes woman deep into her subconscious, realigning her creative inspiration and true beauty.

Zenith Virago - Sex and Death A yoga meditation practice to help you live more fully, love more deeply, and let go more easily when your time comes or when you lose someone you love. Be in the appreciation of your unique human life.


Healing & Visionaries Beata Alfordi - 1. Womens Wisdom Circle 2. Talk - The Rise of the Sacred Feminine 1. A Women’s Circle giving space to explore, connect, share our essential nature. 2. Learn about the monumental movement around the world centering on the rise of the Sacred Feminine and with it a return to earthcentred practices and living. Bring forth our gifts to this world.

Dr Peetek Chan - The Form Reality Practice Dr Pee Tek CHAN is a medical doctor-healer, counsellor and facilitator of Mind-Body-Heart™ Retreats, will be teaching and giving Talks on a new profound meditation called The Form – Reality Practice™

Gyuto Monks of Tibet

The life of a Gyuto Monk is a life of practice – of loving kindness and compassion for the benefit of all. The monks do this by the practice of the Tantric arts, including harmonic chanting, butter sculpture and the creation of sandmandalas.

Jessica Johnson - Cuddle Party Cuddle Party is a playful, safe and fully clothed social event designed for adults to explore, boundaries communication, and welcomed non sexual affection. Learn to respect your personal boundaries and feelings, answer Yes and No from your heart.

Jewelli Dollman - Australian Bush Flower Essences Flower Essences are pure, earth-based medicines that support the body, mind and spirit. Infusing the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant, the flowers, these essences enable us to better celebrate spirit in life.

Lewis Walker - Bundjalung Elder For thousands of years, indigenous Australians have gathered together to interact with the Dreamtime, through dance, music, and costume. This traditional way still continues to this day…

Mette Sorensen - Embodying Kahuna: 1.You have to feel to Heal 2. Aloha in Action 1. A lively paced seminar. Magic happens when you experience how you can create your own reality. 2. A soul dance and bodywork session. Breathe, stretch, move, laugh, relax. Mettes is deep, fun and full of Danish ancient and modern physical culture to access heightened states of awareness.

Mickey Space - Shakti Grooves You can expect the unexpected, as each session is a unique journey. There will be moments of intensity, with challenging postures and sequences, then moments of relaxation and visualization and much more. And always guided by the music, with an eclectic DJ laying down the beats live.

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Lorin Roache At Play with The Radiance Sutras - The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is a classic yoga text describing 112 ways of touching the sacred right here, right now, in the midst of daily life. The text is a love song between Shakti and Shiva. The Radiance Sutras is a musical, sensuous and accessible version of this tantra by Dr. Roche,

Dr. Marc Cohen Professor Marc Cohen is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine. He is a registered medical practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering.

Mooji - By Skype Mooji is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja, the renowned advaita master, or Papaji, as his followers call him. In 1987, a chance meeting with a Christian mystic was to be a life-changing encounter for Mooji.

Pratima Mumford-Sephton - The Astrological Predictions for the Coming Year The next few years are a very significant time in our evolution. Studying the astrological predictions helps us to be aware of what we can expect both from a planetary point of view and in our personal lives.

Sonja Anderson - Meditation Calm the breath and activate the chakras, using techniques of breath and inner light. Each session will provide attendees with easily remembered meditative techniques to take away with them to use daily on the journey of life.


Jemma Rivera - 1. Harmonizing Qigong 2. Cleanse & Balance: Qigong & Meditation 1. Ba Duan Jin Qigong also known as Eight Pieces of Brocade. 2. Organ Cleansing Meditation designed to help boost your health and vitality by balancing your emotional energy, as well as detoxify your body and strengthen your major organs.

Jennifer Groves - 1. The sphincter system 2.The Posture of Leadership 1. Find an understanding of the sphincter system. Find out how to tune the internal lever for strength and stability. 2. Through exploring posture and spinal alignment, we find out how to find spinal length somatically, for personal power.

Linda Pontecorvo - Mindful Movement (Feldenkrais)

Explore yoga’s sophisticated system of energy management. Join me for a flowing yoga practice, applying the principles of Ayurveda. We will focus on preparing your body for the transition from Summer into Autumn.


Fri Night Mullum High Evening Concert Performers Embody, Activate and Awaken Opening ceremony with: Lewis Walker, Deva Premal, The Gyuto Monks & Vesica Pisces

Future Sound of Yoga The Future Sound of Yoga is a sensory experience involving music and movement. The movements are a combination of traditional yoga poses and freeform dance. Let FSY awaken your inner ecstatic state & unify us all as we dance our personal intentions deep into our bodies

Nahko & Medicine for the People With his dynamic group of musical troubadours known as “Medicine for the People”, Nahko delivers a soulful dose of music and vibration that will make you dance, laugh and cry. He makes the movement move… one hug at a time.

Fri Night Civic Hall Sacred Sufi Shabbat Fusion

Sacred Earth Jethro & Prem have been traveling the world for 6 years performing live the music of Sacred Earth. Prem shares with us her heart felt devotion for Spirit and our precious Mother Earth through mantra and songs from the heart.

Shabbat Delight

Come and join prayer & blessing in a contemporary & relevant celebration of the universal heart and spirit. Joined by Nomadic Voices and special guest Orna Triguboff, their music will delight your body, mind and spirit.

Tahir & the Qawwali Ensemble


Tahir & The Qawwali Ensemble will introduce you to traditional Qawwal music. Qawwali, andancient practice aimed at ecstatically expressing the the fire of divine love (ishq) through the recitation of mystical verses of Sufi poetry, sung in the various dialects of Urdu, Farsi, Hindi and Punjabi. for latest schedule and information

Sat Night Mullum High Kirtan Bhakti Bliss

Edo & Jo Edo & Jo will be offering a unique guided Yoga Nidra journey to prepare us for our Bakti Bliss evening. Offering a very traditional form of Kirtan that is universal and ultimately designed to help us attain the purpose of yoga, which is union with our eternal nature.

Kevin James-Carroll Weaving ancient Mantra’s from various traditions with his own prayers and hearts song, Kevin James’ anthemic songs are an effective platform to dissolve the ego, reconnect to the heart and co-create a positive vibration for the world.

Dave Stringer Stringer’s sound marries the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel. His work translates the ancient traditions of kirtan and yoga into inspiring and thoroughly modern participatory theatre.

Sat Night Civic Hall Ecstatic Dance Journey

Opening with a Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga Sequence, the Ultimate Chocolate Yoga! Temple Step Project

Their intention is to create prayer through music. Bringing together ancient chants and instrumentation with modern technology, the project aims to cross all borders. Acoustic Musician’s and Electronic Producers come together in perfect synergy and become one.

Wild Marmalade Playing “totally live” with ferocious intensity, they create inspired organic dance music, without the use of any electronic machines, blending the ancient sounds of the didjeridoo with contemborary dance beats.

DJ Dakini Flow where we start slowly, invite the body lovingly to open with basic asana and pranayam and as we warm up and the body and heart agrees, we then flow into more challenging asana (only if appropriate) to end with stillness, meditation and some pranayam to further open the heart to the joy of being!


Mullum High Sun Night Closing Gratitude Ceremony

Dream Drone The Dream Drone stimulates spiritual awareness and insight, re-balances the vital energies of the body and restores it’s functional harmony.’ Allow the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo to ground your personal festival experience deep into your body and soul.

Saritah Engaging, uplifting and playfully powerful, Saritah’s live shows are dynamic, colourful celebrations of life. Whether delivering melodic acoustic guitar soul, rockin roots reggae or dancehall, Saritah loves to connect and uplift you.

Nahko & Medicine for the People With his dynamic group of musical troubadours known as “Medicine for the People”, Nahko delivers a soulful dose of music and vibration that will make you dance, laugh and cry. He makes the movement move… one hug at a time.

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Dance Deva Nandan - 5 Rhythms Deva’s style of teaching is tuned to what happens in a group at each moment. She will guide you into a moving meditation journey via the 5 Rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. You will have the opportunity to explore the 3 different levels of relating as a tool for self awareness & expansion. Future Sound of Yoga - Matt and Angel Singman - Yoga Dance DJ A sensory experience involving music and movement. The movements are a combination of traditional yoga poses and freeform dance. The yoga unlocks the body; the music energises the room and brings the focus into the present.

Geash Bowler - 5 Rhythms A movement meditation practice designed to release the ecstatic dancer that’s lives inside us all. To find and embody our dance is to plug ourselves directly into our most deliciously fluid and creatively free selves. Therefore freeing up our juicy source of inspiration where we have boundless potential and possibilities.

Honor Morningstar - 5 Rhythms

Honor Morningstar, resident 5Rhythms® dance teacher from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast is a passionate, heartfelt, and spirited teacher who sees her role as seducing people into their own vital aliveness through organic, authentic, conscious expression.

Iolani Grace - Hawaiian Ka Lele - Breathe and Movement Join Iolani Grace in sacred space for a heart opening, energizing and inspiring experience in the Spirit of Aloha. Ka Lele is a joyful shamanic breath, movement and awareness expanding practice. It clears, opens, aligns, energizes and harmonizes your body and being, shifting frequencies and patterns.

Janet Walker - Nia Dance Jam Five local teachers combining for a Music, Movement and Magic experience

Leyolah Antara - 1. Kundalini Dance 2. Shakti Moves 1. A synthesis of rhythmic breathwork, spontaneous creative movement, tantric energy work, chakra balancing, and sound healing. 2. Free form ecstatic dance session, including guidance and practices to cultivate shakti, the fuel for our journey into the real.

Kaaren Shirmana - Salsa for Yogis and Yoginis Cuban style partner dancing. We will explore the roots and rhythms of Cuban cultural dance as a pre curser to the very popular salsa style dance. Men will learn how to be masculine and lead, women will learn how to be feminine and follow the man in the dance. A lot of fun is guaranteed.


Yoga Aesha Kennedy - 1. Yin Yoga 2. Hatha Yoga Flow - Hips 1. You will be encouraged to let go of muscular effort and yield to long-holding stretches with stillness and receptivity. 2. A flowing sequence of standing and sitting poses that address hip flexibility and strength.

Amber Spear - 1. Untie & Unify 2. Energize & Unwind 1. Yin & Yang harmonize. Deep yin, soft yang and somatic dance - the Perfect balm for inspiration and rejuvenation. 2. East meets West. The bones of any art is its Philosophy: Muscle is practice and Movement is success.

Amy Landry - Prana Vinyasa Flow Explore yoga’s sophisticated system of energy management. Join me for a flowing yoga practice, applying the principles of Ayurveda. We will focus on preparing your body for the transition from Summer into Autumn.

Claudine Lafond - Acro Flow 1 & 2 Focus on sweet connection with yourself and a partner. Working together, we will cultivate trust, strength and flexibility. A playful, safe and supportive environment will empower the whole room to be comfortable upside down as we explore arm balances, handstands and more!

David Naylor - Laughter Yoga Happy Yoga is a refreshing send-up of a Yoga class that marries the wisdom of YOGA with the ancient Western wisdom tradition of “DISCO!”. Guru Dudu takes you on an hilarious interactive journey that is guaranteed to open your laughter meridians - you’ll never take Dog-Pose seriously again!

Deb Manoy - Vinyasa Yoga Flow where we start slowly, invite the body lovingly to open with basic asana and pranayam and as we warm up and the body and heart agrees, we then flow into more challenging asana (only if appropriate) to end with stillness, meditation and some pranayam to further open the heart to the joy of being!

Delamay Devi - 1. Sahaj Flow Yoga Trance Dance 2. Shakti Sadhana 1. Incorporating a full spectrum of vinyasas, opening to a different dimension of yoga and going beyond the boundaries of our mat. 2. This will be a fluid yoga experience, connecting with your hips and heart space incorporating affirmations, meditation and creative sequencing.

Duncan Peak 1. Awaken the Giant Within 2. Born to Fly 1. Power Vinyasa - This class will be fun, creative in its sequencing and heart opening in its vibe as you tap into the Giant that lives within you! 2. Inversions & Arm Balances - In this class students will learn creative sequences that bring them into cool arm balances, inversion and fun playful moves.

20 for latest schedule and information

Yoga Emma Grant - Yogini Yoga: Deepening into the Feminine “Yogini Yoga explores ways for women to practice yoga in a way that supports her feminine qualities through asana, breath, mantra, sound and relaxation. We activate the water element in the body, softnesss and fluidity, while simultaneously learning how to harness the masculine strength in us.

Emma Grainger - Meditation - Creative Visualisation, Sacred Sound and Presence Meditation - Creative Visualisation, Sacred Sound and Presence - You are invited to relax deeply into connection with your true self and express that which you are.

Geoff Brooks - Ananta Yoga 1. Geoff will lead one of his signature flows “The 5 Elements Flow” - a fun, yet challenging synthesis of Yoga, martial Arts & Dance.

Gopala Amir Yaffe & Angel - 1. Rainbow Kids Yoga class. 2. Sun Moon Partner Yoga 1. Family Yoga Fun- A Rainbow Kids Yoga Class for Parents and Kids of All Ages 2. Come with a partner or a friend to connect in new and fun ways. Come to touch and be touched, and to stretch your yoga pleasure!

Gwyn Williams - 2 Acro Classes & 2 Zen Thai Classes 1. Acro - ‘A leap of faith’. 2. Acro - Let’s fly hanuman. 3. Zenthai - The Zen of touch. 4 Zenthai - ‘Heart and hands.’

Harjiwan - Kundalini Yoga 1. Invoke & Harness the Power & Vitality of the Sun Energy. A physically energetic Kundalini Yoga workshop. 2. Tune-Up the Nervous System & Eliminate Stress - Heal yourself, Heal the World. Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Healing Circle, Prayer & deep relaxation.

John Ogilvie - Byron Yoga Centre 1. Dynamic Introduction to Purna Yoga 2. Yamas and Niyamas: thefirst two limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and how to apply them to yoga and life

Julie Smerdon - 1. The Gunas, Balance in Action 2. Epic Breath 1. Balance in Action - The dance between steady & free, strong & soft, masculine & feminine plays out in every pose. 2. In this class we explore using breath to connect us with the power we need to take our asana to a deeper level.


Yoga Kirsty Nugent - Yin Yoga Let go and experience deep release and connection to the breath. A former elite gymnast, Kirsty found yoga early for its rehabilitative benefits and has been deepening her knowledge ever since. Known for her beautiful pace and well-rounded classes she has a breadth of experience across many yoga styles.

Lance Schuler - Inspya Yoga 1: The Elixir of Yoga practise for self-discovery take your practice to every corner of your world. 2: Explore the theory, practice and transformation of Asana sequencing.

Louisa Sear - Yoga Arts 1 & 2 1. Slow Vinyasa - Freedom through practice. Emphasis on alignment focused asana, Louisa focuses on Devotion, Stillness and a state of presence through movement. 2. Vinyasa Yoga Sadhana - Vinyasa Asana Pranayama & Meditation. Focusing on the essence of Yogic practices, breath, dristi and stillness.

Louise Solomon - Yogalates 1 & 2 Yogalates Master Class, explore the fusion of Yoga Therapy with functional Anatomy and Stability. To stretch, strengthen and tone your body; while supporting fundamental pelvic patterns of movement; the exploration of the breath and its interplay within functional stability.

Lucy Roberts - Fluid Vinyasa Smooth, fluid vinyasa Yoga, intuitively and creatively sequenced to take us in and ‘home’ to a place of stillness, ease, joy, and acceptance of all that is. Lucy will be joined at the end by Edo & Jo to ‘sing’ us into savasana.

Madhava - Sivananda Yoga We will experience the classical Sivananda Yoga sequence of Mantras, 12 Basic Asanas, Pranayama and Relaxation. Designed to help your body and mind to reap the greatest possible benefits.

Mark Whitwell - Krishnamacharya Mark is interested in developing an authentic yoga practice for the individual, based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. Mark’s teachings clarify the profound passion and relevance of ancient wisdom to contemporary life.

Mark Breadner - 1. Talk - 7 Steps of Living to Shine 2. Pranayama Workshop


1. (Workshop) Pranayama- breathe life into your meditation - Pranayama leads you into meditation. 2.(Talk)The 7 Steps of “Living to Shine”- an inner journey to the heart. Yoga is a complete science of self-transformation. Take the Inner Journey back to the heart for latest schedule and information

Yoga Michelle Merrifield - 2 Classes Relaxation techniques to gain clarity of mind and possibly go out into space. Come enjoy yourself! “ touch and be touched and just be you” “unleash more of who you truly are and connect more to your creative self”

Moana Pearl - Shakti Bhakti Yoga Shakti Bhakti Yoga for women combines the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine with Hatha Yoga, awakening the inherent grace in the core of our feminine bodies and hearts.Using principles of Alexander Technique, women’s natural Earth connection, and the body as a temple of the soul.

Nick Bradley & Radha Rani - Shiva Shakti A traditional holistic yoga class for all levels taught by Yogi Sadashiv/ Nick Bradley incorporating all facets of yoga - asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation, done to the sounds of live traditional Indian music and mantra performed by Radha Rani, a very spiritual and unique experience.

Nicole Walsh - 1. Vira Vinyasa 2. Shanti Vinyasa

1. This energetic Vinyasa flow class focuses on cultivating core strength & stability through bandhas, empowering standing & arm balances. 2. Discover peace, rest, calmness, tranquility & bliss through a sublime sequence of breath-inspired movement, culminating in healing shavasana & meditation.

Nirupa Hoffman - Soma Yoga Nirupa’s class is an inner exploration of one Self, applying the foundations of Somatic Bones for Life-Movement Intelligence to Hatha Yoga. This class is deep, meditative and restorative. Excellent for any existing yoga practice or anyone new to yoga.

Patty Kikos - Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga is open to all levels and personality types as each sequence is practiced at your own pace and often with your eyes closed. Patty will hold the space for you to expand your comfort zone, boost your energy levels and invigorate your nervous system while you have fun elevating your spirit.

Rochelle Schieck Through yoga, dance, sensual movement, connecting with community and setting intentions we tap into gratitude as our superpower. We align with spirit and remember that life is not happening “to us” but for us and our soul’s growth.

Samhita - Meditation from the Tantras: Swami Satyananda’s Yoga Nidra. The sublime practice of Yoga Nidra is a core practice of the Satyananda tradition, codified by the master himself. Carefully sequenced to take participants into deep states of relaxation and pratyahara Yoga Nidra opens an inner world to the conscious mind.


Yoga Simon Borg-Oliver - Yoga Synergy 1& 2

1. A gentle but exhilarating dynamic meditative practice that can energise you, nourish you internal organs and mobilise your spine. 2. In this workshop Simon will teach how to use resistance exercise in your practice to improve strength, flexibility and energy levels while remaining meditative and calm.

Simon Marrocco - Iyengar Yoga - from the known to the unknown Yoga is not just physical exercises but a way and a process of understanding ourselves on a greater spiritual level and achieving true bliss.The asanas we do and how we do them is to unite us with the unknown (Purusha) by understanding our true Nature ( Prakruti) in its ever changing ways.

Simone Inns - Iyengar Yoga 1. Backbends 2. Inversions 1: We will be looking at which standing asanas best compliment our backbends and how our backbends compliment our forward bends. 2. We will be working through a sequence of asanas that prepare us for inversions and the importance to the structural foundations of each inversion.

Sjha’ra Taylor - Chocolate Yoga - Cacao ceremony with Kundalini Yoga Chocolate Yoga - Cacao ceremony with Kundalini Yoga. Opening the Saturday Evening concert in the Civic Hall with a Chocolate Kundalini Ceremony.

Suzanne Grey - How to Know God So many paths, so many names but ultimately all are one. Taking a look at some of the practical methods Patanjali offers to connect you to your path, and help you to know “God” in your own way.

Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati - Kundalini Shakti- Awakening the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti is the basis of women’s spirituality. She is God the Mother, the mother Goddess, and every woman is her representative. Kundalini is the spiritual power, which lies dormant at the core of all individual beings however, she is most accessible in the female, whose potential is to create.

Swami Yogasandhan Saraswati - Expanding Prana A session focused on the classic pranayama techniques of breath expansion & control. The body & mind influence our capacity to breath, conversely how we breath influences body & mind. Pranayama is a broad science in itself, from basic breathing to mastery of retention & stillness of the waves of consciousness.

Tammy Williams - NRG Power Yoga Class Be Inspired with Tammys unique ability to weave Mindfulness Based Meditation into deep & powerful yoga classes. A soundtrack & philosophy that connects you to YOU.

24 for latest schedule and information

Yoga Tanya Zappala - 2 Acro Yoga Classes (with Gwyn Williams) 1.‘A leap of faith’. Offering the fundamentals of Acroyoga’s flying therapeutics. Surrender and let go. 2. ‘Let’s fly hanuman’. will invite you to step into a flying adventure with playfulness, presence and preparedness to get upside down and see what unfolds!!

Tara Fitzgibbon - Yin Yoga Slow down your internal speedometer, balance your yoga practice and unravel deep tensions layer by layer. Learn how to make the most of your Shavasana, settle into your bones, your breath and wake your body up in the most soothing way.

Trish Bianco - Alohayoga The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes from “Alo,” meaning presence, front and face, and “ha,” meaning breath. ALOHAYOGA is a yoga flow combining breath and movement to love ourselves first and afterwards to spread the love to others

Vanessa Kudrat - Mastery of Loving Who You Are, A Kundalini Chakra Exploration 3 classes. Chakras 1,2 & 3. Chakras 4 & 5, and Chakras 6, 7 & 8 Come prepared to dance, sweat, pray, and elevate your dreams into the reality plane. Bring a journal and pen.

Vanessa Rudge - Being Yoga 1. Embody Flow Yoga with Live music – This workshop blends the two great joys of Vinyasa yoga and live kirtan music. 2. Being Yoga Workshop – live, breathe and BE yoga within the rhythm and sequence of flowing postures.

Ayurveda Christina Covington

Through demonstration, experience and learn the art of simple Ayurvedic recipes and the art of making ghee that support and nurture the body and mind for yogic practices and daily life.

Lorien Waldron - Simple Ayurveda for Living & Loving Be nourished from the inside out! There is so much confusion about how to look after yourself properly, what to eat, how to eat. Learning to apply some simple Ayurvedic principles into daily living can help to clear this confusion

Jacinta McEwen - 1. Practical Ayurveda for you 2. Ayurveda for Yogi’s

1. Learn about your own unique blend of the elements, your Constitutional type, and how to bring balance using lifestyle and food choices. 2. Learn how to apply the basic principles of Ayurveda to enhance your health & well being. We will focus on balancing - using Yoga asanas, breath & meditation.


Sound Healing and Music Ashera Hart - Tune in Bliss Out Unwind from your yoga or day with a deep sound healing meditation using the voice to connect more deeply with your body and loving self tuning to ancient healing solfeggio frequencies. Concludes with a 20 minute sound healing journey.

Carmella Baynie Sacred songstress, Yoga, meditation and voice facilitator of over 20 years. A meditation, yoga and voice facilitator Carmella holds sacred voice workshops in OZ, NZ, China, USA and India

Claudia Ocean - 1. Flute Dreaming Circle 2. Children’s Flute Story Circle 1. Experience the haunting song of Native American Flute. Help to call in the Four Sacred Directions, play a flute, learn a Lakota prayer, be uplifted. No experience is necessary. 2. Hear the Native American story of the first flute. Learn how the Fly Saved the River. Find out how Grandmother Turtle helped create more land for all the People. Close your eyes and feel the song from the trees played through the flute.

Guru Das Guru Dass is a yogi, philospher, poet and musician who has recorded numerous albums of spiritual songs and mantra chanting. He is a child of the 60’s and Berkley School of Music alumnus. A direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga) and Ramesh Balsekar (Advaita) began his spiritual quest as a teen.

Dr Didge and ShamanaTara. From the Depths of the Billabong: A Journey of Awakening . An interactive experience of sound, light and movement combining didgeridoo, crystal bowls and voice with guided practice. We journey deep within to refine our harmonic resonant field and release what separates us from our authentic self.

Healing Hertz

Healing Hertz endeavour to spread the way of the gong and connect fellow Gongers, Lovers of Sound healing, so we can find each other whilst travelling the vibrations of life.

Peter Bowden - 7 Generation Ancestral Shamanic Drum Journey Shamanic Earth Journey - This experience takes you back to meet your Ancestors, recognising their journey, and bringing this healing into our present day lives, and then guiding the healing forward for our children and their children - the next seven generations.

Soundshower The Healing Soundshower combines Tibetan Bowls, chimes, flutes, overtone singing and natural soundscapes. The sounds of these instruments reduce brain activity and slow the heart beat, allowing an expanded state where healing can occur.

26 for latest schedule and information


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LIVING YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN THE ART OF VINYASA FLOW Through BodyMindLife’s comprehensive Teacher Training programs (200/500hr) you will embark on a journey of self discovery through the transformational medium of yoga. Whether you aim to be a teacher or simply wish to discover a deeper experience of yoga in daily life, then our courses will help you live the inspiration.

Level 1, 84 Mary Street, Surry Hills | ph 9211 4111


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Certificate in Sexological Bodywork World’s leading facilitator training for somatic sex educators 31


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The Art of

The Art of

The Art of

Clare Bowditch “your heart wants to be loved, wants to be known by you”


and anxiety

You Deserve mind-full-ness or mind-empty-ness from poverty-consciousness to


PAIN and the brain


land energies

using hypnotherapy to give up smoking

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WARIS DIRIE Champion and Educator on Female Genital Mutilation

cancer stats, cancer screening cancer chemo the maturing



The Art of

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integrative nutrition

a new paradigm for the 21st century

the evolution of

consciousness enhancing media

feel the fear and

the difference between

do it anyway


in a hospital environment

the light of health and the shadow of illness

be regarded as an illness?

shame and remorse and the acid/alkaline debate

10 ways to spot a

The Art of

Vol 2 Issue 39 JUN/AUG 2012 AUST. $8.95 NZ $9.95

KERRIANE COX choosing greatness and a long life

BOREDOM What’s the difference between a counsellor, a psychologist and a psychotherapist?


from medication to meditation


unusual behaviour


healing the wounds of

EARTH Medicine



AUST. $8.95 NZ $9.95

The Danger of

and painful knees

Meeting your


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Ph: +61 2 6687 1216 E: W:

Spirit Festival Map

Tickets Tickets available online: Full Festival Pass (Fri-Sun): $270 (before Feb 27th) $298 full price Fri,Sat or Sun Day and Night Ticket: $108 Adv/$118 Door Evening Only: $35 Adv/$50 door Spirit Father: Alex Grant Spirit Mother: Kate Little Spirit Auntie: Alison Pearl Production Guru: Sean Latham Chief Shakti Officer: Tamara Green 36

Communications Angel: Laura Anderson Teacher Liason Goddess: Pippa Doube Ticketing Deva: Alison Stoykovich Decor Genious: Emma-lee Luther Brochure Design: Susie Dove for latest schedule and information


Feb 8 - 10, 2013 Mangrove Yoga Ashram, Mangrove Creek Join us for a transformational weekend of Yoga, Dance, tantra and Music featuring local and international yogis and musicians, who will enliven your spirit and move your soul Be prepared to breathe, stretch, dance and connect with one another and oneself











leyolah antara


2013 Byron Spirit Festival  

Join us for an amazing weekend

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