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I will be doing 10 different mini reviews focusing on gameplay.

Until dawn Until dawn is a horror survival and adventure game where you have to survive on a remote mountain until dawn. Until dawns gameplay is asymmetric, emergent and at some points has active Game Play. This means every choice you make can change the game and can even kill of characters.

Skyrim Skyrim is the fifth elder scrolls game and is an action-adventure roleplaying game based in an open world. Skyrim gameplay is asymmetric, emergent this means everything you did effected the game at that because of this very gamer can have a different experience. It is also a hack and slash and real time game, this means if you don’t do anything the world around you still moves like you could die.

WII Sports Will sports is a sports- simulator, but in a cel-shading game style. It is a cooperative game so you can play with a maximum or four people, and is an Interactive game this means you moving your body to play. It is also a passive game were if you don’t do anything you will be fine. It’s a simulator this means it like you are doing real life stuff just in real life, like boxing and bowling in this game. The game is only on the Wii and is interactive because you use the controller to move.

Halo: Reach Halo reach is an action-adventure, shooter game, it was the fourth game in the franchise. It can be a corporative, game and play through the campaign with a friend. It is also a death match game online, there are lots of different online moods but all of them are PvP. It is a hack and slash game using guns and the base of the game is combat, the way you get through levels is by shooter your way through. It has active gameplay if you stop moving you will be killed by the AI.

Heroes of the storm Heroes of the storm is an massively multiplayer online, it is a MOBA created by blizzard using existing characters from there other games like World or Warcraft and Diablo, similar to league of is also a strategy game using different ways to win. It is a hack a slash combat day with lots of different ways to play, it’s a asymmetric and emergent game were what you do and pick changes the game and what happens.

Hearthstone Hearthstone is also a blizzard game but is a roleplaying and strategy game. It is a card game that uses mana to summon cards, it is a PvP game because you play against other people online. It is an asymmetric so the game can change on you options in your game and what happens next. It is an active game this means that if you leave or don’t do anything you will probably loose. It is also an interactive game you use on you tablets.

Club Penguin Club penguin is a massively multiplayer online, where you can play with your friend while doing lots of different things, like mini games and being a spy. You can also pay money to be a member and be allowed to do loads more things. It is an asymmetric game this means two people can play the same game but experience it differently. It is also an active game were if you don’t do anything stuff will happen in club penguin you get kicked off.

The Legend of Zelda The legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game, you play as link on his quest to save Zelda as the hero there are boos fights and is all against AI. It is a hack and slash game were you mostly use combat the get to Zelda, you also us strategy when there are puzzles that you need to is a passive game, this is because there is no time restraint on the game if you take 1 hour or 10 minutes on a mission nothing will change.

Angry birds Angry birds is an adventure and strategy game were you have to get all the pigs will knocking over buildings and different objects like wood and rock. It is a levelled game this means it will get harder as you get better and stronger through the game. It is also and interactive tablet game that you can play on phones and computer. It is a very famous game and one of the most popular apps in the world now. It is a passive game because if you do nothing the game won’t change you just wasting time.

Pokémon Pokémon is a strategy adventure game, where you go around the world catching Pokémon and fighting gym leaders. It is an asymmetric game because every time you play it is different depending on what Pokémon you get. It is also levelled game play the game gets harder as you go through it and as your Pokémon level up in the game

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